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“Nanyang Daughter’s Love” premiered tonight Xiao Yan and Dai Xiangyu performed Nanyang legends

“Nanyang Daughter’s Love” premiered tonight Xiao Yan and Dai Xiangyu performed Nanyang legends

Produced by Guo Jingyu and Ju Xingmao, Hong Rongdi (Singapore) as storyteller, screenwriter Xiao Jixiangtian, directed by Guo Shimin, producer Wang Yonghui, starring Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu, Yue Lina, Xu Fanxi, Yu Feifan, Cai Zhuoyin , Zhao Jing, Ma Liang, Xie Chengying, Zhang Xiwen starring, Wu Xize, Yan Kexin, Niu Beiren, Gu Jing, Zhu Tie, Zhao Xiaokun, Lu Jiani special starring, the legendary drama “Nanyang Daughter Love” created by Changxin Media will be held Tonight at 19:30, log in to CCTV TV drama channel Golden Strong, and iQiyi will exclusively broadcast it on the entire network. As a connecting work of Changxin Media’s “Southern South Seas Trilogy”, the play has rich story elements, extreme emotions, well-organized group portraits and distinctive personalities. In the great historical era of the construction of Nanyang, all kinds of legendary figures and stories full of suspense.

  Ultimate love, women’s inspirational, rich family’s house fight, fierce business war all in one sweep

The female characters in “Nanyang Daughter Love” are actively and seriously engaged in their careers. Whether it is the “Red Turban” represented by Ouyang Tianqing (played by Xiao Yan), Nan Lan (played by Yue Lina), the head of the Goddess Hotel, or the second young mistress Jin Biyun (played by Xu Lin) who is struggling in the deep house. Fanxi), and the hidden wealthy female teacher Bai Wei (Cai Zhuoyin) are all working tirelessly for their life goals. Such a shining woman also gained a different kind of love in the play. Ouyang Tianqing and Kuang Haisheng (played by Dai Xiangyu) are happy friends who don’t know each other; Nan Lan’s love experience is even more legendary. After her beloved husband disappeared, there were many suitors around her, and some even “hijacked” her to go to sea adventure.

Behind the house fighting story supported by Jin Biyun and Bai Wei in “Nanyang Daughter Love”, there is a past about love and betrayal hidden. One is the second young lady of the Lu family who seems to be disliked by her husband and is not welcomed by her mother-in-law, and the other is the beautiful, mysterious and aggressive female teacher of the Lu family. The business war is also one of the important elements in “Nanyang Daughter’s Love”. It is inextricably linked with the development of “Red Turban” in Xingzhou, and with Nan Lan, the former eldest daughter of the Lu family. Interest is naturally the root of the pursuit of businessmen. , but in “Nanyang Daughter Love”, the sudden change of human nature is a major highlight of the business war.

The superposition of many elements makes the story of “Nanyang Daughter Love” rich, atmospheric and fascinating: the history of Chinese women’s inspirational struggle is epic, their love is romantic and moving, the rise and fall of Chinese families is sighing, and the ups and downs of shopping malls are also thrilling.

  Xiao Yan and Dai Xiangyu interpret the love story of Xingzhou, Yue Lina, Xu Fanxi and Cai Zhuoyin fight across the board

“Nanyang Daughter’s Love” brings together many powerful actors who are widely loved by everyone, which is one of the reasons why the show became popular before it was broadcast. Xiao Yan and Dai Xiangyu, who once played the couple in the first part of the “Southern South Seas Trilogy” “Little Nyonya”, continued their relationship in “Nanyang Daughter Love”. It is reported that in order to interpret Ouyang Tianqing, a character full of vitality, Xiao Yan will design small objects for the characters, and write out blank props and letters in the play, so as to better enter the character’s heart. Nan Lan, played by Yue Lina, is not only the head (owner) of the best hotel in Xingzhou, the Goddess Hotel, but also a daytime lady who is deeply respected and loved by the people of Xingzhou. Yue Lina portrays Nanlan in a clear and distinct way: she has the majesty and sense of responsibility of a woman in the daytime; she has the shrewdness and courage of a hotel head. Jin Biyun, the second youngest mistress of the Lu family, played by Xu Fanxi, is a woman who was born for love and gradually went mad. The ending of her fate is surprising and enlightening. Bai Wei, the Lu family tutor played by Cai Zhuoyin, is also full of story sense. Her origin with the Lu family, her real purpose, and her final choice are all worth looking forward to. The third young master of the Lu family, played by Yu Feifei, is pure and kind, without the slightest fault of a playboy. He Xiaochan, played by Zhao Jing, is good at “marketing” and knows how to help Ouyang Tianqing and herself in a more favorable position.

Compared with general period dramas, “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” is more prominent and respects the restoration and analysis of history. When people understand how the “red turban” works in a harsh environment, they will be in awe; when the “red turban” is injured and dies due to delayed treatment, people will shed tears and understand more about the importance of Chinese women living and starting businesses overseas. not easy. In the play, Ouyang Tianqing will sing a melodious ditty before going to work, summarizing their work and daily life. It is recommended that everyone turn up the volume and listen carefully.

In addition, in “Chinatown” (equivalent to Chinatown) and “Tofu Village” where “red turbans” live, people can also appreciate the human fireworks in Nanyang—the simple and hardworking noodle uncle, guarding his own Small stalls, sooner or later, soothe the hearts of Li; newlywed couples, studying the practice of chicken rice, let everyone taste high-quality and cheap food while getting rich with their own hands; An arbitrary door of culture, time and space, allowing people to immerse themselves in the history of Xingzhou. Starting from 19:30 tonight, “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” will be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi’s entire network on CCTV’s TV drama channel “Golden Prime”. If you want to see the “red turban”‘s strength and softness stir up the situation in Xingzhou, if you want to have a romantic and happy love experience, if you want to feel the coolness of fighting in the deep house, if you want to watch the ups and downs of business wars, “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” will catch you all.

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