One-stop comprehensive service platform for knitting industry–Yingyun Knitting Textile

One-stop comprehensive service platform for knitting industry–Yingyun Knitting Textile

Yingyun Knitting & Spinning is an online platform applet independently developed by Yiwu Yingyun Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates the functions of supply chain product supply, technical talent sharing, industry talent training, and industry information sharing. It is a one-stop knitting industry A comprehensive service platform, aiming to promote the transformation of the traditional knitting industry to the direction of digital intelligence.

The supply chain mall mainly provides supporting products and professional services required by the industrial chain of the knitting industry, including yarn raw materials, raw and auxiliary materials, seamless knitting machines, circular knitting machines, hosiery machines, flat knitting machines, warp knitting machines and other professional knitting equipment, and equipment required for supporting Spare parts and equipment, post-sewing, dyeing and finishing equipment, etc., the products cover the needs of the entire production process of the knitting industry. At present, the online mall has launched 3200+ single products and served 2500+ users, which has been widely praised by the industry. Yingyun Knitting and Spinning is also equipped with online financial services to solve the urgent needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Yingyun Knitting & Spinning not only provides convenient procurement channels for users in the knitting industry through the online mall, but also gathers a large number of professional and technical talents in the industry, innovatively adopts the online sharing mode of technical talents, and solves the problem of equipment technical maintenance with one click. Users only need to submit service requirements online, and the platform will automatically match technicians according to the location of the service order and the scope of technical problems, and provide door-to-door service, which effectively improves maintenance efficiency and reduces the labor cost of enterprises. Enterprises no longer need to reserve a large number of high-paying technical personnel master. At the same time, technical talents in the industry can also effectively use their spare time to increase revenue through the online platform, killing two birds with one stone.

In addition to the above two functions, Yingyun Knitting and Spinning is also the cradle of talent training in the knitting industry. Yingyun Technology has gathered industry professional technical training lecturers, and at the same time united with relevant professional universities and industry leaders to establish “Yingyun College”, which is dedicated to cultivating talent skills, seamless proofing designers and other just-needed talents in the knitting industry. Through the online + offline dual-line course mode, the small-class courses closely focus on the needs of the knitting industry and output high-quality talents. At the same time, you can directly connect with the factory, and you will be employed upon graduation.

The “Inspiration” channel of Yingyun Knitting and Spinning is an online community free communication platform for joint design and R&D under construction by Yingyun Science and Technology Innovation and Application Center. Designer users can attract the attention of platform users by publishing various design works or design ideas, and finally convert them into Order. Factory users can publish design requirements with one click, and the platform will automatically match designers to complete the docking. In addition, Yingyun Technology Innovation and Application Center is building a shared workspace for offline designers, equipped with platform industry resources and services, a team composed of experienced knitting designers, senior engineers and technical experts, customer-centric, quality Putting top priority and attention to detail ensures the end product meets your specifications. Whether you’re an established fashion label or a new designer just starting out, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed, so rent our designer co-working space.

At the same time, Yingyun Textile has also been actively building an industry information platform to connect with major industry-related information websites at home and abroad, automatically obtain the latest information and release it on Yingyun Textile after selection. Let the majority of users quickly understand industry information and grasp industry trends while purchasing.

Links create value and empower industrial development. Through the construction of industrial platforms, Yingyun Technology will continue to provide high-value services for the knitting industry.

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