Since “Moutai” was born, how can “Shu Ke” be born?Hanke Wangwei interprets the logic of “reshaping the business model”

Since “Moutai” was born, how can “Shu Ke” be born?Hanke Wangwei interprets the logic of “reshaping the business model”

In the era of great changes, facing the new pattern and new challenges of global economic and industrial development, how should enterprises redo their business models? How to grow resiliently and break through the cocoon for innovation?

Figure “2023 China’s leading enterprise leaders annual summit forum” site

On March 9th, the “2023 Annual Summit Forum of Heads of China’s Leading Enterprises” was grandly held in Shanghai. The theme of this forum is “Riding the Tide – Opportunities at the Top of the Waves”, co-hosted by the head of the forum, Zheng Jingshu, and the Case Study Center of China’s Leading Enterprises. Many big names from the academic and business circles gathered in this feast of ideas, discussing topics such as trends, investment, innovation, and management, and discussing the logic and methods of enterprises and industries to break the situation and turn crises into opportunities. Huang Qifan, former mayor of Chongqing and a famous Chinese economist, Jiang Jianqing, former president and chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Feng Lun, founder of Vantone Group, Wei Zhe, founder of Jiayu Fund, Liu Shufeng, chairman of Hang Seng Electronics, former chief strategy officer of Huawei Rui Bin, general manager of Haoli Technology, Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun Group, Zhou Haichen, director of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Research Institute, Chen Qiwei, chairman of Yashang Group and founder of Zhengjing School, and other guests attended the forum. Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Education Group, used Insights are shared through video.

Figure “2023 China’s leading enterprise leaders annual summit forum” site

Wang Wei, the founder of Hanke Junfeng, was also invited to participate, and published a speech entitled “With Moutai, how can there be Hanke?” 》The speech systematically interpreted the logic and path of the redesign of the business model of the Hanke brand. He said that the success of Hanke Jiangjiu is inseparable from the in-depth excavation of the “Mouth Mine” track, as well as the persistence in “differentiation”. More fundamentally, it comes from the sincerity of being a company and products.

Figure Wang Wei, the founder of Hanke Junfeng, gave a speech

Wang Wei also pointed out that Renhuai Town in Guizhou Province is the core production area of ​​Maotai-flavored liquor in China, and Chinese capital should invest heavily in the Maotai-flavored liquor industry. After the keynote speech, Wang Wei accepted an exclusive interview with the media and shared from more dimensions the road to the rise of the Hanke Jiangjiu brand, as well as his in-depth thinking and suggestions on the long-term development of the company.

Figure Xuan Lina, chairman of Hanke Junfeng, at the forum site

Xuan Lina, chairman of Hanke Junfeng, also attended the forum and had in-depth exchanges with the big names on topics such as the development of the Chinese liquor industry and corporate management.

Figure Han Hakka Treasures became the designated liquor for the “2023 Annual Summit Forum for Heads of China’s Leading Enterprises”

Han Hakka Treasures, as the designated baijiu of the 2023 China Leading Enterprise Leaders’ Annual Summit Forum of “The Opportunity to Ride the Waves”, also appeared at the venue. “Ten times better” was highly concerned and praised by the participants.

1. Choose the right “mouth mine”: the track logic of Hanke Jiangjiu

Wang Wei founded the Hanke brand on March 11, 2014. Since its development, it has created a business miracle of “400 times growth in 7 years, selling a bottle every 3 seconds”. Under the situation where the economic crisis and the downward trend coexist, the baijiu track has not decreased but increased, and Hanke Junfeng has grown against the trend. What is the secret behind this?

In Wang Wei’s opinion, the first thing that Hanke Junfeng did right was to choose the right investment direction. He believes that globally, imported products such as snacks, health care products, and beverages are huge “mouth mines”, among which liquid products are more popular than solid products, and sauce wine is a high-quality treasure in the “mouth mine”.

The guests in the picture are tasting the Hakka treasures and treasures at the forum

The success of the Hanke brand comes from the sincere original intention and ultimate strategy. Hanke Junfeng advocates “value return”, dares to meet the fourth consumption era with extremeism, creates specialization and special innovation, and uses differentiated thinking and methods to redo Chinese sauce and wine.

Over the years since its establishment, Hanke Junfeng has subverted the old traditions of the liquor industry and created a brand-new format of the liquor industry. With the “FFC business model” and the “cognitive surplus” of consumers such as liquor packaging and testing culture, it has established a set of “from The business methodology of “drinking to do, redoing the bottom layer” has created a 5-in-1, 360-degree super experience terminal of “sales + culture + experience + service + private domain traffic” of Hanke wine cellar. Turn “big drinkers” into “big wine sellers”, turn fans into intoxicated customer operators, and through the integration of “new circles + new industries”, build your own circle, form a unique sustainable ecology, and be sure Meet the future.

2. Ji Shengyu, He Shengliang: The Differentiated Thinking of Han Ke Jiangjiu

Since Sheng Yu, He Shengliang? The Chinese liquor market already has a top brand, Moutai. Do you still need Hanke? With this question in mind, Wang Wei interpreted the survival of new brands from the perspectives of brand positioning and consumer psychology.

