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Let good sleep happen intelligently | Mousse Tide Technology new product launch conference, leading the smart sleep revolution

Let good sleep happen intelligently | Mousse Tide Technology new product launch conference, leading the smart sleep revolution

On March 20, the new product launch conference of Mousse Tide Technology with the theme of “Make Good Sleep Smart” was successfully held at the National Aquatics Center. More than 500 guests from all over the country gathered at the Water Cube to witness the new products of Mousse Tide Technology Release pageantry. At the meeting, the Mousse brand and the China Sleep Research Association released the “2024 Mood and Healthy Sleep White Paper”, deconstructing the current sleep and mood status of Chinese people, and invited experts from the MIT laboratory to share cutting-edge scientific research trends, and also released the “Tide Technology” “And the new AI product-Mousse AI mattress T11PRO, uses leading AI technology to continue to protect users’ sleep quality.

Jointly release a sleep white paper with authorities to lead a new healthy life

At the press conference, Mousse and the China Sleep Research Association released the “2024 Mood and Healthy Sleep White Paper”. Mr. Huang Zhili, Chairman of the Chinese Sleep Research Association, gave an in-depth interpretation of the relationship between “emotion and healthy sleep” in the white paper. He said that sleep and emotion are the two pillars of national health. Emotional distress will have many negative impacts on our lives, and sleep quality is an important one, which can lead to physical fatigue, listlessness, poor skin condition, etc. Various health problems.

So, how to improve sleep and mood? Huang Zhili emphasized, “If you want to have a good sleep, you must have good bedding, such as a bed that is very suitable for sleeping, and a beautiful environment created with appropriate temperature, humidity, air, and bedding.” Use a A good night’s sleep will give your body and mind a freer space to relax, and you will be one step closer to a “new healthy life”.

Mousse’s “Tide Technology” shines and wins four CES awards

AI has arrived, and the “tide” is sweeping across it. At the press conference, Yao Jiqing, vice chairman of De Mousse Group, demonstrated the new scientific and technological strategic achievements of De Mousse healthy sleep with the theme of “Powering AI to share healthy sleep with the world”. According to Yao Jiqing, through 20 years of smart practice, Mousse has built the heavyweight Mousse “ Tide Technology” creates a smart sleep solution in the AI ​​era.

It is reported that this “Tide Technology” created by Mousse with the power of AI won the “Smart Home Innovation Award”, “Digital Health Innovation Award”, “CES Best Choice Award”, “BIG The four high-gold awards “Annual Innovation Achievement Award” have allowed the industry to witness the strong strength of Industry 4.0 under the AI ​​intelligent system.

AI mattress new product released, opening a new era of healthy sleep

In an era of rapid iteration of new technologies, huge AI systems are entering people’s daily lives in various forms. Focusing on the sleep industry segmented by the home furnishing track, the Muse Group, which continues to protect the healthy sleep of Chinese people, has been continuously gaining insights into user needs in the new era and is committed to creating diversified AI smart healthy sleep products. Since the brand launched a new round of strategic upgrades in 2023, Mousse has insisted on empowering product creation with the power of technology, achieving the perfect integration of “technology + sleep”.

At this press conference, Chen Wenze, Vice President of De Mousse Group, introduced to the attendees De Mousse’s latest exploration in the field of AI, and officially released the De Mousse AI mattress T11PRO, which is based on “Tide Technology”. He said that as the world’s first AI smart mattress, De Mousse AI Mattress T11PRO brings together seven core technologies of De Mousse Smart Sleep, including “AutoFit adaptive technology”, “AI tidal algorithm” and “ergonomic data model”. With the support of intelligence, the Muse AI mattress T11PRO not only brings users a more comfortable and satisfying sleeping experience, but can also connect with home appliances to achieve AIoT scene linkage, providing users with the most extreme AIoT smart mattress experience. It is reported that the Muse AI mattress T11PRO mattress has taken the lead in passing the testing and certification of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology’s Taier Laboratory, successfully bringing smart mattresses into a new chapter.

That night, Zhang Chaoyang, founder, chairman and CEO of Sohu, and Ph.D. in physics, also appeared at the venue. As the chief experience officer of Mousse Tidal Technology, he shared his unique insights on the Mousse AI mattress T11PRO with the public.

At the press conference, as a co-research partner of Muse Group in sleep technology, representatives from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shared cutting-edge scientific research trends in the smart sleep industry and said that both parties will conduct research and development on a number of technologies in the sleep field in the future. Covering the development and application of new materials, slow brain wave sleep aid, mood adjustment and sleep aid, sleep monitoring, AI technology application and other fields, we work together for high-quality sleep in the intelligent era.

Hold hands in the Himalayas and resonate with emotions through Good Night Radio

Mousse not only attaches great importance to industry-university-research cooperation in sleep technology, but also has accurate insights into the emotional resonance of users. At the press conference, Mousse officially announced its cooperation with Himalaya Sleep. The two parties will create a new ecology of emotional sleep aids through technological advancement, content development and product co-creation. This is also the second success of Mousse’s “Good Night Radio”. , further cooperation with the Himalaya platform.

Dedicated to healthy sleep for 20 years, Mousse has been insisting on cooperating with multiple parties to conduct sleep research and using AI technology to bring a better user sleep experience. The new product launch conference of Mousse Tide Technology held on the eve of “World Sleep Day” focused on the latest research results of Mousse’s strategic upgrade, and also attracted more people’s attention to the importance of sleep health. In the future, Mousse will continue to explore healthy sleep, promote the integration of information technology and the health field, explore smarter and more effective comprehensive healthy sleep solutions, and use new quality power to inject new momentum into industry changes. In the “artificial intelligence” +” era continues to lead the sleep industry forward.

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