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Sichuan wine production area in Chengdu? Qionglai: Explore the construction of winery clusters to promote the innovative and diversified development of Qiong wine

Sichuan wine production area in Chengdu? Qionglai: Explore the construction of winery clusters to promote the innovative and diversified development of Qiong wine

On March 18, the High-Quality Development Conference of Sichuan Liquor Chengdu Liquor Producing Area was held in Chengdu. Sichuan Liquor Chengdu Qionglai Producing Area shared and promoted the original intention, pursuit, vision and exploration of the producing area. Wang Dezhang, deputy secretary of the Qionglai Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that Qionglai, the Sichuan wine-producing area in Chengdu, is digging deep into the profound heritage of the “Millennium Qiong Liquor”, focusing on cultivating four major clusters of high-quality liquor, new wine drinks, international spirits, and wineries, and is committed to promoting Qiong Liquor Innovation and diversified development.

The picture shows the on-site promotion by Wang Dezhang, deputy secretary of the Qionglai Municipal Party Committee and mayor

Qionglai is located in the core area of ​​Sichuan wine-producing area in Chengdu. It has more than 2,300 years of wine-making history. With its unique natural conditions, thousands of years of ingenuity and strong industrial foundation, Qionglai has gathered more than 540 wine production and sales companies. It has been ranked among the “Top 100 Regional Brands” in China’s brand value evaluation for 6 years.

Wang Dezhang said that Qionglai, the Sichuan Wine Production Area in Chengdu, takes brewing high-quality wine as its original intention, pursues “cultivating diverse wines”, takes “gathering world-famous wines” as its vision, and “builds winery clusters” as its exploration, and continues to promote high-quality wines. develop.

It is understood that in recent years, the Sichuan Wine Production Area Qionglai in Chengdu has teamed up with the China Liquor Industry Association to conduct research and analysis on the characteristics of the production area, and take strict measures to protect the natural environment such as water sources and soil, as well as precious resources such as old cellars and old wineries, and protect the unique Environmental endowment; comprehensively implement quality traceability and smart supervision, establish a professional team for wine industry supervision, and carry out supervision of wine production, circulation and consumption throughout the chain. Based on strict environmental protection, 20 wine companies in the Chengdu and Qionglai wine production areas of Sichuan Liquor were selected into the “First Batch of Sichuan Luzhou-flavor Liquor Famous Laojiao Pool”, accounting for 13.7% of the selected companies. Among the “Top 20 Sichuan Original Liquors in the First Session” “Zhongqiong wine companies are the top 3.

Faced with consumers’ pursuit of healthy, personalized and fashionable drinking, Qionglai, the Chengdu wine production area of ​​Sichuan, is based on the whole industry chain concept and provides one-stop services from product planning and wine design to on-site production and brand marketing. , supports wine companies to develop new wine products suitable for different consumer groups and consumption scenarios, successfully cultivates new products such as mead, rose wine, and fruit juice liqueur, and brings together fruit wine, pre-mixed cocktails, craft beer, new wine drinks and other wine products to form diversified industrial ecology.

Faced with the general trend of liquor internationalization, Sichuan Liquor Chengdu Qionglai Producing Area relies on Chengdu’s “five foreign” resource advantages by inviting consular officials to inspect the production area, holding the China (Chengdu)-European City Mayors Liquor Industry Forum, and launching The establishment of the International Winery Alliance has promoted the international dissemination, exchange and cooperation of Qiong Liquor; on the other hand, it has introduced Singapore’s Pioneer Logistics Group and China Whiskey Business School to jointly build the Huilan Whiskey Distillery to support the whiskey production base – Laizhou Distillery The construction of the spirits brand cultural experience center project has achieved the centralized development and localized production of international spirits such as whiskey, vodka, and gin.

Qionglai, the Sichuan Wine Production Area in Chengdu, prepares and implements a characteristic winery cluster development plan, coordinates industrial, cultural, ecological and other resource endowments, supports qualified wine companies, and upgrades and builds forest wineries, Linpan wineries, etc. with different themes according to local conditions. Yagu Winery and Zhuhai Winery have cultivated a total of 20 characteristic wineries such as Yuanwozi, Furuchuan, and Sanliufang, and have begun to take shape in the scale of winery clusters.

“Sichuan Winemaking Area Qionglai in Chengdu is accumulating the momentum of leapfrogging and accelerating its rise.” Wang Dezhang said that for future development, Chengdu Winery Production Area Qionglai in Sichuan Province has clearly defined its development ideas.

——Stick to the craftsmanship of fine wine while protecting and inheriting it. The legislation of the “Chengdu Qionglai Liquor Industry Development Promotion Measures” will be accelerated to further clarify production standards, inheritance and development, intellectual property protection, etc., guide enterprises to brew high-quality wine with heart and soul, and protect the high-quality development of production areas with the rule of law. .

——Building an industrial ecology through innovation and inclusiveness. We will plan to establish a fine wine research institute to conduct research on key wine-making technologies and common issues, and explore new raw materials suitable for wine-making in nature, develop new wine products, enrich new flavor profiles, and improve the ability to innovate wine products.

——Promote “two-way internationalization” in open cooperation. We will adhere to the concept of “harmony without difference”, strive to build whiskey production areas, and promote the development of vodka, gin, liqueur and other alcohol brands in the production areas; actively build an international alcohol industry chain aggregation platform and accelerate the promotion of the alcohol industry dream factory. 2.0 construction provides a stage for world-famous wines to gather together in Chengdu and share the beauty and beauty.

——Striving to be an industry leader in integrated development. In accordance with the idea of ​​”a winery is a consumption scene”, we will classify and improve the building plans of liquor wineries, international spirits wineries, intangible cultural heritage master wineries, new wine wineries, etc., and jointly develop “wineries + research” and “wineries”. + Farming” and “Winery + Collection” and other business formats promote the overlay of Qiong wine with Qiong kiln, Qiong tea, Qiong bamboo and other industries, driving the integrated development of the industry.

This conference also released the first wine tourism route in the Chengdu wine production area of ​​Sichuan wine. Qionglai, the Chengdu wine production area of ​​Sichuan wine, as an important part and final destination, will further display the profound history, culture and characteristic wine tourism points, and help The value transformation of wine tourism has consolidated its positioning as “the leader of China’s winery industry cluster”.

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