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Jingling Group practiced customer first, stopped and rectified merchants 11,530 times

Jingling Group practiced customer first, stopped and rectified merchants 11,530 times

On March 10, Jingling Group released the “2022 Annual Report on Consumer Rights and Interests Protection of Jingling Group”. Four dimensions, a panoramic review of the efforts and achievements in the protection of consumer rights and interests in the past year, comprehensive protection of consumer rights and interests, and promotion of the healthy and orderly development of the private domain e-commerce industry.

  100% selection, monthly average management and empowerment of 280+ key merchants

Product quality is the core factor that affects consumer satisfaction and purchase decisions. In order to ensure the quality of products on the platform, Jingling has established a set of strict control mechanisms throughout the process. and other ways to ensure the quality of the products on the shelves.

At the same time, set up an independent quality inspection team for Shenmai (random purchase of platform products as ordinary consumers) to truly and effectively grasp the overview of platform products and understand the source of first-hand problems. At the same time, it also allows merchants to pay more attention to product quality and user performance. In 2022, Jinglingshen bought more than 500 brands, a total of more than 1,000 styles, and found 114 products with problems, involving 43 merchants, and all rectifications have been completed. At the same time, Jingling eliminates 30+ low-quality merchants on average every month by inspecting community complaints and after-sales work orders.

The e-commerce platform and the settled merchants are symbiotic and win-win, and Jingling’s strict management and empowerment are simultaneously developed. In 2022, third parties were invited to arrange 5 professional knowledge and national regulations trainings for merchants, and a total of 47 contract performance trainings were held to help merchants clearly understand the quality standards of the platform, standardize the quality inspection process, and formulate wrong delivery, missing delivery and The pre-plan for the out-of-stock problem, the monthly average management empowers 280+ key merchants.

  Temperature is the top priority, reducing the number of inquiries about orders by 19W+ per month

In order to improve user service experience in an all-round way, the customer service has established a rapid response mechanism. Through measures such as platform intervention, shortening the review time limit, and launching fast refunds, the waiting time for each order is shortened by 2 days; at the same time, a sustainable talent development service ecological pool is built to improve employee Service resolution capabilities, the average one-way service time is shortened by 12 minutes.

In terms of a comprehensive after-sales service system, Jingling has established strategic cooperation with SF Express and Cainiao Logistics Technology to switch brand merchants to SF Express and provide intimate door-to-door pick-up services through Cainiao Logistics Technology; and comprehensively upgrade return shipping insurance and quality Insurance and other services, reached strategic cooperation with PICC and Zhongan Insurance; at the same time traced the problem points in each link of shopping, through rectification of business details, quality rectification, logistics monitoring, etc., the comprehensive after-sales rate dropped from 9.96% to 6.94%, order consultation The average monthly reduction of 19W+. Added 13 major compensation scenarios, covering every link after the user places an order, ensuring that users have no worries after sales, and the compensation is nearly 10 million.

Not only that, Jingling responds quickly to emergencies. At the end of last year, there was a serious backlog of logistics and insufficient logistics capacity in Xinjiang, causing serious troubles to local team leaders and consumers. In this regard, Jingling launched the Warm Xinjiang Action, coordinating various forces to invest in the work of ensuring traffic and smoothness in Xinjiang. All Jingling supply chain colleagues rushed to the merchant’s factory or warehouse, and provided additional subsidies for shipping costs to help the merchant place as many Xinjiang orders as possible; the customer service team also overcome physical discomfort and stick to their posts, putting temperature first, providing Xinjiang users with high-quality services, and also It has been recognized and praised by users. The customer service industry also highly recognized the service ability and management level of Jingling Group’s customer service team, and awarded the “2022 Excellent Service Award” to Jingling’s customer service team.

Fully protecting the rights and interests of consumers is not only the due meaning of enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, but also the due action of all sectors of society to promote the sound development of the consumer market. In the future, Jingling will continue to adhere to the user-centered approach and continuously strengthen various measures to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.


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