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“Bai Chuan Le Time and Space” Era Golden Melody Inheritance Golden Melody Manufacturing Machine Zhang Xinzhe Reappears Classics

“Bai Chuan Le Time and Space” Era Golden Melody Inheritance Golden Melody Manufacturing Machine Zhang Xinzhe Reappears Classics

On March 10th, the next episode of “Baichuan Music Time and Space”, the fourth sub-program of “Baichuan Variety Show Season”, will start broadcasting as scheduled. This program focuses on the observation of intergenerational emotions. Zhou Hui, Zheng Jun, Zhan Wenting, and Zhang Xinzhe were the singers participating in the experiment, and the off-site observation team consisted of Hu Haiquan, Jike Junyi, Ma Tianyu, Wang Yuan, Yang Di, and Zhang Yadong. By observing amateur guests and celebrity guests without their knowledge, Explore the emotion and power of music by being in the same room and hearing the most authentic reactions to music.

  The golden song making machine detonated the audience, and the classic love song Prince Zhang Xinzhe reappeared

Zhang Xinzhe, who has the title of “Prince of Love Songs”, attracted the attention of all members of the cochlear group as soon as he appeared in the space-time transfer station.

“I didn’t even expect him to come to this show.” For everyone present, Zhang Xinzhe is undoubtedly an absolute golden song maker, “Love Is One Word”, “Love Like a Tide”, “Overfire”, “Don’t Be Afraid of Me” “Sadness”, many familiar songs that were once popular in the streets and alleys, still make everyone hum along. “Although Brother Zhe has debuted for so many years, I can sing every song of him.” As a singer of the new generation, Wang Yuan, who is also the youngest among the few, also clearly expressed his understanding of the golden songs created by Zhang Xinzhe. “He is really a person who travels through time”, Hu Haiquan also spoke highly of the only recognized prince of love songs in the Chinese music scene.

Faced with many amateurs of the new generation, Chang Xinzhe chose a classic song “Love is a Word”, which was once popular all over the country. It was used as the ending song of the Chinese animation film “Lotus Lantern”. Let every member of the cochlear group resonate, “the scene is amazing”, “it sounds good”, and everyone is quietly immersed in that emotion along with the music. Zhang Xinzhe used his spotless voice to make everyone present feel as if they were back in the past, feeling the music brought by “Love Song Prince” and enjoying the touch.

  Ouyang Nana was ruthlessly dismantled when she appeared on the stage, and the eldest sister of the tour guide taught on the spot

Different from Zhang Xinzhe’s touch to everyone, Ouyang Nana, who once shined in the field of cello, turned to the music world to realize her dream, and now returns to the public eye as a new generation of singer-songwriter. It is the test of the older generation of listeners.

Although one of the amateur aunts was a little nervous, she recognized the deity the moment Ouyang Nana entered the room. Even though Ouyang Nana tried her best to explain and tried her best to change the subject, the aunt still insisted that the person she was facing was Ouyang Nana. In the follow-up, he was strongly asked to sing “Want to See You” live, and he was ruthlessly dismantled without even thinking about it. After saying “You are Ouyang Nana”, the two embraced like sisters, “You are really beautiful when you smile”, With a smile, he knew that the person in front of him was Nana.

The eldest sister of the tour guide, who was secretly delighted because of her status as a judge, devoted herself wholeheartedly to the song. After Ouyang Nana sang, she immediately switched to the professional comment mode, “Sing out the delicate feelings”, “Girls sing Choose a song that suits you”, but she blushed because of Ouyang Nana’s sentence “The teacher sings like you”, and started the live teaching in a state of embarrassment, clearing her throat before going on stage and adding The knowledge point of standing up and being able to speak better, singing the chorus part of “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” is effortless, which also makes Hu Haiquan, who is in the cochlear group, can’t help but sigh “show off skills, just show off when you come up”.

A variety show that observes the most real emotions of amateurs, uses music as a medium to connect the emotions of generations, and is a warm experiment with humanistic care. Collision, digging deep into the differences in music preferences between generations, and eliminating the inherent aesthetic barriers between generations. In this program, you can see all kinds of people. Some of them became popular all over the country when they became popular, and some of them became rising stars. But they all have the same original intention, dedicating to music, just because of love.

“Baichuan Variety Show Season” is produced by Douyin, Junlebao’s Xiaoxiaoluban children’s milk powder is exclusively titled and co-sponsored by Nippon Paint. The third episode of the fourth sub-program “Baichuan Music Time and Space” will be held on Douyin at 12 noon on March 3 On the line, major platforms such as Xigua Video, Fresh Time TV, Today’s Toutiao, Douyin Volcano Edition, and Douyin Extreme Edition will also be launched one after another, so stay tuned.

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