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Fan Li, assistant to the president of Jiangji Winery, received a delegation from Canadian whiskey house Diony Distillery

Fan Li, assistant to the president of Jiangji Winery, received a delegation from Canadian whiskey house Diony Distillery

On March 26, Yang Xin, deputy general manager of Jiangji Winery, and Fan Li, assistant to the president of Jiangji Winery, warmly received the founder of Diony Distillery (Diony Distillery), a well-known Canadian whiskey house. Diony Distillery came to China for the first time to participate in the Chengdu Sugar and Wine Fair. Under the leadership of the Canadian Consulate in Chongqing, they visited Jiangji Winery to discuss the culture and brewing technology of Chinese light-flavor liquor and plum wine, and shared Canadian experience and technology in the production of spirits and cider.

(Photo of Yang Xin, founder of Canadian Whiskey Dionys and deputy general manager of Jiangji Winery, and Fan Li, assistant to the president of Jiangji Winery)

Diony Distillery, as a boutique whiskey distillery, recently displayed its whiskey products for the first time at the 2024 Spring Sugar Exhibition. Diony Distillery gives priority to small-batch production. Since entering the international market, its products have won many domestic and foreign awards, and its exquisite whiskey brewing technology has quickly become popular in the international market.

This time, a delegation from the Canadian Consulate in Chongqing and the founder of Diony Distillery went to Jiangji Winery for in-depth exchanges and experiences. They focused on visiting the handcrafted brewing workshop of Jiangji Winery, having an in-depth understanding of the underground pottery wine cellar, appreciating the unique winemaking process and wine culture of Jiangji Winery, and tasting the puree wine and aged sorghum of Jiangji Winery. After drinking it, members of the inspection team all said that it had a unique taste and a long aftertaste.

When they learned about Jiangji Winery’s innovation and breakthrough in the taste of fragrant sorghum wine, as well as its forward-looking layout in the new wine market, the Canadian delegation showed strong interest and appreciation.

When they came to the world’s largest jar of vintage green plum wine, the inspection team said that “the aroma of plum wine that is unique to China is very popular in Vancouver, Canada.”

During the exchange session, the two parties focused on the research and development progress of plum wine production technology. The inspection team also learned in detail about the raw materials required by Jiangji Winery in the production process, with a view to finding trade cooperation opportunities that are compatible with Canadian agricultural products. He also actively promoted Canadian specialty wines on the spot, and expressed that Canada has rich agricultural resources and specialty brewing technologies in whiskey and fruit wine brewing technology, and looked forward to exploring more cooperation possibilities with Jiangji Winery.

This exchange may be a new opportunity for Jiangji Winery to explore the international market. In recent years, the market demand for new alcoholic beverages has been rising. The three cornerstones of new alcoholic drinks, fruit wine, whiskey and craft beer, are growing rapidly. China’s alcoholic beverage consumption market is also undergoing new changes.

Compared with the eradication and shrinking consumption of the traditional alcoholic beverage market, Jiangji Winery’s product “Meijian”, as a synonym for the new alcoholic beverage category, has become an industry highlight amid the adverse trend.

Umejian has risen rapidly since its launch in 2019, becoming the first phenomenon-level brand in the new alcoholic beverage field to reach a scale of 1 billion. It has expanded from a niche market to a broader mass market, showing huge market potential.

In August 2023, Umejian launched the world’s first complete vintage plum wine brewing system and Umijian vintage wine series products, which not only pioneered China’s vintage plum wine, but also significantly expanded the industry market space.

From the introduction of the new wine concept many years ago to the entry of Meijian Green Plum Wine, Meijian has appeared on the international stage many times and moved to the world’s dining tables. Today, it has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world and has entered the local mainstream food and wine market.

In 2023, Meijian was successfully selected into Chongqing’s “Hot Products” plan, providing new opportunities and development space for its expansion in the national and even global consumer markets. This move is not only conducive to building Mei Jian into a Chongqing brewing brand, but is also expected to build it into a representative brand of Bayu cuisine that is well-known throughout the country and even the world.

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