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Reduce energy consumption by more than 20%! Haier Smart Home Brain is the first to pass the whole-house smart home system energy-saving evaluation project

Reduce energy consumption by more than 20%! Haier Smart Home Brain is the first to pass the whole-house smart home system energy-saving evaluation project

Under the guidance of the green and low-carbon strategy, energy conservation and consumption reduction have become a consensus across society. In the residential field, the application of smart home scenarios not only allows users to enjoy convenience and comfort, but also brings a better energy-saving experience. And this has also become the key direction of the industry.

On March 14, a large-scale smart home model innovative application results conference was held in Shanghai. Haier Smart Home Brain brought a series of new results. Haier Smart Home Brain not only took the lead in passing the “Whole House Smart Home System Energy Saving Evaluation Project”, reducing energy consumption by more than 20%; it also took the lead in releasing the industry’s first large-scale model application standard. Behind the results, it not only reflects Haier Smart Home’s leadership in the implementation of smart home scenarios, but also brings users a more energy-saving, more convenient and smarter life experience.


  Reduce household energy consumption and be the first to pass the whole-house intelligent system energy-saving certification

In the process of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the whole society, household carbon emissions cannot be ignored, and household energy accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption. The whole-house intelligent system can allocate resources more rationally, control the whole-house appliances more flexibly, improve the efficiency of household energy use, and achieve better energy-saving effects.

The whole-house smart home system energy-saving solution created by Haier Smart Home Brain has achieved unexpected results in home scene-based energy saving after one year of practice. According to the evaluation of the China Quality Certification Center, the Haier whole-house smart home system evaluation (living room) showed that the minimum energy consumption reduction in five typical areas was 21.04%.


How does this system solution achieve energy-saving breakthroughs? It is based on the continuously upgraded service capabilities of Haier Smart Home Brain to create a personalized smart life experience for users. Combined with large models, each scenario can better adapt to user behavior and habits, better identify and process complex scenarios, and provide the best temperature and humidity solution by actively learning user habits and connecting with the external environment and energy ecology, improving the quality of home life. Energy efficiency. What time does the user get up, what time does he go to bed, what kind of light does he like, how much water temperature does he like, how much does the air conditioner turn on in summer, etc., can all be optimally arranged to avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

  Solve application problems and release the industry’s first large model application standard

Not only limited to reducing household energy consumption, Haier Smart Home has been taking action in order to realize the professional application of large models in the smart home field. On August 22, 2023, Haier Smart Home took the lead in establishing a smart home large model committee. The industry’s first large-scale model application standard is the result of joint efforts by Haier Smart Home, China Household Appliances Research Institute and industry partners under the guidance of the National Smart Home Quality Inspection and Testing Center and the Smart Home Large Model Special Committee. the result of.

This standard is not only a profound insight into the future development direction of smart homes, but also a major breakthrough in existing technologies and applications. It standardizes the system architecture of smart home large model applications, covering four parts: basic platform construction, model capability enhancement, scenario application and security requirements, and guides the system design and development of smart home large model applications. By standardizing large-scale pre-trained deep learning models and fine-tuning technology combined with specific smart home scenarios and tasks, it can help the smart home industry become more professional, standardized and efficient when applying large models.

In the current era of rapid technological revolution, accelerating the implementation of large models in the smart home field, innovating more energy-saving and smarter smart home scenario solutions, and releasing application standards are of far-reaching significance to the entire industry. Haier Smart Home is not only running on its own, but also leading the entire industry forward and developing into new areas, and constantly opening new doors to smart life for users.

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