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[Love Wants Sex Series 327]It is very important to cultivate the next generation to be responsible parents and make a good family plan

[Love Wants Sex Series 327]It is very important to cultivate the next generation to be responsible parents and make a good family plan

Transcript Liang Yingxiu

Pregnancy begins when a man’s sperm combines with a woman’s egg to become a fertilized egg that travels down the fallopian tubes to the endometrium for implantation.

For couples who are fully prepared to become parents, pregnancy is naturally a joy; however, unplanned pregnancy can bring great distress and anxiety.

Dr. Li Renying
Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant

(Kuala Lumpur) Basically, family planning is defined as couples or partners making plans and plans for the future of organizing a family together, including when will they get married? Do you want to have a baby? If so, how many children will they have? How long it takes is also included.

Don’t let the pressure of elders influence your decision

Dr. Li Renying, an obstetrics and gynecology consultant, said that family planning is important. In today’s society, everyone’s ideas and wants are different. This also has a great impact on the country. The traditional family will marry first and then conceive. Some people choose not to marry or conceive.

“In clinical practice, I have encountered many young people who will conceive first and then marry or marry with a child. For them, this is also part of the plan. I once met a young couple who had discussed it before they were married. Regarding pregnancy preparation, when asked about marriage, they said that this is just a form or process; this also proves that the times have changed, and it is biased towards Westerners. I think that as long as there is a good plan, it is not a bad thing. “

He reminded that family planning considerations should include personal preferences, or personal health status, as well as social and economic conditions for planning.

He gave an example. There were reports in China that a couple of doctors were both carriers of thalassemia. Because they were doctors, they both knew that their offspring had a 25% chance of developing severe thalassemia. Long-term blood transfusions are required, and it is difficult to live an ordinary life. Because of this, the two decided to break up, but they also wished each other a better partner.

“Of course, the same problem will have different solutions. They can choose to just get married and not get pregnant; or if they get pregnant, do a specific test to determine if there is a problem with the baby. After all, there are still 3% of babies who will not. Chances of getting thalassemia.”

He said that there is no right or wrong in every family plan, it is a discussion and decision made between one person or a partner, the most important thing is not to be affected by the pressure of elders or peers; the worst thing is to get pregnant for the sake of pregnancy, It is a very wrong approach!

“A Chinese who has a good family plan tends to have a relatively high level of education and a relatively stable economy. Of course, the health of the individual and the family will definitely be better. This is of great importance to the development of the entire country. Helpful.”

Raise awareness to avoid vicious circle

He pointed out that when family planning is ignored, it is the beginning of a vicious circle. The first thing to be affected must be the individual, and then it will slowly extend to the society and the country, causing many problems.

“Our society is more and more influenced by Western countries; sex life is getting younger. If women get pregnant early, they will drop out of school. When they are forced to work in society, they may not have many choices. Salary It will also be relatively low, and of course the man’s financial burden will definitely increase, and he may be forced to work in society early to support his family.”

If he doesn’t get a good opportunity for promotion, he may remain a low-level wage earner. Of course, the most innocent are the children, who may grow up in a lack of education or parental teaching environment, which will bring a lot of negative effects, especially psychologically and emotionally.

“Once the influence of these individuals expands, it will gradually cause social impact. They may participate in some bad social activities or criminal activities, and social problems such as fraud or robbery will follow. Not only that, not Proper family planning will also bring about national and economic problems. It will widen the gap between the rich and the poor. Ironically, it is often the poor who are poor because they lack education and fail to handle family planning well, which leads to various problems. Problems happen.”

He said that the only thing that can solve this vicious cycle is to raise awareness and provide them with sex education; I hope everyone has an equal opportunity to make better plans for themselves and their families.

Unplanned pregnancy with natural contraception

In terms of sex education, he wants to talk about risky or unqualified contraceptive methods. Can these methods be used?

If you want to use natural contraception, of course, it is better than not using any measures, after all,

But what you need to know is that the percentage of pregnancy is about 20%.

That is to say, if every 5 couples use natural methods,

There is a couple who will get pregnant unexpectedly, and the probability is quite high.

As for which are the more commonly used natural methods? As well as the bad points, the following is Li Renying’s sharing.

1.Creampie. This method is the most commonly used, but it requires accurate timing, but most people can’t do it, resulting in the risk of unwanted pregnancy, even if a small part of semen or secretions remain in the vagina or labia, it is possible cause unwanted pregnancy.

2.Calculate ovulation period. The method is to follow the women’s menstrual period, and then avoid having sex during that time, so as to reduce the chance of pregnancy; the effective rate of this method is about 75%.

There are also many mobile apps that can calculate the date, and it will tell which week is the high-risk period. But the number of menstrual days of each woman is not certain, so of course the algorithm is also different. People with late or disordered menstruation are not suitable to use this similar method, because it is unreliable.

3.Body temperature predicts ovulation. This method is rarely used, which is to measure body temperature to determine the ovulation period. Once a woman ovulates, her body temperature will rise by about 0.2 to 0.5 degrees Celsius, which means that 5 days ago was already a fertile period or a high-risk period.

But just think about it, who would measure body temperature every day, even if there were, how many thermometers can accurately measure changes of 0.2 to 0.5 degrees Celsius? And that’s before taking into account other factors that can affect changes in body temperature. Another problem is that when the body temperature rises, it is already the fertile period 5 days ago. If you have already had sex, it is too late to use contraception at this time.

4.Avoid sexual intercourse. This method is the most reliable, because of course there will be no pregnancy without sexual intercourse, and only this method can be 100% sure that you will not be pregnant; but in real life, most accidents will happen when we are not prepared, which is also Including sexual intercourse or unintended pregnancy, so it is the best policy to plan ahead, take adequate preventive measures, and use reliable contraceptive methods to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Consult a Physician for a Personalized Assessment

find the right contraceptive method

There are many methods of contraception, but which one is right for you?

The easiest and best way is to do a personalized assessment with your family doctor or gynecologist to find out what works for you both.

1.For every couple, the bottom line of contraception is to wear a condom. This method is easy to use, effective, and relatively cheap. Most importantly, it can also avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

2.Using hormone-containing medicines, of course, there are countless types and brands, including oral contraceptives, injections, and subcutaneous contraceptives. The doctor will make a suitable choice according to individual needs.

3.Implantation of an intra-uterine device (IUD), which does not contain any hormones, generally does not affect menstruation, and our female society is more acceptable.

4.Ligation, of course, can be performed by both men and women. By the way, it is usually easier or time-saving for men to have a ligation. Compared with female ligation, the risk will be lower.

Pros and cons of each contraceptive method

So with so many methods, how should you choose the most suitable one for you? The doctor will ask a few simple questions and help you make the best choice.

What are the plans for the first couple? If they don’t want to have children in the short term, they may be advised to use oral pills or condoms. If it is long term, they may be implanted with a uterine ring or a subcutaneous implant; of course, if they already know 100% that they don’t want to If you get pregnant again, then it may be more suitable for the couple to have a ligation.

Does the second/couple have any diseases or take any medicines for a long time? The most common are high blood pressure or migraines, and another is smoking. Usually, if a woman has these diseases, it is not so suitable to take hormone-containing medicines, and she needs to be helped to make other choices.

Third/Have you used any contraceptive method before, and what is the effect? If the effect is good, they will be advised to use the same method; if the effect is not as good as expected or there are side effects, it is necessary to help them find other more suitable methods.

Of course, each method of contraception has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to talk to your doctor about the method and family plan that are most suitable for you.

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