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Renaissance launches new RTX 4070S Gallardo graphics card: dual-slot thickness design

Renaissance launches new RTX 4070S Gallardo graphics card: dual-slot thickness design

Renaissance recently released the new RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics cards. This series is named “Gallardo”.

The biggest feature of this graphics card is its dual-slot thickness design, which greatly enhances the compatibility of the graphics card and is especially suitable for users with compact MATX or ITX chassis with smaller chassis capacity.

The specifications of these two graphics cards are quite unified. Their length, width and height are 315x120x42mm. They both adopt a three-fan design with a fan diameter of 9mm and support intelligent start and stop functions, effectively balancing the needs of heat dissipation and silence.

In terms of appearance design, the front panel of the graphics card adopts a transparent double-layer design, with dark green as the main color. It is also equipped with an RGB breathing light, which users can flexibly control through touch switches, adding a lot of technology and personalization.

In terms of heat dissipation performance, both new graphics cards are equipped with four 6mm electroplated heat pipes and pure copper heat conduction plates. This combination ensures efficient heat dissipation.

The metal back panel and ventilation opening design allow the fan to blow through the radiator more smoothly, further improving heat dissipation efficiency.

Specific to parameter configuration, RTX 4070 Super Gallardo is equipped with 7168 stream processors, the core base frequency is 1980MHz, and the acceleration frequency can reach 2475MHz. Its video memory capacity is 12G, the frequency reaches 21Gbps, and the bandwidth is 504GB/s. These indicators are basically consistent with the public version of the product.

The RTX 4070 Ti Super Gallardo also performs well. It has 8448 stream processors, a core base frequency of 2340MHz, and an acceleration frequency of up to 2610MHz. Its memory frequency and bandwidth are 21Gbps and 672GB/s respectively, which are not significantly different from the public version.

In terms of interfaces, both graphics cards are equipped with 3 DP interfaces and 1 HDMI interface to meet the diverse connection needs of users.

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