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More than 2,000 people participated in the Fairyland Ancient City Games, and the Fuze Garden Fujian Ancestral Temple Team won the championship again

More than 2,000 people participated in the Fairyland Ancient City Games, and the Fuze Garden Fujian Ancestral Temple Team won the championship again

The Fairyland Group hosted the 2nd Fairyland Ancient City Games. More than 2,000 athletes from all over the country and 26 teams competed at the Fairyland Ancient City Comprehensive Sports Center on Saturday and Sunday (March 9 and 10). After a fierce competition Later, the Fuzeyuan Fujian Ancestral Temple team stood out and won the Perennial Cup in two competitive events. It retained its dominance for the second year and became the big winner of the competition.

This sports meeting is hosted by the “Fuze Garden” Fujian Ancestral Hall, the Malaysian Hainan Memorial Hall, the Malaysian Liugui Ancestral Hall, the Malaysian Fuzhou Shiyi Ancestral Hall, and the Malaysian Anxi Ancestral Hall.

The total prize money is up to RM50,000. Five sports competitions, including (1) badminton (mixed) team competition, (2) three-person basketball team competition, (3) table tennis (mixed) team competition, (4) swimming competition, (5) Mini marathon 5km and 10km races.

Datuk Seri Hong Laixi, JP, Overseas Director of the China Overseas Chinese Friendship Association and Overseas Committee Member of the China Federation of Returned Overseas ChineseFormer Malaysian national badminton players and former world number one men’s doubles players Zou Junying and Chen Chongming, Malaysian Basketball Federation Secretary General and Malaysian Basketball former national representative Tan Qixian, Malaysian Basketball Federation Deputy Secretary and Selangor Blue General Secretary Song Bohe, and current table tennis national players He Ying also came to participate in the grand event and served as the opening guest of the sports meeting.

In his speech, Xu Guodong, managing director of Fairyland Group, pointed out that Fairyland Group hosted the “Fairyland Ancient City Sports Games” in the hope that through healthy sports, it would enhance the younger image of the association, encourage more young people to join, contribute to the association, and inherit the mission of Chinese culture.

He said that Fairyland has been working with Chinese groups to create new situations and jointly organize activities, including sports games. In the future, more organizations will jointly organize health activities with Fairyland.

Xu Tiancheng, chairman of the board of directors of Fairyland Group, pointed out that the sports meeting creates a communication platform, allowing people from various clubs and societies to learn from each other through sports competitions, make friends through sports, and promote the sports spirit and concept of physical fitness, health and harmony. It also implements the spirit of the Chinese nation to give its all, never give up, and persevere to the end. Participating in sports games not only competes for championships on the court, but also promotes friendship. It is hoped that athletes will display the sports spirit of “friendship first, competition second”.

He encouraged the winners not to be proud and those who failed not to be discouraged and to continue competing next year. He thanked everyone for their active participation in the Games and making the Games a complete success.

In his speech, Datuk Seri Hong Laixi pointed out that although many club leaders were worried about the lack of successors and lack of successors, 5 clubs hosted 26 teams from blood and geographical organizations to participate in the competition, and more athletes participated than in the previous session, which shows that Sports games can drive many young people to join the club.

“I hope that through the activities organized by the Fairyland Ancient City Ancestral Hall, more young people will be attracted to participate, and new blood will be cultivated for the association.”

He said that the ancient city of Fairyland is the future cultural starting point of the Selangor and Selangor region. It not only inherits Chinese culture, but also inherits and carries forward the concept of “respecting teachers, respecting morality, etiquette and integrity” that are based on geographical blood ties.

Co-organizers: Southeast Asia Liao Clan Ancestral Hall, Yu Xu Tu She Tongzong Association Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Xin Ke Cai Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Guangzhao Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Xu Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Xinghua Ancestral Hall, Malaysia You Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Liu Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Xian Ancestral Hall Master Gonggu Temple Association Cultural Center, Malaysia Huang Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Li Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Lin Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Luo Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Datuk Gong Cultural Center, Malaysia Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysia Zhang Clan Ancestral Hall, Ksitigarbha Cultural Center, Xitian Queen Mother Cultural Center, Sanqing Cultural Center, Malaysian Chaozhou Ancestral Hall, Malaysian Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Malaysian Hongmen Cultural Center, Malaysian Charity Cultural Center, Malaysian Guanyin Cultural Center, Malaysian Liuguitang Ancestral Hall, Kaizhang Southeast Asia General Ancestral Hall and Kaizhang Saint King Cultural Center.

The winning team of the “Perennial Cup” of the 2nd Fairyland Ancient City Sports Games in 2024

3-person basketball team competition champion: “Fuze Garden” Fujian General Temple

Mini Marathon Team Champion: “Fuze Garden” Fujian Main Ancestral Hall

Swimming competition team champion: Liu Guitang Ancestral Hall, Malaysia

Badminton (mixed) team championship: Fuzhou Shiyi Ancestral Hall, Malaysia

Table Tennis (Mixed) Team Champion: Anxi Ancestral Hall, Malaysia

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