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Professor Jia Zhenhua: Constructing a theory of syndrome and treatment of pulmonary collateral disease plays an important role in preventing and treating respiratory diseases

Professor Jia Zhenhua: Constructing a theory of syndrome and treatment of pulmonary collateral disease plays an important role in preventing and treating respiratory diseases

  March 27,Conference on the construction of the theoretical system of collateral disease and its transformation and application resultsHeld in Beijing.this timeMeetingby the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societiesnetworkdisease committee,Anti-Aging CommitteecommonSponsored by, centered around the theory of collateral diseasesystemImportant achievements achieved through inheritance, innovation and transformationdoPublic Release.

  At the meeting, Professor Jia Zhenhua of the Hebei Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine gave a report on “Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Respiratory Infectious Diseases Guided by Syndrome and Treatment of Pulmonary Collateral Disease” and pointed out that the theory of syndrome and treatment of pulmonary collateral disease reveals the law of transmission of new coronavirus infection, and continuously Hua Qingwen and Lianhua Qingke, as the results of research and innovative transformation of the syndrome and treatment of pulmonary collateral diseases, have solid scientific research evidence and significant clinical value. They have had a major international academic impact in the field of prevention and treatment of respiratory infectious diseases and played a significant role in epidemic prevention and control. It has enhanced the international influence of traditional Chinese medicine and promoted the internationalization process of traditional Chinese medicine.

Professor Jia Zhenhua gave a report titled “Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Respiratory Infectious Diseases Guided by Syndrome and Treatment of Pulmonary Collateral Disease”.

  Guidance on the syndrome and treatment of pulmonary collateral diseases, providing new strategies for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases

  Epidemic means everyone is sick. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, epidemics are considered to be diseases caused by highly contagious evil spirits.

  EnterAfter the 21st century, new viral respiratory infectious diseases will break out on average every five years in the past 20 years. “From the Western Han Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, more than 300 epidemics occurred in more than 2,000 years, approximately once every 6 years, which is consistent with the frequency of respiratory infectious diseases in the past 20 years.” Professor Jia Zhenhua pointed out, “When epidemics occurred, the ancients With the effective prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese nation has controlled the spread of the epidemic in a limited area and time. Historical experience tells us that inheriting and innovating two thousand years of traditional Chinese medicine’s anti-epidemic experience is of great significance in responding to the threat of epidemics.”

  Viral respiratory infectious diseases belong to traditional Chinese medicineThe category of “new diseases entering the network” has expanded and innovated the prevention and treatment programs for respiratory diseases.The veins that run through the lungs are lung collaterals. Professor Jia Zhenhua constructed a theory of syndrome and treatment of lung collateral diseases, systematically analyzed the concepts and connotations of lung collaterals, lung Qi collaterals, airways, and blood collaterals, and revealed the “qi collaterals-airways-” of respiratory system diseases. The law of transmission and change of “blood collaterals” clarifies the “qi collaterals”-The key driving factors for the transmission of “airway” to blood collaterals are epidemic toxins, poisonous heat, and phlegm obstruction,propose system blockingnewStrategy“The most serious cause of the disease is to eliminate the epidemic virus early; clear the lungs and resolve phlegm, block the transmission of changes; double intervention and integrated regulation”,establish“Clear plague and detoxify” and “Xuanfei and purge fever”Resolving phlegm and relieving coughGoverning law,applicationInnovative traditional Chinese medicines Lianhua Qingwen and Lianhua QingkeImportant progress has been made in the prevention and control of viral respiratory public health incidents. Lianhua Qingwen has been approved for new coronavirus infection indications and developed Lianhua Qingke Tablets for emergency use in epidemic prevention and control..

  from basics toclinicalformComplete chain of evidence,publish128 SCI papers, using modern medical methods to prove the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine

  Professor Jia Zhenhua introduced that a series of basic and clinical research results systematically revealed the prevention and treatment of Lianhua Qingwen combined with blockade“Qiluo-Clinical advantages of airway transmission and virus-host dual intervention mechanism: Reduce the nucleic acid positive rate of close contacts to prevent the onset of the disease; increase the nucleic acid negative conversion rate of asymptomatic infected persons to promote negative conversion; improve the clinical symptoms of confirmed mild patients and shorten the course of the disease; reduce the conversion rate of confirmed common patients to severe disease, and increase the clinical cure rate to prevent severe conversion; Revealed the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory efficacy mechanism of dual intervention between Lianhua Qingwen virus and the host.

