Another wave of activities such as markets, art festivals, and parades is coming

Another wave of activities such as markets, art festivals, and parades is coming

  Tianjin North Net News: Spring is warm and flowers are blooming, everything is recovering. The land is full of vitality, outings, outings, flower appreciation, shopping and eating… a series of cultural activities are also on the agenda.

  Jinyu Peace · Begonia

As the blooming of crabapple flowers in Dali Road is getting closer, the first crabapple flower viewing season, crabapple flower consumption season, and crabapple flower holiday season will start simultaneously. A series of activities such as fairs will bring a beautiful flower viewing feast to the general public and tourists.

Activity time: March 31st to April 9th

Venue: Dali Road, Heping District, Minyuan Square, etc.

  The 32nd Canal Peach Blossom Festival

During the “32nd Tianjin Canal Peach Blossom Culture, Business and Tourism Festival”, there will be a food feast, traditional tea art performances for everyone to “eat Hongqiao”, theme theatrical performances, Hongqiao historical celebrity exhibition, peach blossom photography exhibition, etc. Let everyone “hey” Traveling to the Red Bridge”, there are intangible cultural heritage cultural and creative markets, e-commerce live broadcasts, Lujiazui Water City and other commercial places to promote consumption, so that everyone can “shopping Red Bridge”, there are crosstalk conferences, “Children’s Dreams in Peach Blossom Land” children’s drama activities, Peking opera art enters the campus, short video competitions, etc., let everyone “have fun at the Red Bridge”, there are Zhuolang Digital Summit Forum, Industrial Talent Alliance Entrepreneur Salon, young talent networking and making friends activities, college students’ creative practice activities, etc., let everyone “gather in Red Bridge” .

Activity time: Taohuadi: the park has been officially opened on March 13; Xigu Park: the park will be officially opened on March 15.

Venue: The main venues are located in Taohuadi and Xigu Park, respectively focusing on flower appreciation tours, cultural exhibitions and entertainment activities, and market exhibitions; sub-venues are located in Tianjin Lujiazui Commercial Center, Pengxin Water City and other city-wide commercial venues .

  Beizhakou Lantern Temple Fair and Cherry Blossom Market

In 2023, Beizhakou Town welcomes a large-scale Chinese New Year Lantern Temple Fair and Cherry Blossom Fair, where lanterns from various countries gather and several bright lights flicker. Changes, let us start the journey of intangible cultural heritage, and it is full of hope and vitality throughout the spring. The sea of ​​millions of cherry blossoms is in full bloom, bringing together many delicious feasts, which will not only satisfy your spirit, but also stimulate your taste buds.

Activity time: March 31st to April 9th

Venue: Hongtailong Trade City, Beizhakou Town, Jinnan District

  The 7th Jinxi Peach Blossom Festival

The theme of this year’s event is “Flowers Bloom in Jinxi Township Wuqing”. With the original ecological landscape as the background, thousands of acres of peach blossoms reproduce the grand scene of “Taoyuan Flower Sea”. At that time, tourists can enjoy peach blossoms, pear blossoms, apricot blossoms, Begonias, orchids and other various flower species, the flower sea outing makes life full of colors. The Jinxi Peach Blossom Cultural Festival will also sincerely invite Mr. Meng Guanglu, a famous Chinese Peking Opera artist, to come to the event to perform in person.

Activity time: April 8th to April 17th

Venue: Jinxi Taoyuan, opposite to the west gate of Jinxiuyuan Villa, New 104 National Road, Chagugang Town, Wuqing District

  2023 Ninghe First Lantern Art Festival

The themed lanterns of the four sections of trendy market, dream-building, charming Ninghe, and natural symbiosis fully integrate national tide culture, local folk customs, intangible cultural heritage, ecological greening, technological interaction, online celebrity check-in, parent-child entertainment and other elements. Various performances, crab seedling release and other activities will be interspersed throughout the event, organically combining scenes, immersion, joy and fun, fully reflecting Ninghe’s role as “Northern Jiangnan”, “Water Fragrant Ninghe”, “Ninghe River”. The characteristic positioning of “Jingu Rice Warehouse” and “Gourmet Paradise”.

Event time: April 6

Venue: Quliang Square, South Ring, Binshui West Road, Ninghe District

  Nashan Market Spring Grass Festival

Classic pop awakens our memory, a ballad is a story, passionate rock music scene, all music styles will flash here, satisfy all your emotional needs, and release EMO. WITHYOU specially teamed up with Nashan Market to recreate the outdoor relaxation concert in spring, this concert where everyone can be the protagonist, do you want to participate!

Activity time: April 1st to April 2nd

Venue: Hill Square, Huayuan Wisdom Hill, Nankai District

  The 6th Tianjin Haihe Cultural Tourism Festival

In order to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee Economic Work Conference, put the “Ten Actions” into the practice of cultural and tourism development, vigorously promote the high-quality integrated development of the business, cultural and tourism industry, and serve Tianjin International Contribute to the construction of a consumption center city, give full play to the tandem effect of the Haihe River on cultural, commercial, and tourism resource formats along the line, promote consumption transformation and upgrading, build an international-level commercial center on the Haihe River, create a water-friendly leisure and vacation consumption business card in Jincheng, and empower the revitalization and development of time-honored state-owned enterprises , Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Municipal Tourism Group will jointly hold the sixth “Tianjin Haihe Cultural Tourism Festival” from March 31 to April 28, 2023.

The 6th Tianjin Haihe Cultural Tourism Festival Time: March 31, 2023 to April 28, 2023

Opening Ceremony Time: March 31, 2023

Time-honored Carnival of Jinmen: March 31, 2023 to April 2, 2023

Opening Ceremony, Carnival of Time-honored Brands in Jinmen

Venue: Waterfront Platform of Ancient Culture Street

Various other activities: Haihe River Cruise

At that time, the 6th Tianjin Haihe Cultural Tourism Festival will open, and the Haihe Cruise Fleet Parade “I Tour Tianjin” cultural tourism consumption digital platform will be released, and the first batch of tens of millions of Haihe Cruise vouchers will be issued. The results of the selection of “Top Ten Boutique Tourist Routes in Jincheng” were announced. The time-honored Carnival Guochao Market in Jinmen opened, and more than 40 time-honored brands sold discounted “Tianjin Gifts” customized blind boxes. The Haihe Performance Season, Haihe Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, A series of theme activities such as the Grand Canal Haihe Forum and Tianjin Red Memory Exhibition were held.


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