3.8 Girls’ Day, the first shopping festival of the new year is coming, there is a big trick to add Curel

3.8 Girls’ Day, the first shopping festival of the new year is coming, there is a big trick to add Curel

Spring is full of vitality and everything is renewed. It is a season of recovery and a time of “crisis” for the skin. Skin care problems such as dryness, allergies, peeling, and cracking not only plague the facial skin, but also the skin on other parts of the body. The first wave of shopping festivals hits after the year, and multiple demands can be met with one purchase. Curel 3.8 has a knack for selecting products for girls. The brand selects a variety of hot-selling moisturizing products, from the face to the body, so that dryness can’t be hidden, and helps the skin restore moisture and health.

Curel Moisturizing Cleansing Foam

No matter whether the skin is dry or not, in order to keep the skin stable and over-cleaning during the changing seasons, it is not advisable to over-clean and avoid irritating the skin. Use Curel Moisturizing Cleansing Foam, which contains cleansing ingredients that reduce the burden on the skin. The foam texture is rich and dense, and the skin can be cleaned without excessive friction. After use, the skin is moisturized and refreshed, and it is not easy to be tight and dry. It is an indispensable cleanser all year round.

Curel Moisturizing Lotion

After cleansing, use lotion as soon as possible, which can help the skin to lock in moisture and moisturize immediately, and at the same time improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products. Use Curel Moisturizing Lotion, which can be applied to the whole face or local wet compress for first aid. It contains the moisturizing ingredient Eucalyptus eucalyptus leaf extract, which has the function of supplementing the skin’s ceramide functional substances, improving the skin’s barrier function and giving full water at the same time Moisturizing.

Curel Moisturizing Soft Emulsion

The soft lotion with a watery texture immediately moisturizes the dry cuticles and smooths the skin from the weather and environment. Curel Moisturizing Soft Emulsion contains moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing ceramide functional substances, and Eucalyptus eucalyptus leaf extract, which can help solve dry skin troubles, keep the ideal state of plumpness and elasticity, and make the skin less susceptible to external stimuli.

Curel Moisturizing Nourishing Cream

If you have dry and sensitive skin or need to strengthen skin moisturizing in seasons prone to dryness, please use Curel Moisturizing Nourishing Cream. The mellow cream texture gives the skin a full sense of security, quickly relieves dryness and is easy to absorb. It contains Moisturizing ingredients soak in moisturizing ceramide functional substances, blue eucalyptus leaf extract, make the skin barrier strong and not fragile, and the skin is moist and shiny.

Curel Moisturizing Bubble Body Wash

It is one of the reasons why Curel Moisturizing Bubble Shower Gel is so popular, while keeping the skin healthy and moisturized, it can fully wash away the sweat and dirt that causes rough skin. The rich bubbles that come out at the touch of a button can reduce the damage caused by rubbing to the skin. The body exfoliation should also be gentle. It contains moisturizing ingredients. If you keep using it, dry skin can become smooth and delicate, and you can enjoy the daily bathing moment.

Curel Moisturizing Body Lotion

Facial skin care and body skin care should be carried out at the same frequency every day, otherwise dryness will bring unexpected “dry embarrassment” situations. After bathing, use Curel Moisturizing Body Lotion, which contains moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing ceramide functional substances, and Eucalyptus eucalyptus leaf extract, to reduce skin itching, peeling and other problems caused by seasonal dryness or cleaning problems, and always maintain Skin is hydrated and refreshed.

Curel Moisturizing Body Cream

Many friends have particularly dry body parts such as elbows and calves, and lightweight lotions may not be able to meet their moisturizing needs. Moisturizing skin care products can be used in combination. Curel Moisturizing Body Cream contains Moisturizing ingredient Eucalyptus eucalyptus leaf extract, film-like moisturizing cream containing moisturizing ceramide functional substances, closely adheres to rough skin.

In early spring and March, it is urgent to relieve dry skin. You might as well take advantage of the 3.8 Girls Shopping Carnival to meet the needs of your skin, save time and effort, and effectively improve skin care problems. For 365 days, Curel will keep your skin in good condition.

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