Kayou teamed up with traditional Chinese painting master Dai Dunbang to paint a youth version of Chinese stories


Today, with the increasing integration of traditional culture and modern aesthetics, Kayou announced the launch of in-depth cooperation with Mr. Dai Dunbang, a master of traditional Chinese painting, to jointly devote themselves to the youthful expression of Chinese stories. This cross-border cooperation not only brings the charm of traditional Chinese painting into the eyes of contemporary young people, but also injects deeper cultural connotation into Kayou’s product line. The two parties work together to inherit and promote traditional Chinese culture through innovative methods and inspire the younger generation to love and resonate with Chinese stories.

Taking “Dream of Red Mansions – The Romance of the Grand View” as an example, Dai Lao used sophisticated brushwork and unique visual expression to fully display the beauty and talents of the children inside and outside the Grand View Garden. The pictures are vivid and full, and the characters are vivid. It is understood that Kayou will first launch product planning and production for this series, using Dai Lao’s illustration materials as the backbone, art and innovative forms as wings, and derivatives such as cards as the medium to conduct differentiated research and development in response to different consumer needs. Aimed at promoting Chinese traditional culture. It is hoped that consumers will deepen their understanding of “Dream of Red Mansions” in the process of collecting cards, build an artistic dialogue platform between artists and the general public, give traditional culture a cultural and creative touch, and allow consumers to truly feel the charm of Chinese culture.

  “I have been painting all my life, and I have always wanted to tell Chinese stories well.”

Dai Dunbang, who was born in 1938, has entered an octogenarian year, but he still insists on painting every day. Mr. Dai is good at figures and is good at writing and writing. He mostly uses classical themes and figures in ancient costumes in his paintings. His paintings are grand, bold and bold, and his images are vivid and vivid. His works are not restricted by the order of narrative chapters and space. Through secondary creation from various angles, the public can experience the charm of cultural treasures in more dimensions.

Mr. Dai has always claimed to be a “folk artist”. He always speaks Chinese and never breaks away from the masses. He is full of interest in social scenes and the fate of characters. He truly observes and feels the lives of ordinary people, picks up the nourishment of folk art, and shows the society of that time. Environment, characters and complex emotions. How to inherit excellent culture and how to tell Chinese stories well are particularly prominent in Dai Lao’s works. This is not only his profound artistic attainments, but also an extension of his rich cultural connotation.

When talking about the inheritance of Chinese culture, he sincerely hopes that consumers, especially young people, can like Chinese traditional culture from the bottom of their hearts, feel the roots of culture, feel Chinese characteristics, and spread Chinese stories to the world. This is also the basis and original intention of his cooperation with Kayou. He said, “I have been painting all my life and have always wanted to ‘tell Chinese stories well’. I also have a passionate heart to serve cultural inheritance. I hope that through my The illustrations allow the public to better understand the connotation behind it, and we also hope that through emerging cultural and creative products such as cards, we can make the public prefer Chinese traditional culture and pass it on better.”

This coincides with the background of card games. As an industry leader, Kayou has always adhered to the development concept of “quality”. In recent years, while cooperating with global classic IPs, it has also vigorously developed nationally-created cultural series, including high-quality Chinese comic IPs, original nationally-created IPs, etc. Taking the “Qin Shi Mingyue” series as an example, each character on the card shows the era when hundreds of schools of thought contended in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The styles of Confucianism, Mohism, Strategists, Yin and Yang, etc. are all at a glance; at the same time, the ink on the card The style picture design, small seal fonts, Chinese seals, Chinese character patterns, traditional weapons and other Chinese elements are all full of strong Chinese flavor and Chinese beauty. I believe that with the addition of artists with Mr. Dai Dunbang as the core, Kayou will be more determined, powerful and confident to practice the proposition of creating quality with ingenuity, leading the industry with quality, and allowing the world to enjoy Chinese culture.

  “We must pass on and pass on the positive culture and power.”

China has a broad and profound excellent traditional culture, which has accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation. Cross-border cooperation between traditional cultural IP and modern product forms has become a norm and advantage for card games to unify cultural value and industrial value. How to effectively connect emotionally with IP fans through cards, continue to convey the cultural value and spiritual connotation of excellent IP, and tell Chinese stories well are also issues that Kayou, as a cultural innovation enterprise, has been thinking about and exploring.

Talking about the cooperation with Card Game, Mr. Dai sincerely expressed, “When I was a child in the last century, I also collected cards. It was a unique communication. I am very happy. I am very grateful for this era and very happy.” Thank you for allowing my illustrations to be displayed in more updated forms such as cards, which can better meet the needs of modern young people, and allow more people to see the charm of traditional culture. I think it is very, very good. At the same time I also hope that when you are planning the development and development of cards and other derivatives, you must be loyal to the original work and the story itself, and you must pass on and pass on the positive culture and power.”

Excellent works are one of the important media for displaying national culture, expressing the upward spirit of the times, and transmitting national power. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Kayou said, “Kayou has the entire industry chain of ‘research, production, sales and supply’, and has many years of experience and strength in IP operations and product research and development, technology, and production. He will definitely fully understand the concepts and concepts of the work. The core proposition is to dismantle and classify the traditional culture according to the preferences and habits of young people in the current era, to express traditional culture in a youthful way, to elaborate on the stories and values ​​behind the IP in more layers, to further promote Chinese traditional culture, strengthen Chinese cultural confidence, and speak Good Chinese story.”

The in-depth cooperation between Kayou and Mr. Dai Dunbang declares that Kayou has officially launched a series of nationally created artist products. At the same time, this also creates a new era of cross-border cooperation between cards and artists. Kayou will definitely stick to its cultural heritage, join forces with more artists, stay true to the artwork itself, strengthen its positive force, and lead the upward development of industry culture.


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