Friendship Xintiandi Plaza Huanxin releases quality improvement and upgrades to reshape business benchmarks

Friendship Xintiandi Plaza Huanxin releases quality improvement and upgrades to reshape business benchmarks

On the afternoon of March 30, 2023, the “Creation · Friendship · New World” rejuvenation and upgrade conference was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin. This conference received the full support of government departments at all levels in Tianjin and all walks of life. The press conference was guided by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Heping District Bureau of Commerce, hosted by Tianjin Yishang Group, and co-organized by Tianjin Federation of Commerce. Relevant leaders from Tianjin Heping District People’s Government, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Heping District Development and Reform Commission, Ping District Commerce Bureau, Heping District Golden Street Management Committee, Tianjin Chamber of Commerce and other outstanding partners of well-known brands were invited to attend the press conference .

In this press conference, it not only showed the arduous road of upgrading, reformation and upgrading of Friendship Xintiandi Plaza, but also witnessed the signing ceremony of Friendship Xintiandi Plaza and many partners, walking hand in hand with the confidence of mutual prosperity and symbiosis. The launching ceremony was the most exciting part of the entire release. Government leaders, leaders of Fangda Group, relevant persons in charge of Tianjin No. 1 Merchant and merchant representatives came to the stage together. The launching ceremony of the new appearance of Friendship Xintiandi Plaza was opened in the sound, and all the good things at this moment are of great significance.

Liaoning Fangda Group (hereinafter referred to as Fangda Group) is a wholly-owned shareholder of Tianjin Yishang. Since the mixed reform, Fangda Group has relied on flexible and efficient systems and mechanisms to inject funds, business, implant culture and market management concepts and scientific A series of strategic measures such as the institutional system have rejuvenated Tianjin Yishang, forming a development pattern in which the two major sectors of retail and commerce go hand in hand. The gold-lettered signboard of “Shanghai Business” is even more dazzling in the new era.


2023 is Tianjin’s “Consumption Boost Year”. In order to support Tianjin’s commercial development, Fangda Group invested 130 million yuan to upgrade Friendship Xintiandi Plaza. The newly unveiled Friendship Xintiandi Plaza amazed everyone with full sincerity.

As the shopping center of the Binjiang Road commercial district, the newly born Friendship Xintiandi Plaza focuses on the dual concepts of beauty economy and low-carbon environmental protection, which not only boosts the development of Tianjin’s department store industry, but also contributes to the city’s “double carbon” strategic goal.

During the adjustment and reform, Friendship Xintiandi Plaza has re-divided the moving lines and designed the space, so that each brand store has an excellent display surface, completely cleared the dead-end moving lines, and created a “shopping, food, entertainment, social” in one. The shopping experience satisfies consumers’ full-time and multi-scenario consumption needs at multiple levels.

At the same time, adhering to the layout idea of ​​innovation and scarce experience, on the basis of strengthening the advantageous categories of jewelry, women’s sportswear, and men’s clothing, we will increase the introduction of “bookstores, script killers, secret rooms, national trends, pets, Internet celebrity food blocks, and specialty food halls. , Roof Garden, Starry Sky Bar” and other emerging formats, introduced more than 30 first stores in Tianjin, more than 50 first stores on Binjiang Road Golden Street, and the proportion of catering experience reached 60%, creating a trendy cultural landmark.

In addition, Friendship Xintiandi Plaza has also updated the hardware facilities in the venue. In the process of updating electromechanical equipment and decoration, all high-tech environmental protection products have been adopted, noise reduction and smoke exhaust measures have been improved, and the concept of green and ecological consumption has been comprehensively displayed.

Over the past 17 years, Friendship Xintiandi Plaza has been in-depth cooperation, mutual support, and common growth with all business partners. It has accompanied all the way in the fierce market competition, forged ahead bravely, and made unremitting efforts to improve the vitality of the business district and the level of consumption, and went in both directions. Thanks to the addition of personalized brands of various business types, Friendship Xintiandi Plaza stands out from the homogeneous barriers of the business district, and works together to create a business platform that provides customized services, diversified experiences, and meets the needs of the new generation of consumers.

Seventeen years of wind and rain tempered, is the same perseverance and faith. Today, Friendship Xintiandi Plaza stands at a new starting point and is about to embark on a new journey again. The original aspiration is still hot, guiding the direction and goal of moving forward. The forward steps never stop, the boiling enthusiasm never fades, and we look forward to a brilliant tomorrow together!

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