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AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week WEEK UP trend exhibition opens again

AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week WEEK UP trend exhibition opens again

As the official exhibition of AW2024 Beijing Fashion Week, WEEK UP Trend Exhibition aims to build a fashion and trend culture exhibition that integrates exhibition display, trading and communication. This exhibition selects a limited number of outstanding designer brands to provide display, promotion, communication, ordering and sales. Services to help brands achieve business transformation and expand fashion influence.

Famous fashion designer Zhang Yichao, as China’s textile intangible cultural heritage promotion ambassador, has been committed to recreating China’s textile intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship with fashion design for many years. His design works have not only appeared on the stage of international and domestic fashion weeks many times, but have also been collected by many museums. Zhang Yichao’s design style is colorful and layered, with both oriental aesthetics and fashion elements. This time, we collaborated with Jinsheng Textile to bring a national style series of environmentally friendly bamboo fiber fabrics.

Zhejiang Jinsheng Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a fabric supplier that can provide directional R&D and design services. With the positive orientation of “green, technology, and fashion”, it has developed Tianzhu fiber series, cooling series, and heat storage series. , graphene series, natural elasticity and a series of products.

The “Chuhe Tingxiang” brand was founded in 2011. It is an original brand of contemporary oriental aesthetics led by the famous designer Chu Yan. The brand always insists on infiltrating cultural and artistic connotations into the design, and is committed to inheriting traditional Chinese culture and aesthetic taste. Full of innovative spirit, paying attention to details, caring for the soul, and conveying Chinese elegance, tranquility and calmness.

Since the establishment of Chuhe Tingxiang brand, it has been committed to the inheritance and innovative research of Chinese traditional clothing. Since 2013, it has started to combine natural plant dyeing technology with fashion design, explore folk arts, and become an important practitioner in the development field of “sustainable fashion”.

As a national brand, China Ice and Snow is not only the official logo of the Winter Games Center of the General Administration of Sport, but also the only ice and snow brand in the country with the prefix “国”. The LOGO design implies the spirit of courage to challenge and unremitting struggle, and reflects the development trend of China’s ice and snow sports. China Ice and Snow is the first to build a participation platform for ice and snow sports in the industry, with event copyrights, franchising, commercial authorization, city business cards, cultural and creative products, etc.

The cooperative relationship between Beijing Tongniu Group Co., Ltd. and Chinese ice and snow brands began in 2019. It is not only involved in the fields of cultural and creative products such as plush toys and blind boxes, but also combines Tongniu Group’s advantages in the field of clothing and apparel, expanding to Down jackets, outdoor clothing, ski clothing and other professional clothing categories, Beijing Textile Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., as a company under the group, is responsible for operating and managing the Chinese ice and snow product flagship store. Through cooperation with Chinese ice and snow brands, it not only enriches its own products line, and also contributed to the promotion and development of China’s ice and snow sports culture.

RICO LEE was founded in 2013 by Li Weigang, a well-known Chinese technology, fashion, sports and outdoor designer. It is a brand dedicated to technology and the spirit of extreme sports. Explore the cutting-edge limits of technology and contemporary aesthetics, and integrate high-tech materials with fashion elements. Focusing on technology and fashion, RICO LEE always adheres to the following: facing the future and adhering to the spirit of exploration, passion and adventure.

The Gongyi brand products of Jingong Group inherit the essence of Chinese national art and apply Jing embroidery elements to clothing and clothing. The embroidery is exquisite, the patterns are gorgeous, and the meaning is profound. Based on fashion clothing and featuring clothing accessories, it provides consumers with exclusive services.

The Gongyi brand is committed to inheriting culture and intangible cultural heritage. It combines the craftsmanship with “Beijing embroidery”, one of the “Eight Wonders of Yanjing”, and organically combines fashion with classics. The products are eclectic, and the “Beijing embroidery” pattern contains The meaning of “the pictures must be meaningful and the patterns must be auspicious” integrates Beijing embroidery culture into daily life and gives the “intangible cultural heritage” cultural connotation of the times through innovative transformation.

