“Smart” to enjoy life, ARROW Wrigley’s new design Shenzhen, make this moment better!

“Smart” to enjoy life, ARROW Wrigley’s new design Shenzhen, make this moment better!

Design Shenzhen is the first exhibition created by the main creative team of Design Shanghai. After hundreds of days and nights of precipitation, it blooms with a fuller radiance. Focusing on the theme of “multiple cross-border, content-driven”, this exhibition gathers the strengths of various design industries in Shenzhen to present a high-end design feast integrating architecture, interior, product and fashion fields, allowing the audience to fully experience the new between classic design and cutting-edge trends. Collision, new aura.

As a powerful representative of the smart home brand, ARROW joined hands with design master Fang Zhenhua to give full play to the advantages of enterprise intelligence and interpret “smart life” to the extreme, bringing all-round, multi-level sensory enjoyment and thinking shock to the audience .

Appreciate the new works together to spark a wave of intellectual sensations

Wrigley’s booth takes “Awakening a new sense of life” as the theme, bringing the audience a journey of space shuttle experience. Since its launch, Wrigley has attracted the attention of the audience with its technologically-sounding booth design and novel and brilliant product displays, presenting a benchmark smart home achievement exhibition.

The booth is divided into three parts, gradually leading the audience from the present to the future.

“Refraction of life” – using wisdom as a mirror to reflect life. In this space, when the audience experiences smart toilets such as S6 and X7, they are exposed to the fully automated process from seat cleaning to flushing when leaving the seat, as well as the whole process of automatic disinfection and antibacterial cleaning services, and feel a more humane future life.

“The Art of Living” – to live out art with wisdom as beauty. Approaching the bathroom cabinet of “Fog Mirror” and talking about Wrigley’s aesthetics, in the interaction between the humanized storage design and the smart mirror, the wisdom experience and visual enjoyment can be expressed at the same frequency.

“Technology’s gear” – to drive the future with intelligence as the source. In this space, the brand combines the charm of science and technology with the warmth of humanity. The futuristic faucet display and the layout full of equipment style draw the audience away from the daily life and bring them to the imagination of the future. Taking “intelligence” as a clue, Wrigley has designed a hierarchical and rhythmic exploration ladder, and realized the transmission of the concept of “rejuvenating life and new intelligence” step by step.

Multi-dialogue opens up a new situation of intelligence

At the booth, Wrigley joined hands with a number of big names in the industry, from brand leaders, well-known designers to authoritative media professionals, gathered from all walks of life, and brought a free tea party in the field of smart life.

From booth design concepts, brand development trends to new opportunities in the blue ocean of the industry, the big names jointly launched multi-dimensional market insights. Just as Mr. Xu Jian, brand director of Wrigley Home Furnishing Group, said, starting from “awakening a new sense of life”, in 2023, Wrigley will go further in the direction of upgrading the humanistic sense of bathroom and improving the degree of space care. The space scene should not be isolated, but a warm field that is closely connected with daily life.

Mr. Wang Wenqi, chief design officer of Wrigley, also said that in the future, it is necessary to promote the linkage between scenes, design better space solutions through space interaction, and improve the comfort of life, so as to iterate a new realm of human settlements. Only by achieving “better now” can we have the strength to “look forward to the future”.

Better enjoy the intelligent life now

In the past few years, due to the long-term home office and life experience brought about by the epidemic, more and more people realize that “home” is not only a place to rest, but also a place to communicate with family members, dialogue with the self, and the depth of life. The field of interaction, so the development of home technology also urgently needs to meet the living needs of the new era.

Taking “Awakening a new sense of intelligence in life” as the new voice of intelligence, Wrigley takes “better now” as the foothold of this journey of exploration, integrating future imagination and high-end intelligence into life scenes, so that the future is no longer far away, and life “Better now”.

Standing at the new starting point of designing Shenzhen, Wrigley will adhere to the brand concept of “Wrigley Home Life Wisdom”, follow the context of “Smart Sense”, and continue to move towards the new frontier of life, realizing field-style intelligent interactive experience, with The charm of science and technology empowers the new aesthetics of human settlements, and opens up a new intelligent future with brand strength.

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