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“The Last Truth” released the “extorted confession” clip Huang Xiaoming and Yan Ni’s ultimate showdown

“The Last Truth” released the “extorted confession” clip Huang Xiaoming and Yan Ni’s ultimate showdown

Director Li Taige, starring Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jiaxin

Produced by Huang Xiaoming, directed by Li Taige, starring Huang Xiaoming, Yan Ni, Tu Men, Kan Qingzi, and starring Zhang Jiaxin and Wang Yinglu, the movie “The Last Truth” has a cumulative box office of nearly 36 million in three days. A masterpiece of word-of-mouth on political themes. Along with the hot screening of the film, the official also released a special clip of “Forcing You to Live”. Ding Yifeng and Jin Ximei confronted each other in the interrogation room. Ni’s acting skills are “contrasting”.

At the same time, the second round of the national roadshow of “Truth Can Learn” also started and went to Tianjin Station. The hospitable Tianjin audience also presented “pancake fruit” to the main creator, implying that the film is a big hit and looking forward to good results, and said: “Huang Xiaoming’s first director Producer partner Yan Ni, challenged the scarce legal court trial subjects in the Mainland, completely exceeding expectations. The ruffian lawyer risked his life to overturn the verdict for madly criticizing the masseuse girl. The suspenseful and tense atmosphere was from beginning to end. Dare to act, really touching.” The film “The Last Truth” national road show will also communicate and interact with audiences in Harbin, Qingdao, Chengdu and other cities, and the film is currently being screened nationwide.

Huang Xiaoming

  Huang Xiaoming’s extreme method of “extorting a confession” from Yan Ni’s crew finely polished and challenged scarce themes

The box office of the movie “The Last Truth” has accumulated nearly 36 million in three days. At the same time, the movie officially released a special clip of “Forcing You to Live”. “, “If you don’t want to live, I will force you to live” every word hits Jin Ximei’s fragile heart, and the psychological defense line is broken, and this confrontation scene between Ding Yifeng and Jin Ximei also allows the audience to appreciate Huang Xiaoming and Yan Ni once again. His acting skills are “contradictory”. In addition, the movie “The Last Truth” kicked off the second round of national roadshows. The main creator of the “Truth Mission” roadshow team came to Tianjin Station. An audience engaged in the legal industry said after the screening: “I like Ding Yifeng very much. He is an activist, he realized the circle of characters, from a lawyer with a good heart and a warm heart, to a lawyer who succumbed to reality, driven by his conscience, he returned to his original aspirations, stuck to his conscience, was not afraid of righteous death, and was not honored Well, I think Ding Yifeng did it.”

Talking about being a producer for the first time and choosing “The Last Truth”, a legal trial film that is extremely scarce in the mainland market, Huang Xiaoming said frankly on the spot: “This film is also a work that I return to my original intention. It is a relatively rare court trial film in the domestic market. Genre films, I just want to make a film about law and politics in a down-to-earth manner, murder together, two truths, three reversals of “criminal love movies”, I hope to export more court-themed genre films, legal and political films to the market. In this film, pay more attention to caring for the disadvantaged groups, and tell everyone that there are different choices at different stages of life, but in the end you still have to choose kindness and justice.”

Regarding the change of Mao Weiwei’s attitude towards lawyer Ding Yifeng in the film, the leading actor Zhang Jiaxin also said on the scene: “Mao Weiwei in my heart is not completely resentful towards his mother, including that he threatened Ding Yifeng with a knife and rushed to the hospital with his mother and the old horse. Writing songs for my mother is an expression of the true feelings in my heart, and they just lack a benign way of communication.” Director Li Taige also said frankly: “Ding Yifeng sacrificed himself to restore the truth, which is a kind of salvation for life. If Ding Yifeng does not tell the truth, Mao Weiwei may not know that his mother and Ma Shuang love him all his life, he will live in pain all his life, Ding Yifeng revealing the truth is a kind of healing for Mao Weiwei, and let him know that Jin Ximei can sacrifice her life to love him.”

  The main creator of Tianjin Roadshow interprets the truth and the ending, and the young actor invites Huang Xiaoming to play on the spot

At the road show, regarding the audience’s doubts about the film’s final ending and the truth, Huang Xiaoming also said on the spot: “The truth of the film is actually hidden in the English title Heart’s Motive, which is actually the heart’s motivation. For Ding Yifeng, the heart’s motivation started from It is unwillingness, and then it is conscience. For Jin Ximei, the motivation of the heart is the love for her son, and all the truths are love.” Director Li Taige also added: “Through Ding Yifeng’s investigation perspective, a little bit It reveals the sad and moving story between Jin Ximei and Ma Shuangxi, peeling off the secret and the most real side between Jin Ximei, Ma Shuangxi and Mao Weiwei like peeling an onion.”

In addition, the uncles of the famous Tianjin Lion Forest Bridge Diving Team also formed a group to support the film. They said on the scene: “Several team members were moved to tears by the film. Huang Xiaoming performed the justice of a lawyer, and Yan Ni performed the greatness of maternal love. Another small audience member said that he is also a young actor, and he admitted that he really likes the role of lawyer played by Huang Xiaoming in the film, and set up a flag on the spot: “I will follow Teacher Xiaoming as an example, and I hope to have the opportunity to act with Teacher Huang Xiaoming in the future. “The “Last Truth” national roadshow will also communicate and interact with audiences in cities such as Harbin, Qingdao, and Chengdu.

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