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Concentric with the people, in line with the times, and in dialogue with the world, “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” blooms at the Shanghai TV Festival

Concentric with the people, in line with the times, and in dialogue with the world, “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” blooms at the Shanghai TV Festival

On June 19, the 28th Shanghai TV Festival hosted by the State Administration of Radio and Television, China Central Radio and Television, and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government opened.

At this year’s Shanghai TV Festival, topics such as major themes, realism, “One Belt, One Road” and “big audio-visual” were widely discussed in the industry. In many exhibition areas, “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literary and artistic masterpieces made a wonderful appearance, and key projects such as “Shangganling”, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” and “Kunpeng Hit the Waves” were exhibited in a concentrated manner. The value proposition of 110 “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literary and artistic masterpieces bloomed in the Shanghai TV Festival. For the first time, “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” was exhibited independently and unifiedly on an important national and international platform. It released the aggregated benefits of Beijing-made literature and art to the industry with a high position, a large format, and high quality, demonstrating its extensive influence. Brand influence.


Since the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television launched the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literature and art creation mechanism at the beginning of this year, it has always adhered to the unity of profound thinking, exquisite art, and excellent production in terms of thriving literary and artistic creation and promoting literary and artistic innovation, concentrating superior resources, high-quality forces, Excellent talents formed a consistent boutique phalanx, launched a batch of popular boutique masterpieces, and took the lead in launching the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” brand in the country.

Looking at the 2023 “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” key literary and artistic project exhibition, at the form level, it includes TV dramas, online dramas, TV variety shows, online variety shows, online micro-short dramas, webcasts, short videos, etc. All the current forms of literature and art that are popular with the public; At the level of content, it is closely related to the quality of everyone’s literary and artistic life. Each work is intensively cultivated, strives for perfection, and focuses on high-quality products, which can be called a banner of Beijing TV literature and art.

  Major themes, praise the heroes of the era

In terms of major themes, this year’s Shanghai TV Festival will feature the war historical drama “Shangganling” about the Battle of Shangganling in the “Battle of the Soul of the Country”, and the cross-border realistic light comedy “Welcome to Maile Village” which commemorates the 60th anniversary of “Foreign Aid Medical Care”. , major revolutionary historical TV series “Kunpeng Clashing the Waves” and other “Beijing Great Audio-Visual” literary and artistic products are highly anticipated. China’s human right way. But there are breakthroughs in subject content, narrative perspective, and detailed description.

For example, the long and major revolutionary historical TV series “Kunpeng Clashing the Waves” is a key play of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth. It will air in December this year. The TV series “Shangganling” takes the real history as the background, the fate of the characters as the main line, and the war scenes as the support, showing the blood, loyalty and sacrifice of volunteer soldiers.


  Cultural self-confidence, adhere to inheritance and innovation

In recent years, high-quality programs based on China’s excellent traditional cultural resources have emerged continuously. A number of programs have promoted the creative transformation and innovative development of China’s excellent traditional culture through the concept innovation, technological innovation, and discourse innovation of audio-visual arts, and provided new The literary and artistic creation of the times provided vivid and definite answers. Among the works exhibited this time, traditional culture has become a fertile ground for program innovation. For example, the TV series “Water of the Great River” focuses on the history and culture of the Grand Canal; “A Bird’s Eye View of the Silk Road” focuses on the culture of the Silk Road; “History”, “Courtesy of the Forbidden City” and “Debut! Beijing Central Axis” “Sparkle! In the process of selecting, presenting, interpreting, and transforming traditional cultural resources from their own perspectives, programs such as Chinese Civilization 2, and “The Beauty of the Central Axis” build up cultural confidence, absorb innovation momentum, and demonstrate unique Chinese aesthetics.

  “Hundred Flowers Bloom” with diverse audio-visual content

“Beijing Grand Audiovisual” adheres to the “people-centered” creative orientation, leading the creative direction with major themes, constantly strengthening the innovation of artistic forms, and promoting mainstream values ​​in a way that the public loves to see. In addition to the “highlight” attracting attention, online short dramas such as “Dear Passenger, Hello” and “Anti-Fraud Storm”; I love Beijing Tiananmen – live broadcast of the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square” and other webcast programs, “One Belt and One Road – Yungang Grottoes” and other 8K ultra-high-definition original works are constantly innovating, striving to create new ones, embracing new audiences, reflecting that literature and art go hand in hand with the times. The characteristics of people walking together have played a role in leading the social fashion, allowing positive energy to generate a large flow, and the large flow brings strong effects.

Inheriting the flow of generations, it will change today. Excellent literary and artistic works reflect the cultural creativity and artistic level of a country or a nation. “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” debuted at the Shanghai TV Festival, allowing the industry to more intuitively feel the variety of Beijing-made literature and art, concentric with people, in line with the times, and dialogue with the world, which also makes “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” glow with new vitality.

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