Shine in 2022, McFuddy leads a new era of pet industry development

Shine in 2022, McFuddy leads a new era of pet industry development

On February 24, the “2023 China Big Consumer CXO Annual Ceremony” jointly sponsored by China Big Consumer CXO Innovation Center and China Light Industry Enterprise Investment and Development Association was successfully held.

Qin Hua, the chairman of Guaibao Group, won the “2022 China Big Consumer Annual Figure”, and McFuddy also broke the circle and won the “2022 China Big Consumer Annual Best Innovative Brand”, becoming the only winner in the big consumer awards in the pet industry brand !

And just the day before, the 2022 China Pet Industry Series White Paper Conference and the 2022 “Pet Owners’ Favorite Brand” Awards Ceremony hosted by the Pet Industry Branch of the China Animal Husbandry Association and Beijing Paidu Technology Co., Ltd. were also successfully held.

The Mefudi brand won the “2022 Users’ Favorite Domestic Cat Snacks Brand”, “2022 Users’ Favorite Domestic Cat Staple Food Brand”, “2022 Users’ Favorite Cat Nutrition Brand”, “2022 Users’ Favorite Domestic Dog Snacks Brand”, “2022 Users’ Favorite Domestic Dog Food Brand”, “2022 Users’ Favorite Dog Nutrition Brand” 6 honorary awards!

For the McFuddy brand, this is not the first time that it has broken the circle and won the award. In 2022, McFuddy will be listed on the list of “High Growth Consumer Brands” in 36 Krypton’s “FUTURE2022” selection of new consumer forces, breaking the circle and being on the list.

The award selection of the two grand ceremonies covers multiple market segments, which is not only an important indicator to measure the brand reputation, but also a direct expression of appreciation and encouragement for McFuddy’s 2022 results!

Innovation is the unstoppable footsteps of McFuddy. Inwardly, explore the innovation of feeding concepts and breakthroughs in research and development technology; outwardly, gain insight into the health needs of each furry child and the feeding experience of each product. Innovation is not an easy task, just like the achievement of freezing three feet, behind every bit of innovation, there are countless efforts and attempts.

2022 Insist on innovation and continue to load product layout

How to scientifically feed young pets has puzzled countless shit shovelers. While observing the living habits and feeding needs of young pets, the McFuddy R&D team also deeply combined the problems of novice cat owners, continued to innovate on the basis of many popular products, and finally successfully launched a new product in 2022 – “goat milk “Fresh Meat Grain” series.

Solve the feeding problem of weaning pets with “gentle transition, linking up with breast milk nutrition”, and inherit the protective power of mothers.

In addition, based on years of research on the nature of cats and dogs, combined with internationally popular barf recipes, and under the advocacy of a new and more scientific barf feeding method, McFuddy launched barf natural food, barf full-price staple food freeze-dried, barf fresh A series of barf raw meat staple food products allow cats and dogs to enjoy natural freedom in the family environment and restore raw meat to hunt.

In 2022, McFuddy will continue to promote the concept of barf scientific feeding. People who really know how to keep pets are using the new barf feeding method.


Adhere to brand specialization

Build a scientific research and development team

McFuddy has a professional R&D team, who is “preoccupied” with the details, is really persistent in the product, and carves the professional product connotation with strength and seriousness.

In order to truly obtain consumer demand and launch high-end innovative products that meet market demand, in 2022, R&D personnel will begin to be active outside the scientific research room: helping the operation to answer consumer questions, and launching the “Great God Talking” live broadcast column to explain professional pet raising knowledge etc.

In addition to the continuous upgrading of soft power, hard power is also essential.

Mafudi has a professional product research and development center, pet nutrition research and development center, and has established close cooperative relations with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes to ensure that Mafudi products meet the growth and nutritional needs of dogs and cats, and ensure product safety and reliability.

(Picture–Pet Nutrition Research and Development Center )

Among them, the pet nutrition research and development center continues to follow the concept of giving priority to the welfare of dogs and cats to care for pets, and conducts professional tests under domestic regulations and international pet welfare guidelines (WSAVA, AAHA), so as to “interpret pet preferences and health” and help brands Develop and produce natural food that is closer to the needs of pets.

It is through the continuous innovation of product research and development and the strong support of the professional team that in 2022, Mafudi can always maintain the leading position in the industry, and even achieve the dazzling results of dominating the entire network during the period of 618 and Double 11!

For a long time, McFuddy has been committed to providing consumers with natural and high-quality pet food. In 2023, McFuddy will adhere to quality-based, innovation-driven, and customer-experience-oriented, strengthen technology research and development and innovation, and continue to enhance brand strength!


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