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[Local medical care]52% of Chinese people do not exercise and how much pain they suffer

[Local medical care]52% of Chinese people do not exercise and how much pain they suffer

Text: Xu Xiaojing

(Kuala Lumpur News) Exercise is the most natural “medicine” for enhancing physical strength. I believe no one has any objection, but how many people do it? Malaysia is the most inactive country in ASEAN, nearly 50% of the people do little or no physical activity.

More exercise reduces mortality by 50%

Sports Medicine Consultant Dr. Khairullina (Dr Khairullina) pointed out that exercise is a “natural medicine” to enhance physical fitness, and there are almost no ‘side effects’. Many people know this truth, but few people develop the habit of exercising.

“The so-called exercise here is not just sports and gymnastics, but also includes all kinds of light to heavy activities in daily life, including work, play, housework, travel, etc. Any activity that can cause the body’s bones to consume calories is a The body is in motion.”

“Of course, regular physical activity such as running, swimming, playing ball, etc. is definitely better than daily activities, because sports have repetitive movements, and if the movement is performed correctly, it can improve or maintain one or more of the body’s functions. Part of the health, such as improving cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, balance and flexibility.”

She reminded that in addition to physical health, we can also manage some sub-health problems through exercise, such as mental fatigue and stress.

She said that exercise has many benefits. According to a statistical report in the British Medical Journal, regular physical activity and quitting bad habits such as smoking can reduce the mortality rate by 50% and increase the survival rate by 10 years.

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report,

Among ASEAN countries and Japan,

Factors that predict people will develop NCDs include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking and physical inactivity, among others,

Among them, Malaysians are the least active in ASEAN.

Up to 52.3% of people suffering from non-communicable diseases are due to lack of physical activity.

In addition, the rates of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity are also higher than those of other ASEAN countries. “

She mentioned that there is a correlation between inactivity and increased disease rates, which shows that Malaysians should take exercise seriously. The Malaysian Journal of Medicine pointed out that 43.7% of Malaysian adults are “physically inactive”, which means lack of exercise.

Less active heart disease will come to your door

She said that according to the Malaysian Department of Statistics, ischemic heart disease (ischaemic heart disease) was the number one killer of Malaysians in 2017. From 2010 to 2017, the number increased by 54%, regardless of race.

Who is susceptible to cardiovascular problems?

◆Men over 45 years old

◆Women over the age of 55 (has undergone hysterectomy or has stopped menstruation)

◆Smoking within the past 6 months (even if you have quit smoking).

◆Blood pressure>140/90mmHg or don’t know your own blood pressure level

◆Those taking antihypertensive drugs

◆Blood cholesterol level>200mg/dl or don’t know your cholesterol level

Have a close relative who has undergone heart surgery (father or brother over age 55, or mother or sister over age 65)

◆No exercise habit or little physical activity (i.e., no activity for more than 30 minutes at least 3 days a week)

◆Being 20 pounds or more overweight

“Therefore, people who have no exercise habits or who are inactive are very likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. The importance of exercise is unquestionable. The World Health Organization also recommends that adults over the age of 18 can do at least 150 exercises per week. Minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (which can be divided into 3 days). People with strong physical fitness can do 75 minutes of intense exercise every week.”

She mentioned that the World Health Organization also recommends sports for children and adolescents. Children aged 5 to 17 can do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Doing more than 60 minutes of physical activity will provide your child with additional health benefits, including strengthening muscles and bones.

Sports Medicine Internal Medicine Consultant:
Dr Khairullina

The higher the metabolic equivalent, the greater the activity consumption

How can we measure whether the activity or exercise we do is enough to exercise physical function?

We can look at metabolic equivalents (MET). Metabolic equivalent is the energy consumption during exercise or rest, and the higher the metabolic equivalent, the greater the activity consumption.

“For beginners or people who exercise less, you can do some housework to develop the habit of physical activity, such as gardening, walking the dog, and walking, which can consume 120 to 150 calories respectively, with a MET of 4.0; sweeping the floor and cleaning windows Waiting for housework can consume 4.0 MET, while playing with children or going for a brisk walk can consume as much as 180 calories, and MET reaches 5.0.”

Bad weather is no excuse

Kailulina said that as for those who are already used to exercising, they can further exercise themselves, such as swimming, gymnastics or weight training, running, which can consume 8.0 to 11 MET.

“Some group sports and activities, such as volleyball, backpacking, football, dancing, etc., are also good physical activities, which are beneficial to the body, mind and social interaction.”

“As for sitting, lying, eating, etc., needless to say, the physical energy consumed is almost zero, only 1.0 MET. If you sit all the time during the day, it will have no effect on strengthening your body.”

As long as you stand up and move, you have the opportunity to exercise. However, many people have all kinds of excuses for not exercising. “I don’t have time, I’m too tired” is the most commonly heard excuse.

She pointed out that in fact, as long as you smoke 3 days a week, you will see the effect after exercising for 30 minutes each time. Your body may be tired for a while after exercising, but continuous exercise will provide energy to your body, and you will become more energetic and energetic.

“Some people say that exercising is a boring and dull process. In this case, I suggest that you develop interests and do your favorite activities, so you won’t feel bored. You can also run or do housework while running, Listen to music to refresh your mind and body. Or, go to nature to exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery, so you won’t be bored.”

It is important to motivate yourself from time to time

She said that bad weather cannot be an excuse for not exercising, and there are many sports that can be done indoors, such as inviting friends to play badminton, yoga, dancing and gymnastics in the gym, all of which are good sports.

“When you first start exercising, it is very common for the body to experience mild muscle soreness after exercise. These conditions usually disappear within 2 to 3 days. To avoid straining when exercising, you can do it slowly after each activity Stretching exercises to avoid injury problems.”

“The body is ours. We should treat it well, learn more about our physical condition, and get rid of bad habits and cultivate good living habits. It is also important to motivate yourself frequently, let us keep exercising. Over time, you will see See the great benefits that regular exercise can bring to you.”

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