Raymond brand is a men’s clothing brand with a long and glorious history under Beijing Jingong Garment Group Co., Ltd. Born in Shanghai in 1940, the unique environmental advantages and the unique skills of Hongbang craftsmen have created Raymond’s unique “Shanghai style”. Raymond brand is loved by consumers for its exquisite craftsmanship, elegant styles and high-quality services.

In recent years, Raymond, as a “time-honored brand in Beijing”, has continuously expanded product categories, improved service quality, segmented products for different consumer groups, and resumed advanced customization business. The purpose is to better inherit and carry forward the long-standing Raymond brand With its history and rich brand culture, we have always maintained the cultural connotation cultivated by the Raymond brand, and are committed to allowing every consumer to experience Raymond’s elegant quality, considerate and thoughtful service, and fully enjoy the benefits brought by Raymond products. People’s confidence and happiness, satisfying people’s clothing and taste needs.

ATLEO, taken from the French abbreviation of ATELIER OU, means “high quality everywhere”. Founder and designer Li Ou graduated from the Astronomy Department of the School of Physics of Peking University. Out of his love and yearning for fashion, he went to Paris to study for a degree in fashion design engineering, and joined CÉLINE during the Phoebe Philo era with first place, becoming the first Chinese Certified lifelong employee designer. He has the ability to deconstruct space that is different from others. His works focus on quality and solidity of three-dimensional tailoring. During the product development stage, he combines materials and draping techniques to create with spatial thinking. He uses his own thinking perspective to strive to find the best distance between self and fashion for contemporary women, provide working women with fashion choices that are both practical and fashionable, and provide a calm identity during self-examination.

In the eyes of founder and designer Li Ou, fashion is not only a commodity, but also the expresser of its future design outlook. ATLEO insists on using such creative dialogue and constantly explores rich and varied fashion language in its works to encourage more women to discover a higher and broader spiritual world and tap into the strong inner energy.

Kopenhagen Fur supports the development of a sustainable circular economy by advocating “slow fashion” and won the 2017 ELLE Corporate Social Responsibility Award. In 2020, Kopenhagen Fur joined the global concerted action on sustainable fashion initiated by WWD and became a corporate member of the WWD Sustainable Fashion Alliance.

JS Jiang Shuo & Jian Shang Yun, the brand focuses on high-end children’s dresses. It will launch the market brand Jian Shang Yun in 2021. It will expand and develop daily products on the basis of dresses, focusing on Chinese-style children’s clothing that can be worn daily.

ZIFEI WANG has focused on the field of Chinese cultural innovation for 10 years. It is committed to integrating Chinese ancient aesthetics with international innovation trends, breaking the inherent limitations of the traditional framework, constantly deterritorializing and innovating mysterious oriental elements, and integrating them with deconstruction and the future. It reorganizes trends such as ism and interprets a new Chinese ancient style in an international context.

“Aifuleyou” is a “new cultural and creative” brand under Beijing Elephant Feiteng Culture Technology Co., Ltd. It is positioned to meet the new consumer needs of the current new cultural tourism scene, and combines China’s five thousand years of traditional cultural gene – blessing culture and IP Combining themes, we are committed to using new cultural power, aesthetic power, design power, content power, and data power to create new possibilities for China’s cultural tourism and cultural creative industries.

During the exhibition, a number of activities such as “Praying for the Harmony of Nature and All Things” and a cultural and fashion salon will also be held on site.

This exhibition is linked online and offline, attracting a large number of visitors to visit and experience. It also conducts online display and promotion through multiple platforms such as the official mini program of Beijing Fashion Week, Douyin, WeChat video account, etc., and the full media matrix of Beijing Fashion Week Concentrated sound allows the audience to get a multi-dimensional sensory experience from different dimensions.

This exhibition will last until March 22nd. We are looking forward to your arrival at Zhengda Center.

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