Su Jianfeng, Chairman of IFUN GAMES: Using AI to Produce Game Industry Transformation-Times Finance-North Net

Su Jianfeng, Chairman of IFUN GAMES: Using AI to Produce Game Industry Transformation-Times Finance-North Net

From the moment AI was born, there will be a large number of statistics and forecasts every year to analyze which jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. From assembly line workers to telephone customer service, from manuscript proofreading to financial accounting, in the years when AI first appeared, human job anxiety still remained in these basic and trivial jobs. If you engage in creative work, you will not be replaced by machines. However, as technological development gradually iterated from Analytical AI (Analytical AI) to Creative AI (Generative AI), machines also began to generate new things that did not exist at all—writing poems, painting, and developing games.

For a computer, content = information (data) + carrier (audio, video, text, etc.), as long as the information is input and the carrier is selected, AIGC can automatically generate the corresponding content.

What is AIGC?

AIGC (AI Generated Content) uses artificial intelligence to generate the content you need, and GC means creating content. Among the corresponding concepts, PGC is relatively well-known, which is used by professionals to create content; UGC is the content created by users themselves, and AIGC, as the name implies, uses artificial intelligence to create content.

AIGC has also launched many excellent products in other fields. Among them, the more mature development is the field of AI painting. AI will draw the picture you want according to your instructions.

At present, the AIGC track has become the most popular new outlet at present, and major manufacturers have laid out their layouts one after another.

AIGC development history

Dating back to 2014, the proposal of “Generation Against the Network” GAN became the deep learning model that was popular among major manufacturers that year. Now it seems that this can also be regarded as the earliest practical framework of AIGC.

Before 2021, AIGC mainly generates text (written articles), and the formats that the new generation model can handle include: text, sound, image, video, action, etc. It can give full play to its technical advantages in terms of creativity, expressiveness, iteration, communication, and personalization.

In 2022, the development speed of AIGC is astonishing. At the beginning of the year, it was still in the stage of unfamiliar skills. After a few months, it will reach the professional level, and the product results can be confused with real ones.

Combination of Game Industry and AIGC Technology and Future Prospects

The shock that the last round of AI brought us may go back to 2016, when Google AlphaGo defeated the world Go champion Lee Sedol. Create too much industrial value.

Su Jianfeng realized that the core technology behind AIGC is generative AI, no longer just analysis, but began to try to create new things. This time, the outing of AIGC, represented by AI painting, is not only a “technical show”, but also represents the advanced productivity in the future. It is foreseen that the content created by AI will transform from the research and development stage to a part of the core business.

As early as 2021, Su Jianfeng, chairman of IFUN GAMES, led the team to devote himself to the research field of AIGC, advocating that the R&D team use AI to paint. Producers can generate corresponding images through short text descriptions, and with the granularity of text descriptions, The precision is continuously refined, and the generated images are becoming more and more accurate. AIGC, it can create content with unique value and independent perspective at a tenth or even lower cost and a thousand times the production speed, which will definitely bring about a huge change in the field of content production. In the era of AIGC, everyone can quickly create high-quality content, and both content creators and content consumers will benefit significantly. The game industry where IFUN GAMES is located is just a bridge connecting content creators and content consumers.

Therefore, Su Jianfeng firmly believes that the maturity of AIGC will greatly save labor consumption. With the help of AI to break through the shackles of the game production process, unlimited application power and imagination, the game industry will develop rapidly and produce high-quality content with high efficiency.

AI stealing jobs?

Since last year, AIGC has always been one of the hot topics. DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT have continuously refreshed the public’s perception of AI.

In particular, CharGPT, which has become popular this year, has made a series of positions really feel the direct impact of AI. Examples of such positions include, but are not limited to, customer support, essay writer, barrister, illustrator, speech writing, and more.

With the emergence and improvement of more AI, it is foreseeable that more and more jobs will be affected. These changes will not happen overnight, but as Microsoft founder Bill Gates said – we always overestimate the changes in the next two years and underestimate the changes in the next 10 years.

The fact has already happened, whether we like it or not, we cannot escape the personal impact of AI.

The chairman of IFUN GAMES suggested: When the trend of AI is like a wave, moving forward, instead of resisting the wave, it is better to embrace the times and find a new foundation.

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