Realistic way of depicting delicate life “All wishes come true” sees ordinary you and me



It is jointly produced by China Central Radio and Television, Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Youth Hello Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Straw Bear Film Co., Ltd., and Beijing Perfect World Film and Television Co., Ltd. Wan Fang is the literary director and Su Peng is the chief screenwriter , Liu Yizhi is the director, Liang Zhenhua and Liu Xiaofeng are the chief producers, Gao Hansong and He Mai are the producers, Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Li, and Li Zefeng are the leading actors, Wang Ziyi is a special starring, Zhang Kaili and Sun Song are friendly starring, Jin Jia, Yu Jinze , Ning Xin, Bloomberg, etc. will star in the realism-themed drama “All Wishes Come True”, which will broadcast 2 episodes a day on CCTV-8’s prime prime time from March 9th. 2 episodes are updated at 19:30 every day, and 4 episodes are updated for the first time. Non-members update 1 episode every day at 22:00, and 2 episodes are updated for the first time.

As a key support project of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television, the play centers on the Sun family, a pair of sisters with very different personalities. A thriving social scene where people relentlessly pursue their dreams.

“Reunion Dinner” Poster Brings the Warmth of Spring

“Fireworks” previews the true meaning of life

The group portrait poster of the series “Reunion Dinner” was exposed today, using the warm colors of life to render the warm atmosphere of the Sun family, sending the audience a warm feeling of early spring and a special sense of healing. In the picture, a smiling family gathers around the table, and the sunlight coming in through the window sets off a harmonious family atmosphere and a pleasant atmosphere in the world. Among them, younger sister Sun Xiang (played by Mao Xiaotong) and older sister Sun Xin (played by Zhang Li), the “contrasted and cute” combination of “Sweet Girl and Yujie” made people’s eyes shine, and the “bamboo horse in the alley” Chu Xiaoyu (played by Li Zefeng) behind him , “Enthusiastic big boy” Yu Fei (played by Wang Ziyi) and what kind of sparks will they create with them? The two elders of the Sun family sit at the “C seat” at the dining table, and the status of the backbone of the family is clear at a glance. Does the sumptuous dishes during the banquet also indicate the indissoluble bond between the show and “food”?

Not only that, but in the newly released trailer, the rising fireworks are also blended with delicious food, which perfectly interprets the theme of the drama “exploring the essence of life”. The children always want to prove their progress and growth in their own way, and the days are constantly grinding and stumbling forward in the various tastes of “sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty”. There is no rehearsal”, “All wishes come true” wants to tell you in front of the screen to clarify your original intention and make choices bravely, in order to “what you think, everything comes true”.

Sisters join hands to “fight monsters”

“Longing for CP” Surprise Reunion

The series is based on the early morning of the Sun family in Xiaoman Hutong. The younger sister Sun Xiang loves life and food, and her mind is pure and uncontested. Zhang Kaili (played by Zhang Kaili) has everything, and the naughty father Sun Jian (played by Sun Song) loves his wife and daughter and is the glue in the family. Such a seemingly ordinary day has become an important turning point in the peaceful life of the Sun sisters. Sun Xiang, who works in a milk tea shop in the supermarket, bravely prevented the old man from stealing and was troubled by “touching porcelain”, but he also became attached to each other because of this; Sun Xin, an Internet company that has flourished, is also troubled by her boss’ aggressive harassment and making things difficult for her… The milk tea shop where Sun Xiang works is about to relocate. As a food blogger, what kind of career turning point is she about to face? And how will the “strong woman” Sun Xin “anti-kill” the unspoken rules in the workplace by herself?

In addition, the delicate and touching sisterhood, the dream-provoking love and the warm and healing family relationship shown in the play all make people can’t help being brought into it. The younger sister will never forget to put a handful of her favorite snacks in her sister’s pocket. No matter how busy the older sister is, she will always take the trivial matter of changing her sister’s mobile phone to heart; Sunshine handsome guy Yu Fei-hero saves Mei Sun thinking, will there be a sweet upgrade in the future? What’s more worth mentioning is that Zhang Kaili and Sun Song, who played the roles of Sun’s parents in the play, played the husband and wife again after “Desire”. This wave of “memory killing” also added a lot of highlights to the drama.

“All wishes come true” presents the vivid and rich pyrotechnic life in a delicate but not trivial, vivid and not procrastinated way. Tonight, stay tuned to CCTV-8, iQiyi, and Tencent Video, and walk into Xiaoman Hutong and the story of the Sun family together!


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