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Calcium supplementation has always been regarded as the exclusive need of children and the elderly. In fact, calcium supplementation is a common issue related to the health of all people. From the early stages of life to maturity, and then to old age, calcium plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining human bone health, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, etc. As a representative in the field of calcium preparations in my country, Langdi Pharmaceutical has a deep understanding of this phenomenon and continues to explore calcium supplement programs suitable for Chinese people’s constitution, providing more scientific and effective calcium supplement options for consumers of different ages.

In childhood, adequate calcium intake is crucial for bone development and can effectively prevent rickets and other diseases; timely calcium supplementation for adolescents and adults can help consolidate bone density and enhance physical fitness; after entering middle-aged and elderly people, scientific and reasonable Calcium supplementation is the key to fighting osteoporosis and reducing the risk of fractures. Faced with the national demand for calcium supplements, Langdi Pharmaceutical has always kept pace with the times and actively responded to market demand dynamics, aiming to meet the calcium supplement needs of customers of different age groups. To this end, Langdi Pharmaceutical established the Chinese Physique Research Center as early as 2018, adhering to the research and development concept of “designed for Chinese people, making Chinese people healthy”, and is determined to develop a richer variety and higher professionalism. High quality calcium supplement product line.

Thanks to the successful establishment of the Chinese People’s Constitution Research Center, Langdi Pharmaceutical can rely on innovative breakthroughs in core technologies to develop and design healthy nutritional products that suit the physical characteristics of our country’s people, effectively promoting the leap and depth of my country’s health industry. Development has laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive improvement of my country’s national health undertakings. In this process, Langdi Pharmaceutical has always insisted on focusing on both technological innovation and health product research and development, motivating and guiding citizens to pursue a higher quality of healthy life.

Due to full consideration of the taking habits of different consumer groups in product development, Langdi Pharmaceuticals has launched a variety of calcium preparations including liquid calcium and chewable tablets, which can meet the needs of various groups such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Specific needs for calcium supplementation. For those fitness enthusiasts who love sports and whose joints are under great pressure, as well as middle-aged and elderly people who face osteoporosis problems, Langdi Pharmaceutical has also developed calcium tablets rich in glycosaminochondroitin and vitamin D, which can not only replenish joints The required cartilage nutrition also helps to improve the efficiency of calcium absorption, thereby effectively protecting bone health.

Langdi Pharmaceutical has a deep understanding of the universal demand for calcium supplementation among the people. It always takes scientific and technological innovation as its core and is people-oriented. It is committed to providing personalized and scientific dietary nutrition solutions to consumers of different ages and injecting into the development of my country’s big health industry. strong motivation. In the future, Langdi Pharmaceutical will continue to pay attention to the bone health needs of Chinese people, accompany every family through all stages of life with high-quality products and services, and jointly protect the bone health of the people!


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