PATH, an international health technology organization, released clinical data showing that Wantai’s bivalent HPV vaccine has good immunogenicity

On May 5, at the first media open day held by Xiamen Wantai Canghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a representative enterprise of domestic R&D and production, experts in the field of HPV vaccines interpreted and exchanged the latest clinical research data on cervical cancer protection in China and abroad.

Professor Wu Ting, School of Public Health, Xiamen University delivered a speech

At the meeting, according to Professor Wu Ting from the School of Public Health of Xiamen University, at the 35th International Papillomavirus Conference (IPVC) in 2023 held in Washington, D.C. at the end of April, PATH, a non-profit international health technology organization, reported the Wantai The results of the interim analysis of the Xenkoning study trial. The study enrolled 1,025 female volunteers aged 9-14, and the results showed that Wantai’s bivalent HPV vaccine “Xin Ke Ning” has good immunogenicity.

In terms of the incidence of adverse reactions, in the evaluation of the three indicators of “solicited local adverse reactions”, “solicited systemic adverse reactions” and “non-solicited adverse events”, the bivalent vaccine Xinkening also performed well.

Up to now, the domestic bivalent HPV vaccine Xinkening has been on the market for more than three years. In 2022, “The Lancet-Infectious Diseases” published the results of a 5.5-year follow-up study, showing that Xinkening has a high protection rate in preventing HPV16/18-related precancerous lesions in women aged 18 to 45, and can induce high level antibodies. The product manual of Xinkening also shows that Xinkening has excellent protective efficacy against CIN2/3 and AIS related to HPV virus 16 and 18, the main clinical endpoints, in the population meeting the protocol.

At the IPVC conference, the immunogenicity results of the 9-valent cervical cancer vaccine (Xinconing 9) were announced at the same time. The data show that Wantai’s nine-valent cervical cancer vaccine has good immunogenicity and tolerance. Among the nine types of antibodies, five types of neutralizing antibody geometric mean concentration points are slightly higher than imported nine-valent vaccines. The geometric mean concentration of neutralizing antibodies was slightly lower than that of the imported nine-valent vaccine.

According to the results of a recently released “HPV Vaccine Consumption Behavior Survey”, in China, school-age women have a high willingness to vaccinate HPV vaccine; They will be obsessed with “valence” and form “vaccine hesitation” and waiting, which affects the actual vaccination rate. According to the introduction of Wantai Company, in the future, Wantai will continue to contribute “China’s strength” in increasing the coverage of HPV vaccines and helping China achieve the strategic goal of eliminating cervical cancer proposed by the WHO.

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