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One, that is, all of them, OnePlus 12, the transcendent work of ten years, starts at 4,299 yuan

One, that is, all of them, OnePlus 12, the transcendent work of ten years, starts at 4,299 yuan

On December 5, 2023, OnePlus officially released the OnePlus 12, its ten-year flagship. As OnePlus’ ten-year breakthrough, OnePlus 12 adheres to the concept of “product strength first” and brings a number of industry-leading first-of-its-kind technologies. OnePlus 12 launches the world’s first 2K Oriental screen with a medical-grade eye protection solution and the industry’s first 4500nit peak brightness. It is fully equipped with the “new generation super light and shadow imaging system” created by the Find imaging team, and is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon that breaks the performance record. Long8 mobile platform + LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0 top combination. OnePlus 12 also has top-level performance tuning based on the ColorOS supercomputing platform, aerospace-grade Tiangong cooling system Pro, 5400mAh + 100W flash charging + 50W wireless battery life king combination, bionic vibration motor Turbo that once again led the industry for a year, top-notch The super signal engineering that fully covers the communication experience, and other user concerns such as rain touch, infrared, and NFC are also in place. At the press conference, OnePlus simultaneously released three products: OnePlus Light Luxury Backpack, OnePlus Wireless Flash Charger and OnePlus 12 All-Inclusive Protective Case.

Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said: “OnePlus 12 maximizes the experience of all users in high-frequency usage scenarios, and its product power surpasses all flagship Pro versions of Snapdragon 8Gen3, truly realizing “one, everything.” , is the best gift given to users by OnePlus for its 10th anniversary. “

OnePlus 12 will be officially launched through all channels on December 11, with a starting price of 4,299 yuan.

At the press conference, Yu Shi, a new-generation actor, made a surprise appearance as OnePlus Video Creative Officer. He shared with everyone his life moments recorded using OnePlus 12, and together witnessed the comprehensive transcendence of the flagship in ten years.

TIME Design design language, precipitating high-luxury watch-level texture

  For the past ten years, quality has been the DNA of the OnePlus brand. OnePlus 12 draws design inspiration from high-end luxury watches this time and brings TIME Design design language.Through the crown mirror, time scale, starry sky dial, circular charactersEngraving ten years of time on the lens modulethe inside and outside are transparent, showing exquisite details, andUsing the same craftsmanship as high-end luxury watches, it has gone through 158 steps of fine polishing in a 100-level dust-free environment, and has accumulated a good quality for ten years.

OnePlus 12 brings three unique colors created with new technology: “White”, “Green” and “Rock Black”. Every color is a work of ingenuity: a touch of white space symbolizes OnePlus’s original intention that remains unchanged for ten years; the only green color symbolizes the thousands of mountains and rivers OnePlus has experienced in the past ten years; firm as a rock, which symbolizes OnePlus’ commitment to its products for ten years. Days of determination and perseverance.

Completely equipped with “a new generation of super light and shadow imaging system”, created by the Find imaging team

The flagship image of OnePlus 12 is created by the Find imaging team and is fully equipped with a “new generation super light and shadow imaging system”. Whether it is the hardware configuration of the super light and shadow full main camera, the algorithm adjustment of the “new generation of super light and shadow imaging system”, or the in-depth cooperation with Hasselblad, the imaging capabilities of OnePlus 12 have completely surpassed the industry and set a new peak in imaging.

The OnePlus 12’s super light and shadow full main camera consists of three full-focal-range flagship lenses, including a 50-megapixel Sony flagship main camera, a 64-megapixel super light and shadow periscope telephoto camera, and a 48-megapixel Sony flagship ultra-wide-angle lens. For the main camera, OnePlus 12 launches the world’s first new generation flagship sensor LYT-808 jointly developed by OnePlus and Sony. This sensor’s optical hardware and algorithm are co-designed to maximize the hardware capabilities and the sensor area is 1/1.4 inch, four-in-one pixel size 2.24μm, f/1.6 large aperture, supports OIS optical image stabilization, the photosensitive area is increased by 25% compared to the previous generation, and the full well capacity FWC is increased by 50%, allowing users to take photos with more rich details. photo.

No potential, no flagship. OnePlus 12 is equipped with a 64 million ultra-light periscope telephoto with a more advanced periscope structure. The sensor area is 1/2 inch, the photosensitive area is 76% higher than the previous generation, the f/2.6 large aperture, supports 3x optical lossless zoom and up to 120 30x digital zoom and supports floating prism anti-shake. The periscope telephoto lens of OnePlus 12 adopts nano-level lens edge cutting technology, has a new optical wave pattern, ALC sub-wavelength structure coating, and spin coating process IR filter. Compared with the common upright telephoto lens in the same class, , with a larger sensor area, more sophisticated optical structure and better telephoto image quality, making the distance within reach. OnePlus 12 also has a 114° flagship ultra-wide angle and supports 3.5cm macro shooting, which greatly enhances the richness of shooting.

