Guizhou Zhenjiu X Jiuxian Group injects strong potential into the future development of Zhenjiu Cloisonne

Guizhou Zhenjiu X Jiuxian Group injects strong potential into the future development of Zhenjiu Cloisonne

The Zhenjiu Cloisonne New Product Launch Conference was held in Beijing with the theme of “National Arts, Tianxiang, Prosperous Collection – Big Trend, Big Brand, Big Future”. Jiuxian Group also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhenjiu on site. The two parties jointly announced that they will combine advantageous resources , to conclude a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The launch of Zhenjiu Cloisonne is the first step after the strategic cooperation between Jiuxian and Zhenjiu. Taking this as an opportunity, the two parties will start a new journey of cooperation in famous wines and famous merchants. As far as Jiuxian is concerned, it is both accidental and inevitable to join hands with Zhenjiu to launch a new strategic product, Zhenjiu Cloisonne.

The Innate Advantages of Zhenjiu Cloisonne

In fact, whether it is its brand power, product power, or influence, Zhenjiu Cloisonne has inherent advantages. Just as sauce wine pays attention to the “three highs” process, Zhenjiu Cloisonne also has the characteristics of “three highs”:

high quality. Zhenjiu · Cloisonne selects old wines and high-quality base wines from different years, and was awarded by the deputy general manager of Guizhou Zhenjiu Brewing Co., Ltd., the person in charge of Zhenjiu Liquor Center, the baijiu judges, the third-generation craftsman of Zhenjiu, and the May 1st Labor Medal of Guizhou Province It is made by Wu Changgui in small batches. The wine is slightly yellow and transparent, with prominent sauce aroma, elegant and elegant aroma, round and delicate, mellow and plump, long aftertaste, and lasting fragrance in an empty cup. It is a rare treasure in wine.

high value. The development history of Zhenjiu can be described as a history of the rise of the legendary sauce wine brand. Since its birth in 1975, by 2022, its production capacity has exceeded 35,000 tons, ranking among the top three in Guizhou. Zhenjiu has continued to write new glories. Inherent genes of famous wine, continuous improvement of craft technology, coupled with uninterrupted production of high-quality sauce wine for more than 40 years, have achieved the high value of Zhenjiu Cloisonne.

Good looking. Zhenjiu · Cloisonne is inspired by the intangible cultural heritage of cloisonne, and innovatively interprets the unique gorgeous color and beauty of exquisite craftsmanship of cloisonne. The shape of the vessel follows the classic Tianqiu bottle shape of Zhenjiu, which combines oriental charm and international style; the full and colorful curly grass pattern on the bottle uses gradient colors to make it as agile as glass, presenting an oriental elegance and conveying endless life , the auspicious implication that stretches from generation to generation; the interlocking Ruyi patterns on the shoulders add a rich layer of beauty and auspicious wishes; the classic combination of sapphire blue and gold in color expresses the quality of admiration and luxury with taste.

The new rare wine·cloisonne product integrates fine wine utensils, fine wine inheritance, fine wine skills, fine wine culture, fine wine producing areas, and fine wine era. Fine wine needs new expressions, and even more beautiful expressions. We believe that with the creative support of cultural innovation and scientific innovation, Zhenjiu Cloisonne will bloom even more brilliantly.

Large single product with great market competitiveness

2022 is the first year of competition for the main brands of sauce wine. The development of the sauce wine market has changed from category growth to the joint development of category growth and brand competitive growth.

Entering the stage of brand competitive growth, the competition among sauce and wine enterprises will undoubtedly be unprecedentedly fierce. And there is no doubt that Zhenjiu Cloisonne, which has the characteristics of “three highs”, is bound to become another strong player in the competition of Maotai liquor brands.

In fact, Jiuxian and Zhenjiu will also inject strong potential energy into the future development of Zhenjiu Cloisonne under the strong alliance.

As we all know, as a key scientific research project in the liquor industry and one of the three major sauce-flavored liquor brands in Guizhou, Zhenjiu has profound brand genes and has established an outstanding brand reputation in terms of technology, products, channels, and consumers, and has won the market and Consumer trust. From the perspective of the industry, Zhenjiu has inherent competition barriers to build Zhenjiu Cloisonne product power and brand power.

The strategic cooperation brings together the advantages of both Jiuxian and Zhenjiu. Zhenjiu Cloisonne has the core advantages of “four degrees”: thickness, brand asset advantage; length, quality inheritance advantage; popularity, super explosive product advantage; depth, innovation model advantage .

The new cycle of Maotai wine has entered the “new normal” of development. Jiuxian + Zhenjiu will join forces to develop long-term markets, long-term products, and long-term marketing. It is believed that Zhenjiu Cloisonne will become a large single product with great market competitiveness.

From the perspective of industry insiders, since the Spring Festival, the national consumer market has started a recovery mode, and the alcohol market is also recovering rapidly. Both the liquor market and the sauce wine market are expected to return to normal in the second half of 2023.

Recovery is an order, and all walks of life have launched actions to seize the great opportunity of consumption recovery, and “hurricane” has become the main theme of the New Year in the wine industry.

For Yu Zhenjiu Cloisonne, if he wants to take every step of brand development well and stand out in the fierce brand competition, it will not only test the brand’s innovation, but also test the brand’s strategic determination.

The charge has sounded. Facing the fierce competition environment, Guizhou Zhenjiu and Jiuxian Group will continue to strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of Zhenjiu Cloisonne, seize market opportunities, and start the first shot of the “hurricane” at the beginning of the year with strong market sales !

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