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“South to North” will be broadcast today. Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, Jinchen took the “Train of the Times” to witness the poetry of the years.

“South to North” will be broadcast today. Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, Jinchen took the “Train of the Times” to witness the poetry of the years.

Written by Gao Mantang and Li Zhou, directed by Zheng Xiaolong and Liu Zhangmu, starring Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, and Jin Chen, starring Liu Guanlin, Liu Jun, Zuo Xiaoqing, Jiang Yan, Hu Ke, Song Jiateng, Li Naiwen, and Zhang Ruihan, with Ni Dahong and Wang Jinsong as guest stars, and Wang The emotional group drama “South to North” starring Xun Xun, Bao Beier, Wang Xiaoli and Tu Songyan will be broadcast tonight on CCTV-8 prime time and iQiyi.

As the ultimate trailer and New Year atmosphere group portrait posters have been exposed one after another, Bai Jingting and Ding Yongdai formed a “mutual master-disciple”, their sincere mutual help friendship with Jin Chen, as well as the various life situations that happened on the train and the warm and joyful stories in the compound. Winning the audience’s appetite, the sophisticated production with a sense of age, the creative team with deep roots in realistic themes, and the strong lineup of three generations of outstanding actors, old, middle and young, continue to raise the expectations of netizens.

  Bai Jingting and Ding Yongdai “No fight, no acquaintance” unlocks the bond between master and apprentice and jointly protects train safety

“South to North” mainly tells the story of newly promoted train policeman Wang Xin (played by Bai Jingting) and veteran railway policeman Ma Kui (played by Ding Yongdai) who did not know each other due to misunderstandings. They accidentally became masters and apprentices and worked together to fight against gangbusters, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and patrol. It is a story of operating on the line, fighting against theft and robbery, always putting the safety of passengers first, and selflessly guarding the safety of trains. On the trains traveling from south to north, passengers with different marks of different periods walk up and down, and scenes of stories about the warmth and warmth of human relationships are staged.

The final trailer released today is full of highlights. Wang Xin originally planned to enthusiastically send passengers to the bus, but unexpectedly made a mistake. Master Ma Kui not only failed to “protect the calf” but also “added fuel to the fire”, ridiculing and commenting on him, “two He was carrying a wooden block on his shoulders” and “had a pair of dog eyes”. Aggrieved and angry, Wang Xin found another way and got along well with Ma Kui’s daughter Ma Yan (played by Jin Chen). The two even “date” alone, which made Ma Kui furious. In the process of battle of wits and courage, Wang Xin and Ma Kui went from “cannot understand each other” to “inseparable from each other”, and the bond between master and apprentice continued to deepen.

The New Year group portrait atmosphere poster is full of atmosphere. As the New Year is approaching and families are reunited, the poster uses the Spring Festival as the background, with a red festive atmosphere, bright fireworks blooming, and everyone smiling brightly. The train in the lower right corner is where everyone works. The railway runs from north to south, and people come and go along the line, bringing too many stories and ups and downs. The courtyard in the lower left corner is a witness to everyone’s life, carrying the warmth and warmth of human relationships and all kinds of tastes. The entire poster connects individuals with the times, making it both popular and down-to-earth.

  Warm narratives excavate the marks of the times and delve into realistic themes to express the feelings of the times.

“South to North” spans forty years and excavates the marks of the times through a tender narrative. Among them are the persistence of the railway police represented by Wang Xin and Ma Kui to their profession, and the constant changes of the railway police with the development of the railway. A group portrait of railway workers and the warm and united family members of the compound. Facing the special background of a time when material life is not very affluent, the drama chooses to focus on the spirit of struggle and the positive spirit of upward kindness, so as to complete the encouragement and enlightenment of real life and add to the practical significance of period dramas. .

Since its release, the creative team of “South to North” has received high expectations from netizens. The screenwriter is good at seeing the big from the small and using small characters to tell the story of the big era. The director is deeply involved in realism themes and has been directing series for more than 40 years with ease. At the same time, in addition to starring, “South to North” also brings together many powerful national actors such as Wang Xun, Bao Beier, Li Qinqin, Wang Xiaoli, Tu Songyan, Wang Yuanke, Fang Fangbin, Cui Yi, Yang Kun, etc. Some netizens said that “from The scale and quality of the show can be felt right through the cast, and it’s well-deserved to be a great show to kick off the year.”

Today’s trailer is full of attractions, and the upcoming plot is also exciting. Wang Xin and Ma Kui “fisted” each other when they first met, but unexpectedly became master and apprentice. How should the two get along? There is a deep gap between Ma Kui and his daughter Ma Yan, who have only returned home ten years ago. How can the father and daughter repair their relationship? Wang Xin and Ma Yan are classmates in junior high school. How will their relationship change because of Ma Kui’s joining? More exciting content will be available to the audience soon.

“South to North” is produced by Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Juxingtianxia Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Baina Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd., Horgos Wanda TV Series Production Co., Ltd., and the News and Media Center of the Ministry of Public Security Jointly produced, CCTV-8 prime time broadcasts 2 episodes every day, iQiyi updates 2 episodes every day, 4 episodes are updated on the first day, and non-members update 1 episode every day, so stay tuned.

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