Not only does it have the most powerful imaging hardware, OnePlus 12 is also equipped with a “new generation of ultra-light and shadow image engine”. Through three major algorithms: ultra-clear image quality algorithm, ultra-light and shadow image algorithm, and natural color algorithm, it uses the industry-leading multi-frame Raw domain Processing, industry-exclusive photon matrix technology and the industry’s strongest 13-channel multispectral sensor color collection bring users image performance with clear details, natural light and shadow, and vivid colors; combined with the industry-exclusive ProXDR photon matrix display technology, it fully restores HDR The dynamic range and light and dark details of photo materials have a more vivid and outstanding look and feel.

At the same time, OnePlus 12 deepens its cooperation with the legendary imaging brand Hasselblad, bringing new professional Hasselblad Portrait Mode, Hasselblad Natural Color and Hasselblad Professional Mode to achieve film quality closer to that of a SLR camera and create more vibrant portraits , the colors are restored to nature, the relationship between light and shadow is accurate, and it has a more sense of space and atmosphere, allowing you to take a photo casually and get the Hasselblad flavor.

The world’s most powerful 2K Oriental Screen, the Mount Everest of screens

OnePlus and BOE spent two years, invested hundreds of millions of R&D resources, gathered the industry’s top experts, and forged an unprecedented path on the screen to create the most powerful 2K Oriental screen on the OnePlus 12. OnePlus 12 Oriental Screen is the only mobile phone screen that achieves top-notch display, eye protection, and smoothness at the same time. It is the first domestic 2K screen to obtain DisplayMate A+ certification. It launches revolutionary medical-grade Bright Eyes eye protection technology and ranks first in the industry. With a peak brightness of 4500nit, it can be said that the OnePlus 12 Oriental Screen has climbed to the Mount Everest of screens.

In order to bring better display effects, OnePlus 12 is equipped with a self-developed image quality engine, combined with OPPO’s first-generation display chip Display P1 and high-precision pixel-level calibration algorithm, to achieve the industry’s first single-pixel independent calibration and achieve an epoch-making 9.12 million pixel-level calibrations. OnePlus 12 Oriental Screen became the first domestically produced 2K screen to obtain DisplayMate A+ certification, and revolutionaryly broke 18 DisplayMate A+ records, making it the candy bar phone that has broken the most DisplayMate A+ records.

  OnePlus 12 launches the world’s first X1 luminescent material, combined with the exclusive “multi-channel load reduction technology” and “high-precision gray-scale matrix algorithm”, the peak brightness of the screen reaches 4500nit, which is currently the highest peak brightness in the industry. Because of the high luminous efficiency of the screen, power consumption is reduced by 13% at the same brightness. With the optimization of circuit design and manufacturing process, the screen life of OnePlus 12 is more than 2 times the industry average. At the same time, OnePlus 12 Based on the new 8T circuit characteristics and exclusive self-developed LTPO technology,Supports custom global high brush, all APPs can be set to up to 120Hz, making the operation smoother and smoother.

In order to allow users to enjoy the ultimate screen experience with more peace of mind, OnePlus teamed up with BOE, Zhejiang University, and the National Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center to jointly create a medical-grade all-round eye protection solution – “Bright Eyes Eye Protection”, which was developed by OnePlus 12 is launched for the first time. OnePlus 12’s “Bright Eyes” technology provides targeted medical-grade and human factors research solutions through medical-grade root cause identification, through customized eye protection hardware and self-developed eye protection algorithms written into the underlying layer, such as Hardware-level low blue light, high-frequency PWM dimming, 3Pulse+1Pulse DC-like dimming, ultra-precision ambient light adaptation and other technologies have greatly reduced the damage to the eyes caused by stroboscopic, harmful blue light, dark light/strong light environments, and achieved The industry has surpassed all eye protection solutions. For the first time, OnePlus 12 has achieved medical-grade eye protection on a mobile phone screen, and has obtained Rheinland’s highest level of smart eye protection 3.0 certification and authoritative certification from the National Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center.

OnePlus 12 is also equipped with an under-screen ultra-thin fingerprint unlocking module, which enables faster unlocking and a more comfortable experience. The rain touch technology that has been highly praised by users has also been upgraded again to ensure the touch experience with wet hands.

