The movie “Keep You Safe” premiered, family and friends gathered together to double the joy, refute the rumors, warm the spring with true feelings

The movie “Keep You Safe” premiered, family and friends gathered together to double the joy, refute the rumors, warm the spring with true feelings


  Tianjin North News:You can’t laugh or cry, but the truth is a long way to go; there are tears in the smile, and the true feelings are warm and harmonious. On March 6, the comedy film “Keep You Safe” directed by Dapeng held its premiere in Beijing. Li Xueqin, Wang Xun, Wang Shengdi, Ma Li, Song Qian, Pan Binlong, Ni Hongjie, and Zhang Lin attended the appearance, interacted enthusiastically with the audience after the screening, confessed their creative process, and conveyed their true feelings and warmth. Producers Ke Liming from Ruyi Films, Li Jie from Ali Films, Wang Baiquan from Hengdian Films, and Kangli from Renma Culture attended the show. Nearly a hundred celebrity friends were guests of the movie, who spoke and shared their feelings after watching the film. The film is directed by Dapeng, written by Su Biao and Dapeng, chief producer Chen Zhixi, starring Dapeng, Li Xueqin, Yin Zheng, Wang Xun, Wang Shengdi, Ma Li is invited to star in friendship, Song Qian and Bai Yu are invited to star , starring Jia Bing, Yang Di, Pan Binlong, Ni Hongjie, Qiao Shan, Yu Yang, Liu Jinshan, Cao Bingkun, and Liang Chao in friendly guest appearances. It will be screened nationwide on March 8 and will be released nationwide on March 10. It is now on hot pre-sale.

  The main creative lineup made a surprise appearance and shared their creative experience

The movie “Keep You Safe” tells the story of Wei Ping’an, a down-and-out middle-aged man, who makes a living by selling cemeteries with live broadcasts. His client Han Lu was smeared by rumors after his death. There are frequent jokes and reversals in the film. During the viewing of the premiere, there was a lot of laughter on the scene, and the audience couldn’t help laughing until they clapped their hands and clapped their hands. With the protagonist chasing the murderer thousands of miles away, the truth came out, and all the audience present were moved by the true feelings in the film, from laughing to tears to being moved to tears. At the media scene of the premiere ceremony, the film screening ended, and the main creators came to the stage, receiving cheers and applause from the audience. Director Dapeng said frankly that the inspiration for filming “Keep You Safe” this time came from real social rumors and news; screenwriter Su Biao, as a partner for many years, tacitly added that this time he focused on social issues and realism in a ridiculous form, and wanted to share with the audience. Discussing network environment issues; Li Xueqin shared that she is full of respect for every “Wei Ping’an” who is a chivalrous hero in reality, and even joked that as a student of the School of Journalism and Communication, she would put the spread of rumors and truth on the line “Exam key points”; Wang Xun recalled that as the first actor in the whole crew to set a role, he had enough trust in the director Dapeng who had cooperated many times. At the same time, he was still amazed by the creative concept of Dapeng’s new work “Keep You Safe”; Analyze your own character Wei Moli and the father and daughter of Ping’an in the film are of the same heart, encourage each other to go for good thoughts, and never regret it;

When asked whether Ma Li accepted the invitation for this movie because she was moved by the script, Ma Li, who has been friends with Dapeng for ten years, said bluntly on the spot, “I didn’t even read the script. The director called me and asked me if I would come, so I came.” It can be called the “Long Live Friendship” version of “I’ve been waiting for you for ten years”. At the same time, Ma Li carefully analyzed the three-dimensionality and complexity of the role of the domineering president; The beauty itself not only reaps the warmth from Wei Ping’an, but also spreads kindness in his own way; Pan Binlong, who is also a long-time friend of director Dapeng, happily shares his optimist and warm temperament in the film; At the crossroads of hesitating whether to continue to be an actor or not, it was Director Dapeng who helped him persevere. The deep friendship made Ni Hongjie deeply trust Director Dapeng, and readily accepted Director Dapeng’s invitation to play the role; Zhang Lin also analyzed the irony of his role Sex; as the chief producer Chen Zhixi said, “It’s been a long time since I got together with my good friends to watch a movie. “Keep You Safe” is a movie that combines the commercial and author’s expressions well. I hope everyone enjoys this movie”, all the characters and all the main creators have brought their true feelings together, so that this movie can continue to laugh and meet the audience with kindness and warmth.

  Hundreds of relatives and friends in the industry gathered together and interacted sincerely

On the night of the premiere, nearly a hundred friends in the industry attended the movie as invited guests, shared their feelings, and praised the movie “Keep You Safe”.

The president of the China Film Directors Association and the famous director Li Shaohong said with a smile that today is like a comedy show that laughs from the beginning to the end, and also likes that the whole society especially needs a positive energy film with tears and emotions in laughter; a long-time friend of director Dapeng Ning Hao commented that the film was smooth and pleasantly surprised; director Chen Sicheng praised Dapeng for using the genre film format to shoot realistic stories wonderfully and maturely. The industry and everything in the world are thriving;

After watching the movie, director Zhang Chiyu teased that “Keep You Safe” was released as another wonderful masterpiece, “The comedy track is really too complicated”; Teng congratulated the main creator of “Keep You Safe”, and invited director Dapeng to cooperate with the new play in person, which aroused laughter from the audience; , praised Director Dapeng’s ability to control the genre of films; Wang Hongwei, an associate professor of the Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy, and actor Cai Ming, as leading figures in the industry, are pleased to witness the steady progress of Director Dapeng and his growing maturity; Liu Haoran did not hide his love for the film at the scene, Revealed that I have already contacted to book the venue, and invited relatives and friends to share the excellent work “Keep You Safe”; Dong Runnian, Shu Huan, Zhang Disha, Shi Hang, Zhao Ji and other friends present also spoke to express their appreciation and love for the film.

At the end of the premiere, all the main creators tore up the giant rumor paper ball full of slander, implying that the rumors seem terrifying and huge, but they are actually vulnerable. I also wish that there will be no more disturbing rumors in the world, and that every kind-hearted person will receive warm blessings. Sincere return. There is a long way to go to dispel the rumors. How does the film express humor and hilarity, and what kind of chemical reaction will the comedy and true feelings collide with? I also invite audience friends to move to the theater to experience the laughter and tears of “Keep You Safe”.

The movie “Keep You Safe” is produced by Shanghai Ruyi Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Shanghai Other City Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Renma Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd. Industry Co., Ltd. and China Film Co., Ltd. Beijing Lili Orange Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd., Douyin Culture (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Mucai Xingshi (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xidiershu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Spectrum Cooperation Co-produced by Yuan International Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Huawen Image (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Longtao Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., Tianjin Pass Quark Culture Media Co., Ltd., Wushuang (Shenzhen) Film Co., Ltd., Beijing National Film Co., Ltd. Vertical and Horizontal Film Distribution Co., Ltd. The film will be screened nationwide on March 8, and will be officially released nationwide on March 10. Pre-sales are now hot.

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