The automobile industry already has a luxury brand Mercedes-Benz. Because consumers have individual value needs, BMW, which represents driving pleasure, Audi, which represents technology and humanities, and Tesla, which represents future technology, have been born in the market. Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Ideal, which entrust the vision of China’s national brands, have also successfully occupied a space.

Wang Wei said that in the Jiangjiu track, Moutai represents luxury and nobility, and is aimed at users born in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, while Hanke represents the new elitism, and is aimed at the post-70s, 80s, and 90s. It is necessary to provide users with the ultimate physical and mental enjoyment. Hanke Jiangjiu aims to take Maotai as a teacher, fill the gap in Maotai’s positioning, and extend the category of Chinese Jiangjiu. As Wang Wei, the founder of Hanke Junfeng, said, “Except for brewing, it is fully differentiated and redoes Chinese soy sauce wine.”

Tuhan Hakka Collection·Treasures and Wang Wei’s Works “Anti-inner Volume” and “Redo”

Hanke Jiangjiu has created 6 major categories of Jiangjiu so far, covering high-end business Jiangjiu, festive Jiangjiu, national Jiangjiu, art Jiangjiu, rare Maotai, and collections. It has also won a number of international and domestic awards and honorary titles, including “Designated Wine for the Welcome Dinner of the Third Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum”, “Wine for the Dinner Banquet of the United Nations Diversity Conference (COP15)”, “2022 Global Food and Beverage Forum Designated Wine”, “The Seventh China Asia-Europe Expo Officially Designated Wine” and other honors. In addition, its product industrial design has won the 2021 A’Design Award, which is known as the “European Design Oscar”, and has created a brand perception of “Geek Blind Tasting·Oriental Confidence”, which is well-known at home and abroad.

3. Dimensionality reduction competition: high-level wine body, low-level price

Hanke Jiangjiu adopts Tian Ji’s horse racing-style competitive strategy. With a higher standard of wine quality and a lower price, it will bring consumers a good experience.

Wang Wei introduced that Hanke Junfeng insists on “doing small things well and making them ten times better”, ten times better wine quality, ten times better wine bottles, ten times better bottle caps, ten times better cartons, ten times better Twice as good a design, ten times as good a terminal… together constitute the ultimate achievement in all links from manufacturing to packaging design, sales, and marketing.

For example, Hanke Junfeng self-developed high-boron and low-lead glass, and launched a transparent wine bottle with Swarovski crystal texture, which has both artistic beauty, practicality and collection value; it manufactured the industry’s first all-metal die-casting bottle cap and the first A double anti-leakage ring to ensure that no drop of wine is leaked; the all-wood pulp paper tray dedicated to Hanke sauce wine has no secondary pollution of formaldehyde, and the industry’s first EPP material wine box is 0 poison 0 benzene and 100% environmentally friendly and degradable; The box uses pure wood pulp kraft cardboard imported from the United States, and two empty boxes can bear 1,000 catties; at the terminal, Hanke has turned the wine shop into a sauce and wine experience hall, and has opened more than 2,000 Hanke wine cellars across the country.

According to this logic, Hanke Junfeng breaks through the industry’s traditional thinking of “catering to needs”, creates what users want, makes high-quality products have high appearance, can be perceived, and suits the mind, bringing consumers irreplaceable excellent products. experience.

Tuhan Hakka Collection · Treasures

And behind all of this, it is inseparable from the “ten times better” pursuit of the talent building and corporate culture of Hanke Junfeng.

4. Pursue the ultimate and win the future with outstanding private enterprises

Wang Wei once said, “I want to brew high-quality sauce wine down-to-earth and earnestly, and turn the new pleasure of the world’s drunkards into the responsibility of drinkers.” Kejiangjiu does not pay attention to advertising, but it has more than 150,000 loyal fans around the world.

Over the past 30 years, the group of private entrepreneurs has been an important emerging force that has pushed China to become the second largest economy in the world. Today, the global political and economic landscape is accelerating differentiation and reconstruction, and the global industrial chain and supply chain are facing deconstruction and reorganization. Facing the future, constantly embracing changes, breaking through ourselves, and how to continue to carry out strategic innovation and practice are not only compulsory courses for Hanke Junfeng, but also a common proposition for outstanding companies in all walks of life. As for the leading enterprises in the industry, they must shoulder the responsibility and mission of setting a benchmark and leading the industry reform.

The rapid growth of Hanke Junfeng is inseparable from the development foundation of “keeping the product like life”. In the impetuous situation of a large number of enterprises and brands pursuing short-term, flat and fast development, Hanke Junfeng focuses on assets, neglects marketing, takes root and takes the right path, and adheres to the “value return” with the ultimate quality, ultimate concept, and the ultimate ecological and matrix strategy. Redo the new ecology of the liquor industry.

In the future, Hanke Junfeng will stand at a new height in the industry, give full play to the new thinking of cutting-edge brands, create more extreme products for consumption, and explore opportunities at the forefront of China’s business world together with more outstanding companies in and outside the industry.

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