Top hardware + top tuning + top cooling, explore the limits of Android performance

Performance has always been the foundation of OnePlus. OnePlus’ performance concept is: top hardware + top tuning + top heat dissipation. OnePlus 12 is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform + LPDDR5X + UFS 4.0, the most powerful flagship hardware combination. It also has three self-researched products: “Microarchitecture Supercomputing Engine”, “Memory Gene Recombination 2.0” and “Renewal Storage Technology” The top performance tuning brought by black technology, combined with the heat dissipation capability of the “Aerospace Grade Tiangong Cooling System Pro”, once again explores the performance limits of Android.

OnePlus 12 is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which improves performance by 30% and reduces power consumption by 20% compared with the previous generation, achieving breakthroughs in both performance and energy consumption. As the industry leader in large memory configurations, the OnePlus 12 series starts with 12GB and offers up to 24GB+1TB dual luxury combinations. It is one of the few Snapdragon 8Gen3 models that supports 24GB large memory at this stage, allowing users to completely get rid of storage anxiety.

In addition to the industry’s top hardware, OnePlus 12 is also equipped with three self-developed black technologies: “Microarchitecture Supercomputing Engine”, “Memory Gene Recombination 2.0”, and “Renewal Storage Technology” to fully tap the performance potential of the processor, memory and flash memory . The “micro-architecture supercomputing engine” goes deep into the bottom layer of the processor and achieves a balance between high performance and low power consumption by modifying the processor scheduling strategy. The performance of the same platform and the same scenario is improved by 9.4%, and the power consumption is lower. “Memory Gene Recombination 2.0” uses technologies such as “Instantaneous Bandwidth 64K Dynamic Large Pages” to reconstruct the bottom layer of Android memory, transforming commonly used applications from slow cold start to fast hot start, increasing the average opening speed by more than 3 times, and keeping the background alive. The capability has been increased from a few hours to more than 3 days, completely changing the way of opening and using mobile applications. “Renewal storage technology” comprehensively improves flash memory performance through multiple core technologies such as storage acceleration, storage compression, and file deduplication, greatly improving the smoothness of long-term use of the phone, and ensuring that it can be used for 4 years without lag.

Ultimate heat dissipation is the basis for ensuring full release of performance. OnePlus 12 is equipped with the self-developed “aerospace-grade Tiangong cooling system Pro”. Based on the previous generation Tiangong cooling system, it has greatly optimized the design of VC and the internal heat dissipation structure of the fuselage. It has the global The first aerospace-grade space structure, using the industry’s most advanced aerospace-grade new generation superconducting thermal material, equipped with 9140mm² 10,000-grade single VC, and adding a new generation superconducting thermal graphite on the front. The total heat dissipation area of ​​the whole machine is as high as 38547mm², from heat dissipation to Area, heat dissipation materials, and spatial structure are used in three dimensions to ensure continuous output of peak performance.

Four major gaming black technologies, breakthroughs in frame rate, image quality, network, and touch

Starting from the underlying technology of the game, OnePlus teamed up with game engines, game manufacturers, and chip manufacturers to conduct “four-party in-depth tuning” of the game, which greatly improved the basic game experience. OnePlus 12 is also equipped with four self-developed black gaming technologies: “HyperBoost Game Frame Stabilization Engine”, “Hyper Frame Super Picture Engine”, “Game Cloud Computing Private Network” and “Lingxi Touch”, allowing gamers to enjoy super stable gaming Frame rate, ultra-high image quality, ultra-optimal network and ultimate touch control.

OnePlus 12 is equipped with a new self-developed HyperBoost game frame stabilization engine, which uses GPA extreme frame stabilization and graphics heterogeneous algorithms to optimize resource allocation, improve graphics rendering efficiency, and ensure high image quality while reducing the number of frame drops. OnePlus 12’s two-hour high load test achieved 59.9 frames in “Genshin Impact” and 119.9 frames in “Honor of Kings”, easily achieving almost full frames throughout the process.

OnePlus 12 is equipped with a new generation of super frame super picture engine, bringing users full 2K, full 120 frames and a new generation of game HDR image quality. OnePlus 12 uses the super-resolution algorithm to increase the real-time resolution of the game to the current screen resolution, thereby achieving a global ultra-high resolution of 2K for the game; through the screen frame interpolation algorithm and non-inductive frame interpolation technology, it brings a comprehensive 120-frame resolution Smooth picture; through a new generation of game HDR picture quality, it improves the picture quality performance of game colors and light and dark details, bringing users a more realistic, more immersive and more atmospheric gaming experience.

OnePlus 12 is equipped with game cloud computing private network technology to continuously monitor and optimize the game network. When the network delay is detected to be greater than 110ms, the optimal solution is selected from the two acceleration solutions of “dual-channel acceleration” and “QoS acceleration” to provide network acceleration to ensure the player’s gaming experience.

