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The first banking industry workplace drama “Better Future” finalized the industry uniform look and released it, sparking heated discussions

The first banking industry workplace drama “Better Future” finalized the industry uniform look and released it, sparking heated discussions

Produced by Zhejiang Huace Film and Television Co., Ltd. and Huace Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and produced by Tongmeng Film and Television (Qingdao) Culture Co., Ltd. and Huace Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Zhao Yifang serves as the chief producer and Fu Binxing serves as the producer , produced by Yan Jin and Jiang Dongmei, written by Zhang Ting, directed by Shen Yan and Cao Kai, starring Bai Yu, Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Li Naiwen, and Wang Youjun, with special starring roles by Chen Baoguo, special appearances by Xu Yajun, Wang Jiajia, and Li Hongtao, and Ren Bin, Starring Zhang Xinyi and Feng Peng, and co-starring Hu Yaozhi, Zhang Shu, and Zhang Tao, the exciting banking career drama “Boundless Future” wrapped up filming in Haikou on February 5.

“A Bright Future” tells the story of Lin Qiang (played by Bai Yu), deputy director of the Credit Approval Department of Lianzhong Bank, who offended his boss Qian Cai (played by Li Naiwen) because he was unwilling to sign for a “problem” loan. He and his close friend Zheng Shuai (played by Wang Youjun) were arrested at the same time. Longyuan Sub-branch, which was at the bottom of its performance list due to “rising up and down”, suspended the branch president Hao Wei (played by Li Hongtao) who relied on his outstanding professional ability to fight against illegal lending. He went against the current and broke through to win in the subsequent performance competition. A story of struggle to uphold the rules of the banking industry and defend the original intention of “bankers”.

  The final photos reveal the suits and uniforms, sparking heated discussions. The entire lineup is online, assembled and ready to go.

On the day of filming, the official account of the series released the “clocking in” version of the stills, releasing for the first time the industry uniforms and suits in “Promising Young Woman”. The stills are inspired by the “work card” morphological elements, and use red and white warm tones to echo the theme color of the “Lianzhong Bank” logo in the drama setting. The overall style shows a gentle, elegant, simple and refined style. In the stills, some of the leading actors are wearing industry uniforms, exquisitely tailored dark-colored suits or vests, paired with light-colored shirts and polka-dot textured ties, which overall highlight the meticulous, refined and capable professional temperament of banking industry workers. The final photos reveal the details and style of the drama through costumes and makeup designs, arousing the audience’s attention and expectations for the film and television industry in the banking industry.

As the new year is approaching, “Promising Young Woman” has been successfully completed and the full cast of actors has been assembled to appear. Mesozoic actors such as Bai Yu, Wang Jiajia, and Ren Bin, veteran actors such as Wang Zhifei, Dong Yong, Li Naiwen, and Chen Baoguo, as well as young and new generations such as Wang Youjun, Zhang Xinyi, etc., jointly build a powerful cast of “old, middle-aged, and young” actors in the drama, and provide the basis for the drama. It lays a solid foundation for the “collision” of interests and interpersonal relationships. It is worth noting that the old, middle-aged and young actors in “The Matrix” have received continuous attention from netizens since the official announcement of the series. Their relationship settings, character collisions and even possible “chemical reactions” have been widely discussed, becoming a key factor during the filming of the series. and finalize the hot topics of the day.

  The banking industry combines the sense of “coolness” to highlight the realistic temperament and explore workplace issues to reflect real demands.

In recent years, industry genres have become popular for high-quality creation of film and television series with their strong realistic temperament. Based on the scarce themes in the banking industry, “A Promising Future” implants the element of “cool” as the main tone of the narrative, makes new explorations in deepening the concept of industry themes, and provides a “counterattack” for banker Lin Qiang to fight all the way and become an industry leader. “The road has left footnotes, and also strives to add new works to the new era of film and television art that unites artistry, ideology, and appreciation.”

In “A Promising Future”, whether they are industry elites who are in their “prime years”, “management” who have been deeply involved in the industry for a long time, or novices who have just entered the industry, they all struggle with human relationships, social relations and modern workplace rules. , actively try to safeguard basic interests through self-adjustment and interpersonal interaction, and show reasonable motivations and logic for doing things. From this point of view, the drama creates vivid and touching characters with different personalities in the workplace, reflects the real workplace and life for the audience, and brings a more intimate and relatable drama-watching experience.

The powerful actors of old, middle-aged and young people gathered together, and the “cool” drama about the banking industry was successfully completed. Currently, “A Promising Young Woman” has entered the post-production stage, so stay tuned for more exciting content.

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