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The movie “Sangui Love History” reveals the “believe in true love” version of the ultimate trailer love fairy tales give courage to heal the heart

The movie “Sangui Love History” reveals the “believe in true love” version of the ultimate trailer love fairy tales give courage to heal the heart

“True Love Begins” version of the ultimate trailer

Today (September 6), the fantasy fairytale love movie “The History of Three Precious Loves” released the ultimate trailer of the “Believe in True Love” version and the ultimate poster of the “True Love Departure” version. The film will be officially released on September 9, and the pre-sale is currently hot in progress. The film is produced by Li Shaohong and Yao Chen, directed by young director Liu Siyi, starring Hu Xianxu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye, and Zhou Yiran, starring Zheng Yunlong and Xiang Yujing, and starring Shi Liang and Zong Juntao.

  The loved one is not a “monster”, the power of love can break all curses

In the trailer for “Believe in True Love” released today, Sangui (played by Hu Xianxu) was regarded as a monster by others since he was a child because of the curse of “Kissing someone who falls asleep”. He was worried that the curse would bring trouble because of his low self-esteem, so he decided to break the curse Then go to the appointment with Tingting (played by Zhou Yiran); Yuyu (played by Zhou Ye) believes that as long as he helps Sangui break the curse, he will be his destined prince, but she is told by Sister Xia that eating mice can tell her to break the curse. Cursed method; the old singer Xu Yuexia (played by Yao Chen) and Feng Ge (played by Zheng Yunlong) have a hard time recalling the past. Sister Xia suffers from insomnia and haggard because of the regret of her love. Is love a blessing or a curse? If you can’t change it’s better to face it bravely. Following the sentence “We can’t pity ourselves like this”, Sangui firmly believed and no longer hesitated. He let go of all the worries in his heart and embarked on the road to find Tingting. Accompanied by the line in the trailer, “They are not monsters in everyone’s eyes, such as those who love them.” The overall emotion is pushed to a climax. Whether the power of love can break all curses is very exciting.

At the same time, the film released the ultimate poster of the “True Love Begins” version. The warm fantasy fairy tale style makes people’s eyes shine. All kinds of flowers and vines are intertwined, and the soft and bright light lingers around the protagonist, as if witnessing a true love. A miracle is coming. On the poster, Sangui smiled brightly at the camera, and the little pig next to him was full of cuteness; Sister Xia was dressed in white, sitting sideways and looking into the distance to reminisce about the past; In a sweet dream; Tingting clasped her hands tightly, her eyes firm as if she had made a certain decision; Brother Feng held the accordion in his hand, sinking into the memories; the female goddess stood restlessly, thinking about how this true love story should end. What kind of true love story will happen between them? Can they regain themselves and find their true love? On September 9th, Sangui’s true love adventure is about to start, invite the person you love to come to the theater to witness the true love happening.

  A female director’s best-selling masterpiece, a dreamy fairy tale for grown-ups

The movie “The History of Three Noble Loves” held its premiere ceremony in Beijing on September 4th. Chief Producer Fu Jia, Producer Ma Yanjie, Producer and Leading Star Yao Chen, Original Music Ding Wei, Director Liu Siyi, Leading Stars Hu Xianxu, Zhou Ye, Starring Zheng Yunlong, Xiang Yujing, Qin Xue, Zheng Qianli, in friendship Zong Juntao and many other main creators attended the premiere event in Beijing. Director Liu Siyi shared on the scene that he felt like a student waiting for the results of the college entrance examination, and hoped that his first feature film in theaters could arouse everyone’s resonance. Producer and lead star Yao Chen praised the director as a “ghost genius” and believed that “whether you believe in true love or not, you must explore true love.” At the same time, several leading actors also interpreted their roles. Hu Xianxu talked about the growth of the characters: from being timid and inferior to bravely seeking love, Sangui gradually understood what love is; Zhou also believed that Yuyu lived in his own world But the love in Yuyu’s fantasy is not real, and eventually he has to learn to distinguish reality; Zheng Yunlong said that it was because of Brother Feng’s departure that he taught sister Xia and himself what love is; Although I don’t believe in true love, I still hope that true love exists in my heart. The communication and interaction between the director and the main creator allowed the audience to understand the deeper emotional expression of the film.

At the premiere ceremony, big names from all walks of life also came to call “The History of Three Noble Loves”, commenting that the film is “very imaginative”, “a very precious work”, “constructed an imaginative fairy tale world” and ” Let yourself see that true love really is possible.” The audience was also full of praise for the film, commenting that the film is a fantasy fairy tale written for adults, making people believe that true love still exists. A girl said after watching the movie that she was moved by the regret between Sister Xia and Brother Feng in the film. In fact, not only kiss can distinguish true love, but also regret. Another viewer shared that he is also a long-term insomnia patient. The relaxed and healing fairy tale atmosphere of the film made him feel comfortable, and he thought it was a “must-see film for adults.” At the same time, many viewers also expressed their approval of the director’s female perspective, “female director’s delicate interpretation of true love”, “dare to try fairy tale themes, and feel the power of female creators”. At the premiere, the main creators, guests, and audience chatted constantly. Regardless of whether true love exists or not, the topic of true love has been “activated”.

The movie “Sangui Love History” won the top five in the 4th “Green Onion Project”, and won the “Investor Jointly Recommended Winning Project” and “Genre Selection Winning Project” of the 33rd Golden Rooster Venture Capital. Director Liu Siyi also won the Golden Rooster Venture Capital “Most Potential Director Award”. At the same time, the film “The Love History of Three Nobles” also made its mark abroad. In the 22nd New York Asian Film Festival, it won the “Special Mention Award from the Film Festival Jury”. The word-of-mouth and awards of the film have doubled, which has aroused many expectations. On September 9th, jump into the world of love fairy tales and look forward to the coming of true love.

The movie “The History of Three Precious Loves” is produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Leyi Chengbang Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunfeng Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd., bad Produced by Rabbit (Shanghai) Film Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Beijing China Directors Association Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Media Group Co., Ltd., produced by Leyi Chengbang Film (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Sanren Culture Media Co., Ltd. co-production. The film will be released nationwide on September 9, and pre-sales are in full swing.

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