Deeply cultivating the lidar track, Hesai Technology was successfully listed on NASDAQ

Deeply cultivating the lidar track, Hesai Technology was successfully listed on NASDAQ

Recently, Hesai Technology, a lidar unicorn, was listed on NASDAQ and dominated the Times Square in New York, USA. In this way, Hesai Technology announced to the world its determination to strengthen its competitiveness in overseas markets. Since its listing, the stock price of Hesai Technology has risen all the way, surpassing Luminar in one fell swoop to become the lidar company with the highest market value in the world.

Hesai Technology’s confidence in “showing off its muscles” overseas

For a long time, China has been regarded more as a low-cost “world factory”, and product awareness and brand awareness are far lower than the share of Chinese products in the world market.

Hesai Technology, as a member of Chinese technology companies, since its establishment in 2014, all strategic layouts have centered around “using high-performance and cost-effective lidar solutions to empower the future development of robotics, improve the quality of life, and enable A better, safer and more efficient world” unfolds. After nearly ten years of hard work, Hesai Technology has grown from a small company to a leader in the global lidar industry. At the same time, Hesai Technology is soberly aware that the most fundamental way out for Chinese manufacturing lies in the company’s solid internal strength and better products and services to win a broader market and world certification.

In terms of improving manufacturing capabilities, Hesai Technology has adhered to the strategy of self-built factories from the first day of its establishment, and does not seek OEMs for independent production. In the words of Li Yifan, CEO of Hesai Technology, “If you really want to make lidar products from the bottom of your heart, manufacturing must be part of R&D.” At present, Hesai Technology’s self-built factory in Jiading, Shanghai has passed the ISO/TS 16949 certification. The production facility has been put into operation in August 2018. Together with the transitional production line, it can support the annual production capacity of 35,000 sets of non-AT series lidar products. Together with the production capacity of about 20,000 AT series lidars per month, Hesai Technology has built a strong manufacturing network that is proud of China and radiates the world, ensuring and meeting large-scale and high-quality delivery needs.

The soft power of Hesai Technology under hard work

Hesai Technology started with a laser gas remote measurement system, and successfully won an order from the largest private gas group in China. In 2016, Hesai Technology officially entered the field of autonomous driving lidar, and officially released the first 32-line lidar in the same year; 3.0″, broke the monopoly of foreign products of the same grade, and demonstrated the strong research and development strength of Hesai Technology.

Relying on its profound technical strength and strong innovation, Hesai Technology has successively won the “2022 Top 50 Most Innovative Enterprises”, “WISE2022 King of the New Economy Enterprise of the Year”, and the 2022 High-tech Intelligent Car Golden Globe Award “Annual Smart Automobile supply chain brand”, “annual smart car supply chain benchmark product”, “2022 China Brand Globalization Index Report and Top 100” and other 5 major awards. The winning of multiple industry awards is a manifestation of the strength of Hesai Technology as a leader in the field of lidar.

Hesai Technology’s high-profile appearance on Nasdaq is due to its strength. At present, Hesai Technology customers have spread over 40 countries and more than 90 cities around the world, including global mainstream autonomous driving companies, top automakers, tier-1 suppliers, robot companies, etc. Among the world’s top 15 autonomous driving companies, 12 have adopted Hesai Technology’s lidar as their main radar.

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