positive energy!Crazy little brother Yang has great love in his heart, touching thousands of netizens

positive energy!Crazy little brother Yang has great love in his heart, touching thousands of netizens

The rapid development of the Internet has made the digital economy the torrent of the times. Many people have poured into the Internet industry to seek opportunities for development and development. As a high-quality content creator today, Crazy Xiao Yang is a topic that everyone cannot avoid.

After Crazy Little Brother Yang became popular on the Internet with high-quality content creation, the video content they created has become a joke that everyone can’t get tired of watching after dinner. With the continuous increase in the number of fans, Big Brother Yang has gradually shifted the main content creation from short videos to short videos. live streaming. Brother Yang and Brother Yang started from scratch and reached their current heights with the help of the Internet. They know that many people are easily overwhelmed by the trend even if they are talented. Therefore, Brother Yang, who is crazy on the Internet, will always help those talented people generously.

Recently, a girl in the field of singing became popular in an instant because of Crazy Xiao Yang’s mic connection. Her online name is “Ke Lou CLou”, and she is loved by fans on the Internet with her moving voice. In one month, 350,000 true love fans were harvested.

Before Lianmai with Xiao Yang, the number of people in Kelou’s live broadcast room and the data of likes for her works revealed that she had reached a bottleneck period and needed an opportunity to improve, and such an opportunity came to this hardworking artist on February 18. girl around.

Brother Xiao Yang used his own account to entertain the live broadcast that day, interacting with the anchor Lianmai PK from time to time, during this live broadcast, Brother Yang accidentally connected with a beautiful and sweet young lady “Kelou”.

Ke Lou sang “My Beauty” and gave it to Brother Yang. Brother Yang bluntly said, “It’s so nice.” His heart was touched, and Brother Yang danced lightly when Lou sang. What makes people even more likable is because of this girl’s self-cultivation. During the process of communicating with Xiao Yang, she feels as gentle as jade. When singing, she needs to turn off the mic for a short time, and she will also say to Xiao Yang, “I need to shut you down for a while. Mai, please wait a moment~”. When the girls finished singing, Xiao Yang had already brought 150,000 fans to Kelou, and said that she deserved more fans to encourage and praise Kelou.

After the live broadcast with Kelou, Xiao Yang chose to download the broadcast, and let the traffic of hundreds of thousands of fans in his live broadcast room stay in Kelou’s live broadcast room. In just three days, the number of fans of Kelou increased from 350,000 to 96.5 million, and continues to rise. As of the end of February, Kelou had broken through 1.18 million fans, and the number of likes on his works had also broken through from 4 digits to 5. Kelou relied on his own strength + hard work + politeness + cuteness to catch the little fans. With the traffic brought by Brother Yang, Ke Lou continues to work hard and believes that it will soon break through one million followers.

Crazy little brother Yang used Kelou to convey a kind of positive energy to everyone: “Gold will definitely shine. Before that, keep refining your skills. Regardless of all walks of life, you need to have the spirit of sailing against the current, so that when you encounter opportunities Only when you have the ability to hold it firmly in your hands”, some netizens commented under the video released by Kelou: “Because Xiao Yang met each other, I would like to grow up with you!”

In fact, in January of this year, Brother Yang also carried out an entertainment live broadcast. In that live broadcast, Brother Yang prepared to host an anchor whose id was “Henan Beier” at the request of fans. Unexpectedly, he even became “Henan Beier”. Beibei”, that is, this coincidence, the life of Henan Beibei has changed, and it has become a good story.

Henan Beibei was originally just an unknown anchor, and his family was very difficult. He could only work during the day and live broadcast at night to subsidize his family. I learned from Xiao Yang Ge Lianmai that Henan Beibei was born in Nanyang in 1999. His mother, brother and sister are all deaf-mute, his father is bedridden with diabetes, and his younger sister is in junior high school, so Beibei cannot go out to work and can only stay in the countryside. Difficult to shoulder the burden of supporting the family.

After Xiao Yang learned about it, he immediately called on everyone to pay attention to Henan Beibei, and don’t give gifts to Beibei. Henan Beibei’s live broadcast room has grown from dozens of people to more than 100,000 people in an instant. Xiao Yang took the lead to browse a few carnivals to express his support. Big Yang also said that if the other party has any difficulties, he can get in touch with him. Will do my part, many netizens shed tears in this live broadcast.

As of now, Henan Beibei already has 230,000 fans. Although he is not considered a first-line Internet celebrity, it should not be a problem to solve the problems in life, and there is hope for his father’s treatment!

The videos released by Henan Beibei are all bits and pieces of life, but each video is full of sunshine and hope, letting everyone see that even if life is full of thorns, we must work hard to move forward, and life will treat everyone who works hard. In the video released by Henan Beibei, it can also be seen that life has improved to a certain extent after connecting with Xiao Yang, and they will be more optimistic about every day.

Brother Xiao Yang has over 100 million fans on the Internet, but he has always maintained a humble personality. We can see Brother Yang and Brother Yang in many public welfare undertakings, although these two times even Mai is only Brother Yang live It is a part of it, but it has more or less had a positive impact on many people. People full of positive energy are known by everyone in the connection with Xiao Yang, and even change their lives. It can be said that Xiao Yang’s several An entertainment live broadcast is no less than a public welfare live broadcast.

If it is said that Ke Lou has the advantages of ability, humility, cuteness, and self-cultivation, then Xiao Yang has more talents. If Henan Beibei has the advantages of hard work, sunshine, straightforwardness, and kindness, then Xiao Yang is more charitable. I hope that positive energy bloggers like Crazy Xiao Yang can always shine and be the little sun in everyone’s mind!

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