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New Quality Productivity Sees the Launch of Meilan’s Large-scale Integrated Media Interview Event

New Quality Productivity Sees the Launch of Meilan’s Large-scale Integrated Media Interview Event

From March 20th to 23rd, a large-scale integrated media interview event about new quality productivity in Meilan was held at the Taixing and Jiujiang branches of Meilan Group. Media interviewers from People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, CCTV Net, Guangming Net, Global Net, and China Net, as well as Yang Mingsen, chief expert of the China Environmental Protection Federation, Song Qinghui, a famous economist, President of Beijing Vituo Times Architectural Design Co., Ltd., and famous architects Design expert Lei Lei and Internet celebrity Duan Xingyi visited Meilan Group together to learn about Meilan Group’s reform and transformation, innovative development, collaboration between the two places, and the exploration and practice of focusing on new quality productivity.

Meilan Group, founded in 1958, is a national high-tech enterprise, a key cultivation enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and one of China’s top 500 petroleum and chemical companies. For a long time, Meilan Group has focused on organic fluorine and organic silicon, which are encouraged by the state, as its industrial development direction. , forming an industrial structure chain with fluorosilicone chemical industry as the leader and salt chemical industry and hydrogen chemical industry as the basis. Meilan’s unique products are complementary to each other, the market self-regulates, and the scale develops in a coordinated manner, which greatly enhances the company’s market competitiveness and self-development. Development capabilities.

In recent years, Meilan Group has responded to national strategic development and provincial and municipal high-quality development requirements. On the basis of completing the overall relocation of the old factory area with quality and quantity guaranteed, Meilan Group has put into production and construction in Taixing and Jiujiang focusing on new chemical materials, basic chemicals and other industries. With “new quality productivity” as its core, the new Xinmeilan is striding forward on the road of the new era.

During the three-day interview trip, the media and experts conducted interviews and surveys at the old factory area of ​​Meilan Group, Taixing Meilan New Materials Co., Ltd., and Jiujiang Jiuhong New Materials Co., Ltd. Media experts praised Meilan Group’s five advanced central control systems. Taixing and Jiujiang factories each have a central control room. The five major systems are concentrated in one control room to protect safe production and can be completed in one control room. Production control and management of the entire factory. Meilan Group’s development exhibition hall, fluorine-containing new material product installations, third-generation new refrigerant installations, ion membrane caustic soda installations, and methane chloride installations in both places have left a deep impression on media experts. Impression, everyone is full of praise for the application of Meilan Group’s chemical technology products. Internet celebrity Duan Xingyi said that new materials, as a strategic emerging industry focused on the development of the country, have the characteristics of high technical content and broad market prospects. As one of the companies affiliated with Jiangsu Taizhou Meilan Group, Taixing Meilan New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of high-performance new materials. Its products are widely used in electronics, aviation, medical and other fields. With the advancement of science and technology and the optimization of industrial structure, the new materials industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, providing investors and entrepreneurs with huge business opportunities.

Zhou Yubin, general manager of Meilan Group, said that Taixing Meilan New Materials Co., Ltd., as the main undertaker of the transformation and upgrading of Jiangsu Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd., has high starting point planning, high-level construction, and production control to implement a high degree of integration of industrialization and informatization. Production Timely transmission, synchronous feedback, and synchronous processing of management information have played a demonstration role in the domestic fluorine chemical industry and Taixing Economic Development Zone.

During the interview, eye-catching slogans such as “green development” and “safe development” can be seen everywhere in the factories in the two places. “Meilan Group firmly establishes the concepts of green development, circular development, and low-carbon development, is committed to building a green factory, and integrates the concepts of lean production, cost reduction, and green development into production and operations.” said Zhou Yubin, general manager of Meilan Group. . Song Qinghui, a well-known economist, told interviewers during the survey: “Meilan Group’s systematic layout in the fields of production development, technological innovation, green environmental protection, new material application, party building leadership, etc. is in line with the logic of high-quality development, and it is also the practice of chemical companies A new model for new quality productivity”.

At the symposium, Yin Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Meilan Group, said that the old factory area has been relocated to the new factory area for production. Today, with the transformation and iteration of inheriting the past and linking up with the future, Meilan’s development cannot be separated from the corporate vision of “Meilan Centennial” and “people-oriented” core values. Taking safety and environmental protection as our own responsibility and social responsibility as our foundation, we will continue to innovate and improve, and continue to create and develop. In the context of the new era and new pattern, we will accelerate transformation and upgrading, accelerate innovative development, and build a century-old Meilan and a tens of billions of Meilan as soon as possible.

Yin Ming said that this time the central media visited Meilan, hoping to let friends from all walks of life understand Meilan Group and understand Meilan people more intuitively. It is hoped that with the help of central media, the story of Meilan will be told to the whole society, the scientific knowledge of chemical industry will be popularized, the style of Meilan will be shown, and the high-quality development of chemical enterprises will be promoted.

“The Jiangsu Meilan Chemical Group we have inspected in the past few days is very typical.” Yang Mingsen, chief expert of the China Environmental Protection Federation, said at the symposium that Meilan took the relocation as an opportunity to reshape its positioning and focus on basic chemical raw materials and high-end chemical products. New fluorine chemical materials have gradually faded out of the general mid-range market, highlighting their individuality and advantages.

Based on actual conditions such as resource endowment and market distribution, factories were built in chemical industry parks in Taixing and Jiujiang, Jiangxi, respectively, with a wide-open spatial pattern. It should be said that Meilan’s experience also shows that the state’s decision to promote chemical companies to enter the parks is correct and successful. .

“In the future, Meilan Group will insist on two production bases. Jiuhong will focus on chlor-alkali thermoelectric cost advantageous raw materials. After becoming bigger and stronger, it will clearly develop the fourth-generation refrigerant. Meixin will use 120,000 tons of R22 in conjunction with the third-generation refrigerant R134. R152, R32, featured second and third generation fluorine refrigerants are the profit center, insist on stabilizing the position in the rubber industry, steadily improve the quality of 10,000 tons of suspension, maintain the current position, develop high-quality new materials encouraged by the country, and focus on new quality productivity. Mei Zhou Yubin, general manager of Lan Group, said.

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