OnePlus 12’s newly upgraded Lingxi Touch “Hot Zone Touch” subdivides the game screen into multiple areas. Each area is equipped with a dedicated touch algorithm to further improve the touch sensitivity of the game and perfectly match the screen response with the player’s operation. .

In addition, OnePlus 12 has also specially optimized two popular games, “Genshin Impact” and “Honor of Kings”, to provide users with a faster loading experience and a smoother team battle experience. With its excellent gaming performance, OnePlus 12 has become a mobile phone certified by the Peace Elite Competition Laboratory.

The strongest motor, super signal, top-notch battery life, and an overall transcendent experience

OnePlus 12 launches the world’s first bionic vibration motor Turbo, jointly developed with AAC Technology. This bionic vibration motor Turbo uses the industry’s most advanced rare earth magnetic material N54 SH magnet, and cooperates with the industry’s latest fifth-generation magnetic circuit technology CSA+, which is the world’s first launch, in terms of vibration volume, bandwidth, response speed, vibration richness and other dimensions. Comprehensively surpassing the iPhone, it brings consumers a vital, intuitive, and non-intrusive vibration experience, and the motor experience leads the industry for another year.

In terms of communication networks, OnePlus 12 debuts the Super Signal Project, which brings consumers the best mobile cellular performance, Wi-Fi performance, near field communication performance and weak network gaming performance. The Super Signal Project is jointly built by OnePlus and three major network operators. It has 8 cloud computing centers around the world, equipped with 100,000+ servers, and invests hundreds of millions every year. It has many leading technologies such as active enhanced Super Wi-Fi and LinkBoost 4.0. , continue to bring users a fast and stable network experience.

In terms of battery life, OnePlus 12 has the best battery life combination of 5400mAh large battery + 100W super flash charging + 50W wireless flash charging. It can charge the battery from 1% to 100% in 26 minutes. The measured DOU reaches 1.79 days, which is perfect for daily use. Eliminate stress and say goodbye to battery life anxiety. Charging must be fast, safe, and not damage the battery. In order to improve the charging experience, OnePlus 12 is equipped with OPPO’s first power management chip and multiple self-developed algorithms, which can not only flash charge when the battery is low, but also enable temperature control and long-term charging protection when abnormal temperature is detected. In addition, OnePlus 12 is also equipped with intelligent battery health algorithm and bionic repair electrolyte technology to reduce battery capacity loss. After 4 years of use, the effective battery capacity is still greater than 80%.

In addition, OnePlus 12 also has all the dual speakers, multi-function NFC, full-function infrared remote control, etc. that users care about.

OnePlus 12 is the product of OnePlus’ ten-year transcendence. It embodies OnePlus’ exploration, growth and persistence in flagships over the past ten years. It adheres to the concept of “product power first” and has product power that surpasses all Snapdragon 8 Gen3 Pro version flagships. Maximize the experience of all users in high-frequency usage scenarios, truly realizing “one unit, all”.

OnePlus 12 will officially go on sale at 10:00 on December 11, and pre-sales will start at 16:30 on December 5 on OPPO Mall,, Tmall, Pinduoduo, Douyin and other platforms. The first batch of purchasers can enjoy Participate in the pre-sale limited edition and receive free OPPO Enco Air2i true wireless headphones, interest-free installments for a limited time, 50% off screen breakage protection for two years, trade-in and other rich services.

The specific selling price is as follows:

OnePlus 12 12GB + 256GB version, priced at 4,299 yuan;

OnePlus 12 16GB + 512GB version, priced at 4,799 yuan;

OnePlus 12 16GB + 1TB version, priced at 5,299 yuan;

OnePlus 12 24GB + 1TB version, priced at 5,799 yuan;

OnePlus Light Backpack and OnePlus 12 all-inclusive protective case series will be officially launched at 16:00 on December 5. The retail price of OnePlus Light Backpack is 299 yuan, with a limited time discount price of 249 yuan; OnePlus 12 Walnut Textured all-inclusive protective case, the retail price is 149 yuan, the additional purchase price of the mobile phone is 119 yuan; OnePlus 12 aramid fiber all-inclusive protective case, retail price is 199 yuan, the additional purchase price of the mobile phone is 169 yuan; OnePlus 12 sandstone texture all-inclusive protective case , the retail price is 99 yuan, and the additional purchase price of the mobile phone is 69 yuan. OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Flash Charger A1 will be available for pre-sale at 16:00 on December 5, and will be officially launched at 10:00 on December 11. The retail price is 299 yuan, and the additional purchase price of the mobile phone is 199 yuan.

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