Dare to be responsible to users!The reason for the continuous increase in the share of Haier kitchen appliances has been found

To a certain extent, the trend of an enterprise at the beginning of the year is often the “barometer” and “weather vane” of the market throughout the year. Especially after the shock adjustment of the kitchen appliance industry in 2022, the market performance of various brands in 2023 has attracted much attention. Among them, the share of Haier kitchen appliances in January increased by 3.3 percentage points year-on-year, ranking third in the industry.

Why can the share of Haier kitchen appliances continue to increase? We found the answer from the “dry burnt pot, Haier pays the bill” campaign initiated by Haier kitchen appliances. The “winning password” of Haier kitchen appliances is to dare to promise and be responsible to users. The “confidence” of Haier kitchen appliances comes from its leading original technology strength.

Haier pays the bill? Technology pays the bill

Forgetting to turn off the fire and causing the pot to burn dry is a problem that users often encounter in daily cooking. For a long time, the industry has also launched various anti-dry products in response to this problem. However, ordinary anti-dry technology is only effective for iron pots and pans, which cannot meet the needs of all users.

This time, the major offline stores of Haier Kitchen Appliances launched the “dry burnt pot, Haier pays the bill” spring season rejuvenation campaign. Users in offline stores can experience the safe kitchen scene brought by the anti-dry burner technology of versatile pots; Or take pictures of burnt pots and utensils, and enjoy the discount of 100 yuan cash deduction for purchasing Haier anti-dry gas stoves.

The reason why Haier kitchen appliances dare to be the first in the industry and pioneered “paying for bad pots” stems from Haier kitchen appliances’ confidence in technology. Therefore, on the surface, Haier pays the bill, but in fact it pays for technology. Take Haier’s newly-launched all-match anti-dry gas stove as an example. It is equipped with five layers of safety including accidental flameout protection, five airtight protections, five explosion-proof design protections, remote monitoring protection and safety child lock protection. Protection, can accurately identify the temperature change of the bottom of pots made of different materials such as casserole pots and enamel pots, sensitively detect the risk of dry pots and empty cooking, and automatically turn off the gas and flameout when dry pots and empty pots are fired, effectively avoiding forgetting to turn off the fire or accidentally turning off the gas Hazardous situation due to leakage and mishandling by children.

In addition, in response to user pain points such as “stir-frying is not fragrant” and “fried dishes are like stews”, Haier kitchen appliances have newly upgraded the mixed-oxygen direct-injection quick-burning system. Continuous mixing, instantaneous ignition, and more stable flames. The wide-band fire can meet the cooking needs of a wide variety of northern and southern dishes, and easily make master-level dishes.

Not only leading products, Haier kitchen appliances also actively play a leading role as a benchmarking enterprise, and drive higher-quality development of the entire industry through output standards. As early as 2017, Haier Kitchen Appliances took the lead in compiling the industry’s first anti-dry-burning gas stove standard, realizing the transformation from manual anti-dry-burning to intelligent anti-dry-burning in the industry; The Standard for Household Gas Stoves for Decoration and Similar Purposes regulates the centralized procurement of gas stoves in terms of safety and thermal efficiency, so that the quality of gas stoves can be followed, and users can rest assured to choose high-quality products to ensure the quality of life.

Unite the “pot”, also unite the whole kitchen

In addition to offline activities, users can also participate in the topic discussion activity of “Haier Versatile Pot Anti-dry Burning Gas Stove” on the Douyin platform. Users can post the video of Versatile Pot Anti-dry Burning Stove with the topic, and they can successfully participate and win prizes .

With online and offline dual channels, Haier’s confidence in kitchen appliances is the original technology that has always been leading. Thanks to the establishment of a global R&D system, Haier Kitchen Appliances has gathered ten global R&D centers and six brand resources, relying on the empowerment of R&D resources such as the GFC Global R&D Alliance and the Global Cooking and Food Research Institute, and has always stood at the forefront of the industry. At the same time, through technology patentization, patent standardization, and standard internationalization, the coordination of technology patent standards will be realized, and the resources of the entire industry chain will be integrated to form an open innovation ecology.

The reason why it can promise “dry burning the pot, Haier pays the bill” is that Haier kitchen appliances have built a base of capabilities that can design, build, and serve the entire kitchen. Therefore, the courage of Haier kitchen appliances to be responsible to users is also reflected in the in-depth understanding of users’ advanced needs and the improvement of users’ value experience.

Take the “1-meter cooking” solution of the magician kitchen series launched by Haier Kitchen Appliances as an example. In China, 66% of home users have only 5-8 square meters of kitchen space. Improving the utilization rate of the kitchen is their primary appeal. To this end, through the innovative design of the platform, Haier Kitchen Appliances combines an effective range hood, a versatile anti-dry cooking gas stove, a medical-grade disinfection cabinet and an all-in-one cooking machine to achieve smoke-free cooking in a kitchen space of 1 meter. 16 kinds of electrical appliances, including , stove, and cooking appliances, and 54 kinds of cooking methods have won the recognition of users. Market data shows that Magician’s Kitchen has the fastest growth rate among kitchen sets in the same price range.

In addition, relying on the scene brand Triwing Bird, Haier Kitchen Appliances provides users with full-process solutions including buying, eating, storing, cooking, washing, and reforming, and creates customized kitchens for users with “thousands of people and faces”; From the “Three Guarantees” to the three-guarantee service for users covering the whole process from design, installation, training, and caring services, Haier Kitchen Appliances integrates smart experience into all aspects of users’ lives with the most complete services.

Guo Meide, president of Aowei Cloud.com, once said that the home appliance market has entered the “heavy profit era”, and the value-added space for products, services, brands, experiences, and diversified operations has been opened. This is a wave of rewards for continuous cultivation. This is also a wave of Bonus for in-depth operations. In January, the share increased by 3.3 percentage points year-on-year, which is the intuitive performance of Haier Kitchen Appliances daring to be responsible to users in the “heavy profit era” and deeply cultivating user experience to empower market terminals.

Whether it is to create high-quality products that meet the needs of users through technological innovation, or to enhance the value experience of users by using scenarios, user-centricity has always been the principle that Haier Kitchen Appliances adheres to. In the future, Haier Kitchen Appliances will not forget its original intention, dare to be responsible to users, and lead the future development direction of the kitchen appliance industry.

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