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Getting started with Meizu 21: balanced performance and outstanding interactive experience-IT Wave-Northern Network

Getting started with Meizu 21: balanced performance and outstanding interactive experience-IT Wave-Northern Network

Not long ago, the Meizu 21 series was officially released, and it has been two and a half years since Meizu returned to the mobile phone track. As one of the first domestic mobile phone manufacturers to enter the smartphone market, in an era when Android phones did not keep up with the trend and replaced them every year, they would suffer from serious lag problems. Meizu relied on the Flyme system to be pure, smooth and consistent. User habits and other characteristics have won praise for its minimalist concept.

Nowadays, with the official launch of the third generation Snapdragon 8 to the market and the arrival of the era of Internet of Everything and Generative Artificial Intelligence (AIGC), it is crucial for the mobile phone industry to seize the right time. After the launch of the annual new flagship Meizu 21 series mobile phones, at least in the eyes of the outside world, Meizu, which has both the genes of a car company and the ability to integrate software and hardware ecology, is still a force that cannot be underestimated in the industry.

Then inherit the classic “unbounded” design of the Meizu 20 series, introduce a new generation of performance iron triangle, and integrate the 1.74mm ultra-narrow physical equilateral, unbounded antenna system 2.0, mEngine Ultra flagship X-axis linear motor, and Flyme AI large model smart engine What are the features and highlights of Meizu 21, which is designed and configured in one?

At present, Digital Lab has been using Meizu 21 for some time. Today let us talk to you about Meizu’s annual digital flagship series.

The first is the design aspect. What we got is the unbounded black color scheme of Meizu 21, which adopts a straight screen + right-angled frame design. Although there is nothing to describe in detail about this appearance, by using this classic appearance with a straight-screen design, at least Meizu will not “step on the wrong side” in terms of aesthetics.

What attracts attention this time is that Meizu 21 is equipped with an ultra-narrow bezel of only 1.74mm. This “ultra-narrow bezel concept” has been one of the biggest selling points of Meizu’s flagship series since the Meizu MX series. The realization of ultra-narrow quadrilateral on Meizu 21 not only puts Meizu 21 on the throne of the “world’s narrowest quadrilateral Samsung flagship direct screen” mobile phone, but also makes the visual effect of the screen better than that of competitors. .

Let’s briefly talk about the screen. The 6.55-inch screen equipped on Meizu 21 supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 1500Hz instant sampling rate, 1800nit peak brightness, and 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming, as well as SGS low blue light eye protection certification. Basically Nowadays, it has everything that a high-end flagship should have.

In terms of usage experience, the screen resolution is very good, and with the 120Hz adaptive high refresh rate, it is a good choice whether you are browsing Weibo or watching videos. Therefore, in terms of overall screen quality and display effect, it can be remembered that the screen of Meizu 21 is better than that of the previous generation Meizu 20 series, and it is also among the best in the industry in terms of individual parameters.

Therefore, from the perspective of the industry, there is a saying that the screen and frame of Meizu 21 are the biggest upgrade this time.

In addition, in the Meizu 21 Unbounded Black version, the aluminum alloy middle frame is matte-finished, and the back panel is made of soft sand star flash glass. The advantage of this material is that it is not easily stained by fingerprints and is relatively wear-resistant. Therefore, the overall Meizu 21 is more focused on business simplicity, but this does not mean that this phone is only suitable for boys. Girls can also choose purple and cyan, and the appearance is very online.

So when it comes to upgrades, let’s talk about the performance and configuration of Meizu 21. After catching up with the release of the first batch of third-generation Snapdragon 8, Meizu 21 also equipped it with a performance combination of LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0. Although this is not an absolute leader, from software storage to system operation, it cooperates with Flyme 10.5 for mobile phones. It is not difficult for Meizu 21 to achieve all-round optimization and achieve the standard of silky smoothness.

Based on this aspect, we still use some data to express it more intuitively. In the performance test, when fully charged and in normal mode, the Meizu 21 scored 1.98 million points in the AnTuTu test, of which the CPU scored 436,327 points and the GPU scored 814,622 points. In terms of storage performance, Meizu 21 has a sequential read speed of 4027.7MB/s, a sequential write speed of 3793.7MB/s, a random read speed of 1628.0MB/s, and a random write speed of 832.0MB/s.

