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Meinian Health Group Tianjin Branch Ciming Physical Examination won the honorary title of “Tianjin Consumer Trusted Brand” in the 2024 (14th) Harmonious Tianjin Integrity Survey

Meinian Health Group Tianjin Branch Ciming Physical Examination won the honorary title of “Tianjin Consumer Trusted Brand” in the 2024 (14th) Harmonious Tianjin Integrity Survey

Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination has been based in the physical examination industry for many years and has always regarded quality as the first criterion for development. It adheres to the prevention-oriented medical philosophy of “early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment” and opens up a closed loop of services before, during, and after examination. Continuously upgrade service quality, realize the transformation from health examination to health management, from package service to personalized service, from one-time service to full-cycle service, build a complete health service ecosystem, and provide customers with all-round and full-cycle services Health management services. This time, Ciming Physical Examination, a brand of the Tianjin Branch of Meinian Health Group, won the honorary title of “Tianjin Consumer Trusted Brand”. It is not only an affirmation and trust, but also a heavy responsibility, spurring the brand to improve customer satisfaction. As an unremitting goal, we should be an active practitioner of the “Healthy China” strategy with a high-spirited attitude of struggle.

Over the years, under the guidance of the Healthy China Action Plan, Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination has been focusing on disease screening and health management, advocating the health management concept of “prevention before disease occurs, preventing existing disease from becoming worse, and preventing recurrence after recovery”. As a physical examination brand favored by customers, Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination has opened a Youyi boutique branch in Heping District, a Binhai branch in Binhai New District, and an Oya branch in the core business district of Binjiang Road. In particular, Ciming Oya Branch is not only located in the bustling business district of the city with dense crowds, but also has convenient transportation around it. It is adjacent to the transfer station of Metro Line 1 and Line 3. It also has independent VIP inspection areas on the ninth floor and general inspection on the 10th floor. District, can provide personalized physical examination services according to the different needs of different customers. Professional and excellent medical care, considerate and thoughtful medical services, serious and responsible work attitude, and high-end physical examination environment enable every customer to enjoy a warm, loving, comfortable and convenient physical examination experience.

The trust of life is based on quality. Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination has continuously strengthened the construction of the medical examination team over the years, strictly implemented the quality management system, and built a gold medal expert team composed of elite doctors based on professional standards. The three branches have not only introduced physical examination facilities of internationally renowned brands to ensure the international standardization of physical examination equipment and reagents, but are also equipped with experienced management teams and strong expert medical teams, led by doctors with decades of scientific research and clinical work experience and long-term medical experience. Led by the director who is an academic leader in the hospital, and backed by Ciming’s medical team, we ensure the quality of physical examination services and strive to provide customers with systematic, personalized, efficient and convenient health management services.

Fulfill the mission of “serving people’s health” with practicality, demonstrate respect and care for life with professional and high-quality services, never forget the important responsibilities entrusted by the times, actively practice corporate social responsibilities, give back to the society with true feelings, and pass on love warmth. Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination firmly believes that only by continuously promoting industrial upgrading and enhancing Ciming’s brand effect can we build a more solid health defense line for the people on the road to promoting the construction of a healthy China. In the future, Tianjin Ciming Physical Examination will not forget its original intention, keep its mission in mind, and bravely shoulder the important responsibilities entrusted by the times. While paying attention to the development of the industry, we also actively perform social welfare undertakings. With professional and high-quality medical services, we will contribute more to promoting the construction of a healthy China and improving people’s health and well-being.


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