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Make poetry closer to society and readers Xu Bojian’s “Chinese Childhood” Music Poetry Conference held in Tianjin

Make poetry closer to society and readers Xu Bojian’s “Chinese Childhood” Music Poetry Conference held in Tianjin

At the end of summer in August 2023, a music recital called “Chinese Childhood” was held at Tianjin Neishan Bookstore Heping Joy City Store. Rock poet Zhang Chu (Mo Yan Sanjie), former Chinese national football team star Li Weifeng, famous writers Yang Xianhui, Qin Ling, Wang Xiaorou and others attended. Jia Yi, the host of Tianjin People’s Broadcasting Station, and more than 200 readers gathered together for poetry, reading and sharing the poetry collection “Chinese Childhood” recently published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House by the famous poet Xu Bojian.

Xu Bojian

Xu Bojian, whose pen name is Bojian, is a contemporary Chinese poet and a member of the Chinese Writers Association. In 2008, he and Yi Lei founded the private magazine “Poetry Scene”. Published “Selected Poems of Xu Bojian” (People’s Literature Publishing House) and a collection of essays “Floating World and Qinghuan”. Nominated for the 100 Most Influential Poets of Chinese New Poetry in the Century and the 6th Lu Xun Literary Award. He is a representative poet of “folk writing” in the 1990s in the new era of literature.

The new book “Chinese Childhood” contains nearly 300 poems composed by Xu Bojian, published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. It not only expresses traditional culture and modern civilization, but also embodies the persistence and forging of an idealized life. The poem also records the youthful years of current life with full emotion. It is the poet’s personal deconstruction of daily life and the current society. The beauty conveyed in poetry is also the comfort of the soul in the ordinary busy life.

The famous poet Mang Ke spoke highly of “Chinese Childhood” in the preface—he wrote about the times, emotions, and artists. His poems can integrate the writing skills of modern Western literature into the traditional Chinese way of expression, His works are characterized by the integration of tradition into modernity, both realistic and historical.

Zhang Chu

The musician and “rock poet” Zhang Chu and the famous football star Li Weifeng came to the scene and recited “Monument”, “Night Song”, “Psalms for Lovers”, “The Poor Respect” and “Chinese Childhood” together with the readers. ” and other chapters, sharing the touch and passion brought by the literature and poetry that accompanied my music creation and sports career. At the end of the poetry meeting, more than 200 readers in the audience recited Xu Bojian’s popular poem “Tianjin Impression” together, allowing more readers to get closer to poetry at that moment, because poetry is closer.

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