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Binyue Hotel: insight into the small peak of national sports and fitness, and create a high-quality development of sports and health hotels!

Binyue Hotel: insight into the small peak of national sports and fitness, and create a high-quality development of sports and health hotels!

Spring is approaching, and the enthusiasm for national fitness continues. Various regions actively carry out various national sports and fitness activities, improve sports and fitness infrastructure and services, and help people strengthen their bodies and soothe their bodies and minds. Hebei Province held a roller skating marathon, Fujian Province organized the National Fitness Games for walking activities, Zhejiang Longwan District promoted the development of football and tennis double-ball sports, etc., gyms, yoga studios, dance studios and other sports and exercise venues around the country were crowded with people. Or for exercise To enhance the body’s immunity, either for fat loss, or for shaping the body shape. A fiery scene is enough to witness the official arrival of the small peak of spring fitness.

Faced with the public’s attention to health sports, Binyue Hotel has a keen insight into new consumption scenes and hot spots, and has taken steps to cultivate the sports and health track, officially entered the trillion-level sports and health industry, and launched the first shot of the big health sports chain hotel brand. The public brings professional, high-quality and socialized hotel products.

  “Cross-border marketing” + “innovative operation”, Binyue occupies the C position of the core consumption theme

From the consumer side, Binyue Hotel provides a new healthy lifestyle for consumers with fitness needs. In the past, the fitness scenes of consumers mainly focused on commercial gyms and fitness studios, etc., but most of these places charge fees on an annual and monthly basis. Regardless of the high prices, many gyms also have the need to “sell classes” for consumption. cause trouble. The emergence of Binyue Hotel, on the one hand, provides consumers with a new fitness scene, which can complete the whole chain of healthy life from housing-fitness-catering in the hotel according to their own needs; A more direct fitness scene, no longer need to find a gym in a strange city.

From the perspective of the market, Binyue Hotel has brought a new way of solving problems to the hotel industry. Under the normalized control of the epidemic, the hotel industry is trying to expand the boundaries and new contacts of the industry in order to reduce losses and increase profits. Binyue Hotel is a typical attempt. It is no longer based on the needs of the industry, but to form a link with the health industry in the general environment. It not only meets the needs of consumers in the industry, but focuses on into a broader consumer group.

Now that the market foundation and methodology are in place, the next step is the actual practice, which does not seem to be a problem for Binyue Hotel. As early as the initial stage of product creation, it has already found several major nuggets of healthy sports lifestyle hotel brands:

  #Content cross-border, healthy sports specialization

What many people wonder is that health exercise is a very professional life behavior that requires long-term persistence and self-discipline. So can hotels provide consumers with more professional services?

In fact, in the business model of commercial gyms, specialization means that consumers can have multi-faceted services such as physical function monitoring, reasonable exercise programs, and fitness habits. Based on the above three points, Binyue Hotel provides consumers with a comprehensive Provide all-round health and exercise services from store to store, integrate online and offline hotel resources, rely on black technology and big data, establish user body files, create full-cycle butler-style services, stimulate health management awareness, and creatively create a hotel team The exercise room combines professional-level fitness models with flexible hotel services, and incorporates mature group exercise classes such as super orangutans. In addition, Binyue Hotel has also created an original incentive mechanism. On the one hand, it integrates the internal space resources of the hotel and implants fitness culture in every detail of the hotel, such as stairs for calorie counting, and small interactive elevator challenges.

  #Community building, high-quality traffic membership

For consumers, fitness venues are fixed to a certain extent. The reason is that the fixed environment and scene help them develop good fitness habits, and their understanding and familiarity with the environment also make their fitness activities more efficient, which also means The paying crowd of Binyue Hotel has the possibility of paying for a long time, rather than “one-time users”. With the continuous entry of high-quality traffic, Binyue Hotel can establish an online community, link surrounding communities, and form a complete traffic closed loop , to a certain extent, these circulating consumers are the membership base of the hotel.

In fact, Binyue Hotel has already been building a high-quality community, such as creating an online chief health officer to lead everyone to develop exercise habits, forming a KOL effect, creating a Binyue Sports Hall of Fame, and using an incentive mechanism to increase consumers’ enthusiasm for fitness; Regularly hold social check-in parties, turn the fitness scene into a social place, and establish a strong bond between consumers and consumers, hotels and consumers.

A good business model always obeys the call of the times. In the upgrade and iteration of new consumption scenarios, Binyue will innovate and upgrade cross-border cooperation, from in-depth cooperation to business operation model integration, and transform the revenue model towards compound revenue, creating “content platform” + “traffic platform” + “resources” “Platform” is multi-linked to realize the joint profit of sports and health industry resources, and has become a cooperative brand of many leading sports and health platforms in China. Binyue Hotel also has strategic cooperation with the top brands of the health track, Yuepaoquan, MARS, etc., and will realize traffic sharing based on the brand membership system and sports platform in the future, and jointly solve the hotel’s customer acquisition problem.


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