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Enhance industrial value through the integration of wine and tourism. Sichuan wine production area in Chengdu? Qionglai creates a new model for the development of liquor production areas

Enhance industrial value through the integration of wine and tourism. Sichuan wine production area in Chengdu? Qionglai creates a new model for the development of liquor production areas

On March 18, guided by the China Liquor Association, supported by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, and hosted by the Sichuan China Liquor Golden Triangle Liquor Industry Association, Qionglai Qiong Liquor Industry Development Center, and Sichuan Shuijingfang Co., Ltd., the high-quality liquor Chengdu production area The development conference was held in Chengdu. With the theme of “Revitalizing Tianfu, Wine Culture”, this conference launched the promotion of Qionglai, the Chengdu wine production area of ​​Sichuan, and released the “Wine Tourism Route in Chengdu Production Area” to showcase the profound history and culture of Qiong wine, help transform the value of wine tourism, and create A new model for the development of liquor-producing areas.

The picture shows the scene of the high-quality development conference in Chengdu Liquor Producing Area

Sichuan Wine Chengdu Producing Area Qionglai is the core bearing area of ​​Sichuan Wine Chengdu Producing Area. It has more than 2,300 years of wine-making history. It has unique natural conditions such as forests, cliff valleys, glacial water, and yellow mud cellars. It has thousands of years of ingenuity and strong strength. With its industrial foundation, it has successively won honors such as the hometown of original Chinese liquor and the world’s characteristic wine producing area.

The picture shows Qionglai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Gang delivering a speech

With the in-depth adjustment of the industrial structure and profound changes in consumer demand, the development trend of the liquor industry from “category” to “producing area” has become increasingly clear. The wave of regionalization is pushing the development of the liquor industry to a new stage and height. Qionglai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Gang said in his speech that Qionglai has given full play to the advantages of Chengdu’s mega-city production areas, strengthened the cultivation of rooted enterprises, the incubation of emerging brands and the creation of functional platforms, and is striving to build a quality, innovative, open, diverse and integrated fine wine production area. To make exploration and practice for the high-quality development of China’s wine industry and the Chengdu production area and the cultivation of new productive forces, “We insist on winning the favor of the market with our ingenious Qiong wine, leading the development of the production area with famous brands, and enhancing the industrial value with the integration of wine and tourism.”

Currently, alcohol consumption is paying more and more attention to health, personalization, and fashion, accelerating trends such as innovative brewing techniques and diversified categories in the alcohol industry. Wang Dezhang, deputy secretary of the Qionglai Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, said that in recent years, Qionglai has dug deep into the profound heritage of “Millennium Qiong Liquor” and focused on cultivating four major clusters of high-quality liquor, new wine drinks, international spirits, and wineries to promote the innovative and diversified development of Qiong Liquor. At present, Qionglai, the Chengdu Liquor Production Area of ​​Sichuan, has gathered more than 540 liquor production and sales companies, successfully cultivated a number of new products such as mead, rose wine, fruit juice flavoring wine, etc., and brought together fruit wine, pre-mixed cocktails, craft beer, etc. Beer, new wines and other alcoholic beverages form a diversified industrial ecology.

The picture shows the release of the wine-tourism integrated route in the liquor-producing area of ​​Chengdu

The integration of wine and tourism is an important way to extend the industrial chain and enhance the value chain. At the conference site, the launching ceremony of the first wine tourism route in Chengdu production area was held. This wine and travel route includes Shuijingfang Museum – Ancestral Street (Heming Teahouse) – Du Fu Thatched Cottage – Jinjiang Night Tour (Guanhejiang Pavilion) – Qiongyao Archaeological Site Park – Wenmaifang – Qionglai Shuijingfang full industry chain production base. It is understood that as an important landmark on the wine and tourism route, Qionglai has actively explored the integrated development of wine and tourism in recent years, relying on its rich natural ecology, profound history and culture and other tourism resources, as well as its unique resource endowments such as wine companies, forests, and caves, to promote the production of wine and tourism. The integrated development and upgrading of wine and tourism in the district.

As a key element in the production of strong-flavor liquor and an important carrier of the living culture of Sichuan liquor, the living old cellar pool is to better protect the old cellar pool, ensure the quality and characteristics of the strong-flavor liquor in the Chengdu Sichuan liquor production area, and promote industry standardization. and professional development. At the conference site, the Sichuan China Liquor Golden Triangle Liquor Industry Association released the phased results of the Laojiaochi group label, commended the enterprises with outstanding contributions to Laojiaochi, and held a licensing ceremony for the “Famous Laojiaochi” enterprise in the Chengdu production area. . Among them, 20 wine companies in Qionglai were selected as “Famous Laojiaochi” companies in the Chengdu production area.

Looking forward to the future development prospects of the Chengdu production area, Jiao Weixia, executive vice director of the Sichuan China Liquor Golden Triangle Liquor Industry Association, suggested that leading enterprises should be the core, adhere to the cluster development idea of ​​production areas, and build the entire industrial chain of the Chengdu (Qionglai) production area.

Liu Gang said that Qionglai, the Chengdu liquor production area, is accumulating momentum and accelerating its rise. He looks forward to using wine as a medium to build a “golden bridge” for cooperation and exchange, and jointly write an era of high-quality development in the Chengdu liquor production area.

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