  Lianhua Qingke Tablets were clarified for the first time“Resolving phlegm and relieving cough” improves airway obstruction and “airway obstruction”-The clinical value and scientific connotation of the transformation of blood collaterals: Improve the cure rate and increase the oxygenation index of patients diagnosed with common pneumonia; improve the ventilation function of patients with severe pneumonia, reduce disease severity and hospitalization time; reveal the efficacy mechanism of Lianhua Qingke, reduce phlegm and relieve cough, and improve ventilation.

  Since its launch, Lianhua Qingwen has been widely used in clinical applications and has also actively carried out relevant scientific research.Relevant research papers have been published so farMore than 1,000 articles, including 128 SCI papersinvolving traditional Chinese medicine theory, pharmaceutical research, efficacy research, clinical research andMeta analysis, clinical medication analysis and other different perspectives.Since 2020, more than 190 papers have been published in the field of preventing and treating COVID-19 infection, including more than 80 SCI papers, forming a complete evidence chain from bioinformatics – in vitro experiments – in vivo experiments – material basic research – clinical research. It is the traditional Chinese medicine with the most published articles, the highest level of evidence, and the most widely used clinical application in the process of viral infection.

  “A prospective, randomized, controlled, national multi-center clinical trial of Lianhua Qingwen in the treatment of COVID-19” is the world’s first randomized controlled clinical research article on proprietary Chinese medicines in the treatment of COVID-19. It was published in “Plant Medicine” and was selected as an ESI Highly Cited Paper. China’s 100 Most Influential International Academic Papers.Recently, a randomized, double-blind, international multi-center clinical study covering China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries showed that Lianhua Qingwen can significantly relieve symptoms caused by new coronavirus infection such as fever, fatigue, cough, and help In order to shorten the recovery time of mild to moderate patients, the research results were published in the “Journal of Virology”. It is the first international multi-center evidence-based study of Chinese patent medicines in the treatment of COVID-19 and is included in theThe top ten medical researches in the field of traditional Chinese medicine in China in 2023.

  Relevant research has had a significant academic impact, and authoritative international journals such as The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, and Nature Reviews Immunology have given positive evaluations.Lianhua Qingwen’s research and application in preventing and treating new coronavirus infection were awarded2020Annual Hebei Province Scientific and Technological Progress First Prize and2023First prize in the first Hebei Province Patent Award.

  Based on good safety and effectiveness, Lianhua Qingwen and Lianhua Qingke have accumulatedIt has been included in the diagnosis and treatment plans or consensus guidelines for influenza A, B, and COVID-19 infections issued by the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine more than 40 times, and has played a major role in responding to viral public health events.

  Contribute traditional Chinese medicine wisdom to the world, and the road to internationalization becomes wider and wider

  Lianhua Qingwen and Lianhua Qingke use theory as the guide, evidence-based research as a means, and use modern medicine to verify the safety and effectiveness of the drugs. They not only demonstrate the confidence and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, but also gain international recognition. .

  Lianhua QingwenLianhua Qingkethe internationalization processjustexistcontinuedProgress, currently, Lianhua Qingwen has been operating in Singapore,Thailand,Canada etc.Registered and listed in more than 30 countries and regions,and inMore than 30 countries and regions have initiated international registration; Lianhua Qingke has been registered and marketed in Canada, Singapore, Nigeria and other countries and regions.

  Professor Jia Zhenhua said that in order to deal with the prevention and control of viral respiratory infectious diseases, a multidisciplinary and high-level talent team was established to create the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine“Multidisciplinary Innovation Team for Pulmonary Collateral Disease Prevention and Treatment Research”, relevant research is included in the key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In the future, we will continue to conduct in-depth research on the scientific connotation of the syndrome and treatment of pulmonary collateral diseases, as well as the scientific value of Lianhua series drugs in the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.

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