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Anti-US Aid Korea movie “Blood in Nameless? Run” releases the leading poster to announce the volunteer army’s Jedi counterattack

Anti-US Aid Korea movie “Blood in Nameless? Run” releases the leading poster to announce the volunteer army’s Jedi counterattack


A tribute to the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea! The movie “Blood and Unknown: Runaway” released the “Charge Edition” poster and trailer today. The film is jointly produced by Haikong Eagle Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Shengcang Film Industry and other companies. Li Dongxue is the producer and chief producer, Yixiang and Guo Yong are the directors, Ren Tianye, Song Jialun, Luo Liqun, Lou Yujian, Hao Han, Zhao Runnan, Li Dongxue starred, Zhang Tong is a special star, Zhang Guangbei, Heizi, He Da, Liu Qianhan are friendly starring. The film tells that during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the veteran Du Chuan was ordered to reorganize the reconnaissance platoon to carry out the mission of in-depth raids behind enemy lines. The Great Wall of Flesh and Steel.

  “Charge Edition” pilot posters and trailers are released Volunteer soldiers fearlessly defend their homes and the country

The newly released “Charge Edition” posters and trailers depict the fierce momentum of Chinese soldiers charging without fear of the world’s most powerful enemy. The aircraft occupying the visual center in the poster is a relatively unique fighter (model “Double Mustang” F-82) on the battlefield to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. It is also the first time that this type of fighter has appeared in a war movie. The narrative core of the screen revolves around the “three disbeliefs” declaration issued by the People’s Army, “I don’t believe that there are impossible tasks, I don’t believe that there are difficulties that cannot be overcome, and I don’t believe that there are enemies that cannot be defeated”. The heroic and heroic demeanor of the army heroes, who face the fighters directly and charge forward, vividly demonstrates the spiritual power of the volunteer army. According to the main creator Li Dongxue, the weapons and equipment of this film are also a major feature. During the preparation period, we searched and consulted a large amount of historical materials, trying to make the weapons and equipment in the film closer to the real situation, so that the details are exquisite and evidence-based . The trailer starts from the enemy’s concentrated bombing of our battlefield. With exciting battle scenes and a variety of equipment, people can more clearly feel the disparity between our army and the enemy’s strength, and our army will win more with less , with the reverse momentum of the weak defeating the strong, it is directly full, exaggerating the tense atmosphere of an imminent battle for the audience.

  Participate in the 2023 China Network Audio-Visual Boutique Creation Summit Dialogue with scouts inside and outside the play to inherit the spirit of the volunteer army

At 19:00 on the evening of August 24, the film “Blood in the Unknown: Runaway” was screened and watched for industry colleagues at the 2023 China Network Audio-Visual Boutique Creation Summit. Feng Shengyong, Director of the Network Audiovisual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Ren Daoyuan, Deputy Director of the Network Audiovisual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Li Jianhua, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Shandong Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and other leaders attended the summit and watched the movie together . The main creators gathered at the scene to jointly explore the innovation path of “main theme” themes and high-quality online movies.

“110 minutes to feel a battle less than 24 hours ago 70 years ago”, whether it is the difference in the accents of the soldiers, or the setting of night scenes and explosion scenes, the film won the audience’s admiration with its all-round sense of reality. Highly praised. It is worth mentioning that there are many retired reconnaissance veterans or descendants of volunteers who resisted US aggression and aided Korea. They think that the characters in the film gradually overlap with the image of the volunteers in their impression. Li Dongxue said that the main creative team consulted a large amount of military history materials during the creation. Only by being authentic and sophisticated can the audience be substituted into the real situation, which can better meet the professional needs of some audiences.

It is understood that the team led by Li Dongxue has rich experience in war and military-themed films. The first part of the “Blood in Nameless” series “Blood in Nameless River” produced by him has achieved good results when it was launched in 2021. The box office champion, with a peak popularity of 7521. “Blood on the Unknown River” won various awards such as the 3rd China Online Film Annual Film Award, the 2021 National Defense Military Film Festival Excellent Film Award, and the 2021 Beijing Cultural Consumer Brand List “Top Ten Cultural Audio-Visual Products” award.

  Continue to deepen the war and military theme track, strictly control the quality, sincerely create ingenious products

This time, the “Blood and Unknown” project is supported by the State Administration of Radio and Television’s online audiovisual program creation and dissemination project, the Beijing Radio and Television Network Audiovisual Development Fund support project, and the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau’s “Youth China Dream” online audiovisual boutique creation project The selected works are guided by the Network Audiovisual Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television. In the early stage of project creation, the principle of “authenticity, sincerity, and true love” in the spirit of true pursuit of telling good stories, sincere ingenuity to create high-quality goods, and true emotions is the principle. Emotional suspension, and strive to create a richer and fuller image of an unsung hero.

In response to market changes in online movies, Li Dongxue also said that no matter how the market changes, good content will always stand the test of the audience. As content creators and literary and art workers, we still need to learn all the time, improve our creative ability, and strictly control the quality. He will lead the team to give full play to the social demonstration and leading role of literary and art workers, and strive to create more excellent works with profound thoughts, exquisite art, and well-made; write the era with literary and artistic masterpieces, praise unsung heroes, strengthen the spiritual power of the audience, and contribute to the construction of society. Contribution to a socialist cultural power belongs to the strength of literary and artistic creators.

It is understood that Li Dongxue and his main creative team will continue to focus on war and military themes, and continue to release the “Blood and Unknown” series of films to dig deep into the touching stories of the martyrs. What kind of movie-watching experience will “Blood and Unknown: Running Strike” bring to the audience? Stay tuned!

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