Travel in spring, choose to find spring with Yadea


The weather is getting warmer, and the desire to ride a bicycle between the clouds and the sea of ​​flowers is already ready to move. At this time, if you happen to own a Yadea electric car with both appearance and performance, you will naturally leave as soon as you say it.

For a pleasant short trip that is not defined, the most important thing is to choose a suitable means of transportation. And Yadea can be the “guest” of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, which naturally has its “excellence”. Today’s users are no longer satisfied with using electric vehicles as a simple travel tool. What they need is a green travel lifestyle with both control experience and driving pleasure. needs.

On the track of electric two-wheeled vehicles, battery life, power performance, and intelligent experience are the main considerations for consumers, and batteries and motors are the core components. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for market competitors. Over the years, Yadea has continuously promoted the construction of intelligence and technology, and strives to use smart technology to create a new two-wheeled electric travel in the future. Among them, the YADEA OS smart center, which is the world’s first launch of Yadea, has opened a new era of technological travel for two-wheeled electric vehicles, and can realize many world-leading smart technologies such as smart car control, smart travel APP, smart sleep, and automatic headlights.

Picture description: Yadea Electric Vehicle New Year National Color Series

To match with spring, it is natural to consider the value of appearance. Yadea, who is well versed in the fashion trend of electric vehicles, has been making breakthroughs and innovations in design, striving to apply the most fashionable and cutting-edge fashion aesthetic concepts to products, hoping to capture the hearts of various users. For example, the Yadea GN Q7 and the Yadea DS6L Light Edition are two long-endurance models with both appearance and strength. Among them, the DS6L light version with unique trendy aesthetics can catch the attention of young people at once; the Yadi Guanneng Q7 with its retro appearance has gained a large number of “fans” with its unique style.

Over the past 25 years, Yadea has always adhered to the brand mission of “enabling hundreds of millions of people to enjoy beautiful travel”, and accompanied and witnessed every important moment of global users with its accumulated strength and cutting-edge technological strength. And through continuous product upgrades and innovations, Yadea electric vehicles have built a bridge for dialogue with young people. No matter in terms of appearance or performance, it can lead the development of the industry with its technological strength, and thus has won the favor of many consumers.



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