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“Nanyang Daughter’s Love” is scheduled for 6.20. The spirit of “red turban” and “crossing the sea” highlights the charm of Chinese women

“Nanyang Daughter’s Love” is scheduled for 6.20. The spirit of “red turban” and “crossing the sea” highlights the charm of Chinese women


Produced by Guo Jingyu and Ju Xingmao, Hong Rongdi (Singapore) as storyteller, screenwriter Xiao Jixiangtian, directed by Guo Shimin, producer Wang Yonghui, starring Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu, Yue Lina, Xu Fanxi, Yu Feifan, Cai Zhuoyin . June 20. As the second part of Changxin Media’s “Nanyang Trilogy”, “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” not only has sincere emotions and touching characters, but also has been upgraded to a group drama-let people appreciate the Sanshui women who traveled across the ocean in the early 20th century The inspirational and legendary stories of Haijian Nanyang.

  Changxin Media Creates Legends of Chinese Women’s Overseas Struggles to Highlight China’s Good Morals

In the modern history of China, there have been three large-scale population migrations, namely “Crossing the Guandong”, “Going to the West Gate” and “Going to Nanyang”. Among the three population migrations, “Xiananyang” (called “Guofan” in Cantonese) is the largest, longest distance, worst environment and most spectacular cross-border migration. The protagonists of “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” – ​​the women who came from Sanshui and wore red turbans, are called “red turbans”. They are a dazzling female force in the tide of going to Nanyang. “Red Turban” has become the most popular construction force in the local area by virtue of its hard-working spirit and solidarity and mutual assistance, and has made great contributions to the construction and development of Nanyang.

According to historical records, the “red turbans” participated in many projects, from military ports, roads, bridges to the People’s Theater built after Singapore’s independence, all of which were covered with their sweat and tears. The “red turban” spirit of daring to sacrifice and perseverance is regarded as the representative of the social value of Singapore today. It has not only been integrated into the mainstream value system of modern Singapore, but also transcends the boundaries of time and space. The good morals and the value of the times of Chinese women.

  “Courage, Kindness, Perseverance, Love, Help” Multi-perspective opening method of female group drama

As a group drama about Chinese women working hard in Nanyang, “Nanyang Daughter Love” has created a series of flesh-and-blood characters with great feelings and appeal. Through the continuous selection of characters, it reflects the bravery, kindness, and enthusiasm of Chinese women. Perseverance, fraternity and mutual assistance.

Ouyang Tianqing (played by Xiao Yan) in the play wanted to build a big house for her father. She moved from her hometown in Sanshui to Xingzhou to work as a “red turban”. From the moment she got off the boat, Tianqing dared to stand up when the little sister was threatened, which established Tianqing’s character and destiny. Complementing each other with Ouyang Tianqing, the representative of the “Red Turban”, is the most mysterious woman in Xingzhou, Nan Lan (played by Yue Lina). “Red turbans” not only have to do the hardest physical work, but also face all kinds of competition. With the unremitting efforts of Ouyang Tianqing, the “Red Turban” and the former “rivals” and “Blue Turban” were settled, and all the Chinese women working in Sin Chew helped each other and loved each other, making a good story.

  Entrepreneurship, business war, house fight, love multi-element weaves a legendary story

The legendary nature intertwined with multiple elements is also a highlight of “Nanyang Daughter’s Love”.

The living environment of the “red turbans” in Xingzhou is very difficult. They move bricks on the construction site, pick fruits in the orchard, and constantly challenge the limits of physical strength; they also need to deal with the relationship with competitors and bosses-their survival, entrepreneurship The story is tortuous and moving. Nan Lan, the former eldest mistress of the Lu family, the head (owner) of the Goddess Hotel, owns many well-known properties in Xingzhou. The Lu family is a wealthy construction giant. The two sides come and go in the mall, and the business war story of intrigue , together become the epitome of Sin Chew’s development. The story of the Lu family’s house struggle in the play is also a masterpiece: Jin Biyun (played by Xu Fanxi), the second youngest mistress of the Lu family, is virtuous, forbearing, and weak as her protective colors. In fact, under the torment of painful emotions, she has already split herself. Splitting life; why did the tutor Bai Wei (Cai Zhuoyin), whose life experience is a mystery, come here, for money, for the future, or something else hidden? In addition, the love of female characters such as Ouyang Tianqing, He Xiaochan (played by Zhao Jing), and Bai Wei is a flower that blooms in turbulent times. Although it is difficult, it is extremely beautiful.

The game of intelligence and emotional intelligence runs throughout, the fragility and strength of human nature are staged alternately, and the fate of the characters complements the development of the great era, which makes “Nanyang Daughter Love” open and close, soul-stirring!

  The “Ocean Wind” period drama where history and art collide helps Chinese dramas “go global”

In order to capture the authentic Nanyang customs, the main creative team of “Nanyang Daughter Love” spent two years restoring and building “Chinatown” (Singapore’s Chinatown) and “Tofu Street” at the Iskandar Film and Television Base in Malaysia. , detailed historical buildings, and in Singapore, Shanghai, Haikou and other places to select the scene, build a set up for shooting. The modeling department started to do desk work in 2019, visited the Red Turban Club, read the materials, made innovations and improvements for the “Red Turban” costumes and hair accessories, and finally produced nearly a thousand sets of costumes to help actors better ” Into the role. The crew carefully designed Nan Lan’s room, introducing animals and plants into the room, highlighting Nan Lan as a daytime woman, and advocating the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. “History and art” collide ingeniously, colliding with the strong marine style of “Nanyang Daughter Love”.

Produced by CCTV and iQiyi, jointly produced by Changxin Media and Hebei Film and Television Group, “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” will be broadcast on CCTV’s TV drama channel at 19:30 every night from June 20th. Exclusive broadcast on the whole network. As a TV series that reflects Chinese women’s overseas entrepreneurship, it uses the story of “red turban” to carry the spirit of Chinese women’s hard work, fear of sacrifice, self-respect, self-love, self-reliance, and self-improvement. The “Red Turban” in the play set off from Sanshui, crossed the ocean, linked the exchanges between the two sides of the ocean with the memory of the times, made great strides to “go out”, and culture went to sea, demonstrating cultural confidence, adhering to openness and tolerance, and insisting on integrity and innovation , Inherit and spread the beauty of Chinese culture.

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