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“Ode to Joy 5” welcomes the Spring Festival with a “spicy” return. Watch the war song on the 22nd floor on March 16

“Ode to Joy 5” welcomes the Spring Festival with a “spicy” return. Watch the war song on the 22nd floor on March 16

Will there be another disturbance on the 22nd floor? The rare calm is about to be broken! Produced by Noon Sun, written by Anai, directed by Jian Chuan?, Hou Hongliang serves as chief producer, and Fang Hui serves as producer, “Ode to Joy 5” today released the “5-line spectrum” version of the group portrait poster and finalized trailer, announcing It will be officially launched on CCTV-8 on March 16 and premiered on Tencent Video and iQiyi.

On the 22nd floor, the “former roommate” He Minhong returned in a “blackened” way, and the verbal battle between the beauties set off a war-torn tone. The unresolved hidden worries of the previous season’s story broke out one by one, and the new characters also added more unknown changes to this season. This time “Ode to Joy 5” will bring you a unique ending chapter of this journey with a more intense emotional concentration.

  Lighting up the life spectrum, the high-energy trailer of “Ode to Joy 5” is full of anger

If life were projected on a staff, would our life be a soothing and healing piece of music or a passionate and gorgeous movement? What the 22nd Floor has experienced along the way is undoubtedly the latter. The unavoidable family burden, the intrigues in the workplace, and the unpredictable emotional changes… The notes of life cannot be written in advance, but you can light a candle for yourself to move forward bravely. Green light.

In the “5-line spectrum” version of the poster released this time, in addition to the ingenious metaphors in the composition elements, the positions of the characters are also quite “chewy”: Ye Zhenzhen (played by Jiang Shuying) David (played by Dou Xiao) ) can it be sweet to the end? What will be the conflict between Fang Zhiheng (played by Yang Caiyu) and Li Qixing (played by Wang Anyu) this season; will Zhu Xi (played by Zhang Jianing) maintain the “100 episodes of lonely and widowed” grand slam? Did He Minhong (played by Zhang Huiwen) finally stay away from Qi Mu (played by Jing Chao)? Is the newcomer Liu Su (played by Zhang Haowei) beside Yu Chuhui (played by Li Haofei) a passerby or a good match?

The ingenuity of the poster is just an “appetizer”, but the amount of information in the scheduled trailer is what makes people call it “exciting”. “You invade my privacy at will and watch my pain. Don’t think I’m easy to bully.” Ho Min-hung, who returns to the 22nd floor, attacks everyone equally. It is foreseeable that this season will usher in a high-energy plot that will explode at the beginning. Not only that, the escalation of David’s family conflicts, Fang Zhiheng’s father’s refusal to take on the responsibility of raising his little sister, and Zhu Xi’s falling out with his boss have made “Ode to Joy 5” more interesting.

  The finale of the 100-episode episodic drama on the 22nd floor will begin a new chapter in life with Wu Mei.

Don’t sell it! Leave no foreshadowing! It can be seen from the trailer that many dilemmas and puzzles left at the end of “Ode to Joy 4” will come to an end in “Ode to Joy 5”.

Will Ye Zhenzhen stop this relationship in time because of David’s intensifying family problems? Can Fang Zhiheng, who is on the rise in his career, take care of his younger sister? Will Zhu’s “career marathon” and “family tug-of-war” have a successful ending? Can He Minhong, who continues to be crazy, come to his senses after recognizing Qi Mu’s true nature? Can Yu Chuhui, who has completely separated from his father, usher in a double harvest of career and love?

After experiencing the shared community life on the 22nd floor and the stories that happened along the way, some of the five beauties have strengthened their principles of life, some have reconciled with the past and embarked on a new life journey, and some have completed a complete overhaul of their life attitudes and values. shattered and rebuilt. Audiences who have grown up with Wumei will not miss the finale of this “Hundred-Episode Situational Growth Drama on the 22nd Floor”.

The large-scale urban-themed TV series “Ode to Joy 5” will be broadcast on CCTV-8 at 21:30 from March 16, and will premiere on Tencent Video and iQiyi.

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