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Quality and innovation go hand in hand, Baicaowei strives to create a new nut consumption format

Quality and innovation go hand in hand, Baicaowei strives to create a new nut consumption format

The main consumer force in the snack industry has changed. According to the latest “2024 Chinese New Year Gift Box Consumer Behavior Insight Report” released by iiMedia Consulting, nut products rank first among the types of purchases that Chinese New Year Gift Box consumers plan to purchase in 2024 (46.3%). The post-90s and post-95s generations have also become the main consumers, ranking at the top in terms of consumption power and maturity of purchasing decisions. At the same time, in addition to category packaging, they also pay attention to product quality, raw material sources, nutritional value, whether it contains additives, etc. The overall appeal is towards health and quality.

In order to closely follow consumer trends, Baicaowei insists on being user-centered, continuously optimizing product formulas and packaging design, and by strengthening product innovation to meet the diversified needs of consumer groups and create a new format for nut consumption.

  Differentiated strategies to meet diversified consumer needs

The “China Nut Nutrition and Market Development White Paper” released at the 9th National Nutrition Science Conference shows that the increase in residents’ income, the upgrade of consumption structure and the diversification of marketing channels have promoted the growth of domestic snack food demand. As the core strength of the snack food industry, natural, additive-free, healthy and delicious nuts have gradually become consumers’ daily dietary needs.

The “Benwei Zhenguo” series of high-quality nut products launched by Baicaowei have won a lot of praise from consumers due to the excellent taste brought by the quality of selected large fruits and fresh-keeping packaging. In terms of raw material selection, Baicaowei actively establishes long-term cooperative relationships with global origins, traces the planting sources and farms, and realizes direct procurement of products from global origins to ensure the freshness and high quality of nuts. In terms of packaging, Baicaowei uses double-layer aluminum foil packaging and patented partitioned freshness locking technology, so that the nuts can maintain their nutrition without losing their taste after being placed for a long time. On the 2023 New Health Consumption Four Major Innovation List released by the Commercial Data Center (CBNDate), Baicaowei won the “Annual Functional Innovation Award” for its “Benwei Zhenguo” nut series products.

Baicaowei Benwei Zhenguo series products were unveiled at the National Nutrition Week hosted by the Chinese Nutrition Society

In order to meet the increasingly diversified taste needs of consumers, Baicaowei has made bold attempts and explorations in differentiated innovation of nut products, launching flavored nuts such as cucumber-flavored cashews, mustard-flavored macadamia nuts and garlic-flavored pistachios. It is worth mentioning that 15,000 cans of cucumber-flavored cashew nuts were sold during Douyin’s first live broadcast after it was launched. In addition, Baicaowei is committed to developing blueberry powder nut eye-protecting snacks for students and low-fat nut products for fitness groups. The new products being developed are expected to further expand its consumer base and attract more consumers of different levels.

  Optimize consumer experience and improve product taste

The change in consumption trends and the development of the New Year’s goods market are not only reflected in diversified consumer demands. Young consumer groups have higher requirements for product quality. According to the “New Year’s Goods China Series Report – New Year’s Goods Shopping Data Guide Report in 300,000 Featured Posts” released by JD Supermarket, when users choose New Year’s goods, deliciousness and health have become the focus, accounting for 82%.

Based on market insights, Baicaowei actively listens to consumer feedback and needs, and uses technical means to solve problems in the product consumption process. Taking original walnut kernels as an example, many consumers report that the bitterness of the kernel skin affects the eating experience. In response to this problem, Baicaowei used advanced peeling processing technology to successfully remove the bitter components of walnut kernel skins, and launched walnut kernel products that are easier to eat and have a better taste. In addition, they launch nut products in small packages, combined with the advice of professional nutritionists, to help consumers easily control their daily intake, making eating more convenient and faster.

It is precisely because of continuous product innovation, optimization of consumer experience and continuous attention to consumer nutrition and health that Baicaowei has won more consumer trust and market recognition. On December 23-24, 2023, at the 2nd China Nutritionist Development Conference with the theme of “Health Industry Empowerment, Nutritional Value Creation”, Baicaowei Benwei Zhenguo won the “High-Quality Science Pioneer Award”. Daily Nuts won the “Excellent Scientific Combination Award”.

Baicaowei Benwei Zhenguo won the “High Quality Science Pioneer Award”

Paying attention to consumer demand and strengthening product innovation are becoming new formats in the snack industry. Through continuous innovation and accurate insight into consumer needs, Baicaowei not only pursues the taste and flavor of its products, but also integrates health and quality concepts into every product, constantly promotes changes in the snack industry, and brings healthier and higher quality products to consumers. Quality snack selection.

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