LOCK & LOCK Gaoyan water cup is coming, the exclusive pet gift for LOCK Goddess Festival

LOCK & LOCK Gaoyan water cup is coming, the exclusive pet gift for LOCK Goddess Festival

Recently, LOCK&LOCK, a world-renowned kitchen and household products brand, launched a new series of high-value water cups. The product line covers coffee cups, sports cups and belly cups and other best-selling categories. Among them, the most eye-catching one is the ins-style “milk cup” “, the sports “aerobic cup” and the large-capacity “kiss cup” are three products. Locknlock hopes to help the exclusive favor of the Goddess Festival, to LOCK drinking water for a good mood and LOCK for a good spring day.

  Ins style“Milk Cup”,LOCKpersonalitygood mood

Locknlock milk cup, simple and stylish appearance, high-value ins style color matching, yellow, blue, green, white and purple, five colors can be matched as you like; with a TPR handle integrated with the cup cover, it is easy to hold and not easy to lose; 420ml scientific capacity, light and portable , Goddess commuting is easier to carry; hanging hole design, can hang decorative nameplates and small dolls, and comes with graffiti stickers to LOCK the personality of the goddess.

One cover for two drinks, not only has a soft silicone straw mouth, but also can be flipped up to switch to the direct drinking mode. It is perfectly suitable for various drinks such as milk tea, coffee, fruit tea, etc., allowing the goddesses to enjoy the spring afternoon tea.

  Fitness Essentials”Aerobic cup“,LOCKhealth andvitality

LOCK&LOCK aerobic cup, Tritan material is pure, transparent and textured; it adopts a small screw cap design, which is sealed and dustproof, making fitness exercises more hygienic; the integrated hidden handle, foldable storage does not take up space, and is a good companion for yoga and fitness.

Detachable filter, stirring and filtering two-in-one, can make a variety of drinks such as fruit tea, electrolyte water, protein powder drinks, etc., to recharge the goddess’s health patterns; 1.5L super large capacity, wanton exercise, smooth hydration, LOCK health and vitality.

  Cancutelike”kiss cup“,LOCKwater intake throughout the day

LOCK&LOCK “Kiss Cup” has a round and cute shape with a fat belly, which is more suitable for loading. The large capacity of 1.2L can easily meet the KPI of drinking water throughout the day; the cute and interesting scale, with the attached fun stickers, LOCK drinking water ritual sense!

Cute little button, one-button flip cover, easy to open with one hand, slide up to lock, with leak-proof silicone ring, put it in the bag without fear of opening it by mistake; detachable design is convenient for cleaning, and you can drink as you like is more at ease; handle + strap design , can be carried or carried on the back, travel in spring, free your hands and wanton high.

Whether it is a leisurely afternoon tea, exercise or outdoor picnic, there is always a LocknLock that can accompany you to enjoy the beautiful spring.

The annual Goddess Festival, LOCK&LOCK wishes all the goddesses not to be defined, enjoy the fun LOCK, and be happy to be yourself! So here comes the question, milk cup, aerobic cup, kiss cup, which one do you prefer?

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