Therefore, when performance is guaranteed and performance is almost the same, whether the configuration can be unique has become the focus of competition among various mobile phone manufacturers. In this regard, the mEngine Ultra flagship X-axis linear motor used by Meizu 21 is the aspect that the outside world and users are most concerned about this time.

From the actual use experience, mEngine Ultra has a very strong experience and the vibrations are crisp and clear. What needs to be mentioned in particular is that Meizu has also added a vibration intensity level adjustment function to the system vibration feedback this time, and supports 500+ vibration experiences, covering almost all aspects of daily mobile phone use and gaming experience.

In addition, the Meizu 21’s rear camera module is equipped with the Aicy smart ring function, which can be said to be Meizu’s attempt to achieve a natural interactive experience based on how mobile phones can interact with people. The Aicy smart ring not only has the function of a flash, but also a “window” that can feedback dynamics at any time.

Objectively speaking, in the early days of use, we really didn’t understand the usefulness of such a design. After all, from a specific functional level, it only uses the flash of light to feedback notifications, incoming calls, charging reminders and game scenes on the phone, and it can be distinguished by setting the color of the light reminder.

But if you are at night or indoors and under dim lights, and your phone happens to be muted, then the role of the Aicy smart ring will be highlighted at this time. With the notification light effect function, you can place the phone screen facing the desktop. , don’t miss any key notification.

At the same time, when the phone screen is placed facing the table for charging, the Aicy smart ring can also set a green charging reminder to display the specific battery status of the phone. If the phone happens to be in a dark indoor scene at this time, this item alone will The function allows you to quickly lock the position of your phone with your eyes.

From this, it can be said that starting from the mBack small ring, Meizu has never stopped exploring the field of mobile phone interaction. From a functional point of view, the Aicy smart ring interactive experience is indeed greater than practicality, at least it will put you at critical moments and special occasions. At the same time, you will not be at a loss, and at the same time, the recognition of Meizu 21 will be instantly improved. It is this focus on user interaction experience that seems to be the reason why Meizu mobile phones have always been well received by its users and the mass consumer market.

Finally, let’s talk about moving images. The rear imaging module of Meizu 21 has also been significantly upgraded this time. Among them, the main camera is equipped with Samsung’s latest 200-megapixel flagship outsole sensor, which supports 4-in-1 pixels to output 50-megapixel photos, and can also output 200-megapixel ultra-high-definition photos.

However, Meizu 21 is not equipped with a physical telephoto, but it supports 4x lossless zoom and 5 focal lengths. This may make it a little difficult to take long-range macro shots, but with the blessing of 200 million pixels, it can be compensated for by cropping the picture. This can be seen from the following sample.

  15mm focal length sample



  22mm focal length sample



  22mm focal length 200 million pixel sample



  Proof after cropping to 4:6 ratio





  Sample after custom proportion cropping

It can be seen that the advantage of 200 million pixels high resolution is very clearly reflected on Meizu 21. When using the 200-megapixel mode, in addition to the stable performance and performance of the main photo sample, the color and picture presentation of the picture are also very good. And after further cropping, it can be seen that the user still has room to create secondary images, which should also be recognized.

In addition, in terms of imaging functions, Meizu 21 also has everything that a high-end flagship should have. Not only does it support basic functions such as watermark setting, document correction, and time-lapse photography, but Meizu 21 also supports video shooting at 8k resolution and 30FPS, fully meeting the daily needs of ordinary users.

The above is what Digital Lab talked about some of the user experience and intuitive feelings about Meizu 21. In terms of performance experience alone, Meizu does not seem to be in a hurry to upgrade its mobile phone products. It is more like striving for steady progress and further improvement. In terms of differentiated style, the introduction of Aicy smart ring gives Meizu 21 a high degree of recognition. There is no doubt about this.

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to classify Meizu 21 as a positioning style with a more balanced hardware quality and experience. Next, in areas such as AI large models, automotive ecological interaction, and AR glasses, we can see that Meizu still has broad room for development. Moreover, it can be seen from this Meizu 21 press conference that Meizu has been on the road to making efforts in software and system ecology and has never been left behind.

Facing the future, under the premise that mobile phones are still the best and best entrance to mobile terminals, Meizu 21’s approach of adapting to ever-changing changes, focusing on inheritance and completely focusing on user experience can also be seen as Meizu’s success in the future. A strategy to cope with the mobile phone industry entering the era of Internet of Everything and AIGC.

Therefore, Meizu 21 may not be a comprehensive “far ahead” high-end flagship phone, but it can definitely be called an excellent flagship phone product.

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