Striving for Fan Wenhua in hundreds of cities and thousands of stores to achieve more women’s wonderful life

Striving for Fan Wenhua in hundreds of cities and thousands of stores to achieve more women’s wonderful life

The Fan Wenhua brand, which has more than 5,000 chain stores and 17,000 professional facial care teams, also entered the 35th year of the facial care track this year. Under the background that the trillion-dollar beauty industry market is gradually becoming a red ocean, and various skin care brands are being reshuffled, why is this facial care brand favored by many entrepreneurs?

(Fan Wen Flower Shop)

Ms. Yang, who owns 27 stores in Chengdu, Sichuan

Before joining Fan Wenhua, Ms. Yang was also a manager of a beauty salon. After getting to know Fan Wenhua, she spent eight months building her store to one million stores, and cooperated with her partners to open 27 stores in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Ms. Yang will go to the store every month to do nursing care like a customer. From the perspective of pollen, she can feel the service methods and product explanations of her partners, and communicate with pollen. During these in-depth exchanges between Huafen and the front line of the store, Ms. Yang deeply felt the importance of store image, nurse image and reception service, and asked all partners to not only practice Fan Wenhua’s professional product explanations and nursing techniques, but also have a professional image , Professional hospitality. In order to better manage the store, Ms. Yang also seized the growth opportunity given by Fan Wenhua and took over the store management work. With the increase of stores, she also learned multi-store management, established a professional training system to replicate talents in batches, and used humanized benefits to motivate partners to follow suit.

Today, she is a mother of 3 children and a role model for many of Fan Wenhua’s partners. She said that she will continue to work hard to practice Fan Wenhua’s fighting spirit, help more shop assistants open Fan Wenhua’s stores in her own home, and realize their fan Wenhua entrepreneurial dreams.

Ms. Zhao, who has 18 stores in Xi’an, Shaanxi

Ms. Zhao met Fan Wenhua in 2015. At that time, she was wandering in a department store and met Fan Wenhua’s nurse by chance, and then became Fan Wenhua’s pollen. After participating in Fan Wenhua Shaanxi’s first pollen meeting, she was moved by the entrepreneurial journey of Fan Wenhua’s founder, Ms. Fan, and joined Fan Wenhua. Before that, she worked as a bank account manager. Later, in order to take better care of her family and children, she quit her job and became a full-time wife.

After joining Fan Wenhua, Ms. Zhao continued to challenge and strive for the best. While taking care of her children, she was on the road to starting a business. She leads the team partners to practice a good image, good attitude, and good recommendations, and uses professionalism to ensure good results and win the trust of customers. Even during the epidemic, it bucked the trend and opened 7 stores. At present, Ms. Zhao has opened 18 stores in Shaanxi and has more than 70 partners.

Facing such an era of women’s economic rise, Fan Wenhua has promised a goal of hundreds of thousands of stores in one hundred cities, and to help 10,000 women start businesses, 50,000 women get jobs, and 100 million women have a better skin. Achieve more women’s wonderful life.

(Nursing by Fan Wen Huadian)

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