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“Let love return to sweetness, make beauty more mellow” Moutai Ice Cream Flagship Store in Tianjin Grand Opening

“Let love return to sweetness, make beauty more mellow” Moutai Ice Cream Flagship Store in Tianjin Grand Opening

“Let love return to sweetness and make beauty more mellow” On March 29, 2023 (Wednesday), on the second floor of the North District of Joy City, Nankai, Tianjin, the flagship store of Moutai Ice Cream Tianjin opened grandly.

Moutai ice cream is the first breakthrough for Moutai to actively approach young consumer groups. It uses fashionable and young ice cream products to show the other side of Moutai’s innovation, vitality and fashion to consumers, and attracts more young people to pay attention to Moutai, recognize Moutai, and fall in love with it. Moutai.

This opening is not only the flagship store of Moutai Ice Cream in Tianjin, but also three new flavors: yogurt, matcha, and blueberry juice sorbet, starting from three flavors of prepackaged ice cream: classic original flavor, vanilla flavor, and green plum wine.

New products, new looks, new challenges. Under the leadership of the party and under the innovative spirit of the “Twenty National Congress”, Moutai Group will forge ahead and outline a new grand blueprint for Moutai Group. In the era of beauty, creating a beautiful life, Moutai ice cream will take root in Jinmen’s openness and tolerance, become a part of Tianjin’s regional culture, bring more beautiful life experience to consumers in Tianjin, and enrich Jinmen’s mysterious summer ice and alcohol fantasy.

And when the flagship store of Moutai ice cream opened in Tianjin, 14 Moutai specialty stores and self-operated stores in Tianjin, a total of 15 Tianjin stores, simultaneously launched Moutai ice cream.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Liu Gang, member of the Moutai Group Party Committee and chief accountant, said that with the opening of the flagship store of Moutai Ice Cream in Tianjin, Moutai Ice Cream has deployed offline in 20 provinces, opened 23 flagship stores, and the online iMoutai APP has covered 25 countries. Cold chain logistics distribution in provinces, regions and cities, with sales covering about 160 prefecture-level cities across the country.

In one year, the Moutai ice cream flagship store has gathered super popularity and won the favor of the market, and has become synonymous with “fashionable Moutai”.

Then Liu Gang, member of the Party committee and chief accountant of Moutai Group, Wang Hualin, deputy general manager of Kweichow Moutai Liquor Sales Co., Ltd., Nai Yixiong, director of the Investment Promotion Department of Tianjin Joy City, Hu Qiuyi, manager of Kweichow Moutai Tianjin Province, and Song Biao, president of Kweichow Moutai Tianjin Distributors Association Li Bing, representative of Moutai Ice Cream’s Tianjin partners, took the stage together to open the launch platform and announced the official opening of the “Moutai Ice Cream Tianjin Flagship Store”.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders visited the store and expressed their expectation and vision for the future of the store.

On the opening day of March 29, there was also a[photographing and punching card]area, and the famous Tianjin singer Zhang Hongsheng sang the original Moutai song “Tianjin Maofen Song” live, presenting the “taste”, “hearing” and “experience” for Tianjin consumers. Triple pleasure.

The entry of Moutai ice cream into Jinmen means that Moutai has a new goal and a new layout for its “Icy Journey”. Let Moutai ice cream reach more regions and reach more people, and look forward to creating a better future together. Moutai ice cream Tianjin flagship store will start a new journey in the Tianjin market, with the expectation of young people to taste Moutai for the first time—respect to everyone for the Moutai ice cream business For the pioneering and unremitting efforts and dedication of colleagues and consumers who support Moutai, Moutai ice cream will also serve as a carrier to spread Moutai beauty culture, shorten the distance with consumers, and form a cultural medium of emotional integration. The ice cream products show the new image of Maotai innovation, vitality and fashion to the mass consumers, join hands with more young consumer groups to break through a new trendy journey, let more people pay attention to Maotai, know Maotai, fall in love with it Moutai!

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